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My Concealer Collection: The best and Worst

Hello, darlings!

Would you believe it that about 5 years ago I never even bought concealer and only ever bought foundation on its own, I always seemed to look past concealers in the shop and go straight towards the lipsticks. I have learned so many things about makeup application over the years and also the concealers that I love, like and some I just don't too. I have tried a few over the years and the ones in my collection I have right now I thought it would be good to give your informative information on each of them and if they are worth it.

Concealers are used if you want more out of your foundation and also if you want to conceal pimples, dark circles or uneven skin. For me personally, I used my concealer for my dark circles and also as a great base for my eyeshadow.
What is a concealer?
It is basically a thicker version of foundation but concealers main job is to cover small imperfections like blemishes, dark circles and large pores. They are concealers that match up with foundations and you also use different brand concealers with other foundations.

Choosing a concealer
I would say when it comes to concealers they are good if you want to use them to cover small imperfections. I have actually seen some concealers cover tattoos ( not yet to try that yet though)!

Concealers are also brilliant as an eyeshadow base and also to use as a contour too. So yeah a brilliant multitasker if you ask me.

Choosing a concealer isn't always easy but I suggest looking into different brands and looking at their choices and also the products they have available. Beauty counters in stores are a great way to find out more about different products too and not only that look out for testers to try out too.

My Concealer Collection 

George Super boost Concealer
I have thrown this concealer out now as it was out of date but I did love this concealer as it was easy to apply and it was buildable without being cakey. It didn't work well on my dark circles but it was good. eyeshadow base. I bought this as my concealer at the time ran out. I can't find more info on this concealer as its unfortunately been discontinued.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
This concealer is supposed to banish signs of fatigue and illuminate the eye area. I am not sure if I like this concealer because the applicator brush is just awful... it applies the concealer very streaky and takes some time with a concealer brush to get right. Even with a primer, this looks cracked after wearing for a few hours which isn't great. 

Even getting the concealer out the tube is a task and a half as you can accidentally squeeze too much product out in turn wasting product.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer 
This has to be one of the best budget concealers out in my opinion. It covers imperfections and also signs of fatigue with a swoosh of the concealer wand.  This has a unique blend of vitamins that enhance the skin to make it looks more radiant and rested. It contains a derivative of hyaluronic acid that provides the skin with hydration so less worry of this product creasing like a lot of concealers do after long wear.

The healthy mix has a flocked applicator which helps get a precise application without getting too much or little product. Its applicator is also very soft so applying the concealer is very cooling and swift. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 
One of my most disliked concealers... it has far too much fragrance in my opinion and it can irritate me under eyes which is not ideal especially for being a concealer. It gives great coverage and does give an awakened look but its just not right for me with the fragrance and after long wear, it creases which I just hate.

Wake me contains vitamin C and radiance pearls radiance pearls. On reading description, it sounds like a good concealer but for me personally, it is going in the bin.

Revlon ColorStay Concealer 
Unfortunately, this is another product that I just don't love at all. It is meant to have time release technology to balance imperfections that lasts all day... but it really doesn't. Applying this is a pain too as the applicator is a bit too blunt for me so you have to be super delicate while applying this concealer.

This creates so much and doesn't work well at covering imperfections at all which is a shame because I was looking forward to trying this.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
I am unsure about this concealer.. its like I want to love it but it keeps being annoying sometimes that I just can't. I love the applicator as its very soft and the shape of the applicator makes it easy as pie to apply the product. It has a nice refreshing scent which is light and refreshing. It is very weightless once applied and it works... for a period of time that is.

This concealer looks super flawless but after a few hours wear it starts to crack and crease no matter what primer I use or makeup setter. It is a shame because it started so well.

Which concealer should I try out next? 

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Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2

Hello, darlings!

Is it me or are Revolution Makeup bringing out some banging makeup lately? I honestly can't keep up with all the amazing collections they keep bringing out left right and centre.  Following on from my last purchase from Revolution which was the amazing fast base stick foundation I thought it was about time I tried something else from their new range to give a try. 

Revolution has brought out a fair amount of new palettes lately including a palette I want to try out next called 'Revolution X Soph Extra Spice'. Anyways onto today's post which is about the fabulous Reloaded Newtrals 2 palette. 
Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2 | Review
I have a fair amount of eyeshadow palettes but they are all unique in their own way but I have never had a palette that has such vibrant rustic reds and burst oranges inside. The nearest thing I have is the urban decay heat palette which is more of a matte palette and nowhere near as shimmery looking and is more orange while this palette is redder and burgundy.

I am a bit of eyeshadow snob because I usually like the higher end product because they are usually are more versatile and much easier to blend but Revolution Beauty changed my mind completely and converted me to using more budget-friendly options.
Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2
Reloaded Newtrals 2 is a gorgeous palette with 15 different shades that are warm oranges, reds and corals. They come in a variety of textures including matte and shimmery finishes and my goodness some of them are so creamy and smooth that they feel like a premium product, trust me Revolution Beauty know what they are doing while saving you money at the same time. 

Applying this shadow was a dream that I was gawping half of the time because of how surprised how pigmented it is and also how easy it is to blend. The shades blend perfectly together and the pigmentation is so intense that they no way you would think it was a £4 palette. 

The shadows are so versatile ( like me 😜 ) that they can be usually used for day or night time look. I love wearing an OTT makeup look so this palette is just perfect for me.
Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2  Review
The swatches look ok but they apply so much nicer to your eyes than they do as a swatch and this swatch above was rushed so yeah definitely a better product for eyes than swatching. 

The eyeshadows themselves look stunning and I can't fault any of them because they all look gorgeous but the thing that I am a little bit meh on is the actual packaging. When you buy it all you get is the packaging and tape of the sides to keep the product shut. Now I would complain if this was a £10 plus product but since you get 15 amazing quality shadows I am not going to let that get in the way of me using and loving this palette.

Talking about how long they last.. they shooook me for how long they last. Usually, eyeshadows go dull after long wear but these are just heroes of the beauty world because of the last and look amazing all day and night long. 

Mica, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Kaolin, Polybutene, Silica, Polyethylene, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Dimethicone, Methlyparaben, Propylparaben, May Contain (+/-) CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77742, CI 15850, CI 15985, CI 160350

Creulty free, Vegan and Gluten Free.
Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2  Review

  • Affordable
  • 15 shades
  • No creasing
  • Long lasting
  • Shades blend perfectly
  • Most are super pigmented
  • Selection of different shades 
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Lightweight
  • Works best with an eyeshadow primer
  • Packaging feels cheap
  • No mirror 
  • No applicator 
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Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2

My Thoughts
I think this palette is just stunning and for £4 you can't really go wrong, can you? It gives amazing results whether it be a day or night look and its lasting power is up against the more expensive eyeshadows as long as it's combined up with an eyeshadow primer.

I really can't wait to try out more revolution makeup now... I think I am slightly addicted to the brand now seeing as they have sooo many new and exciting products. 

Check out swatches and a makeup look I created with this palette on my youtube video below. I would be super grateful if you could subscribe to my channel too.

Which palette do you like using at the moment? 

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July Beauty Favourites

Following on from last months beauty favourites post which was extremely popular I thought id share with you all the products that I just loved using this month. They are some new favourites and also some old favourites thrown in their too. Just like last month, it was super duper easy for me to choose what I was loving during this month! I love all of these.

The choices I made this month coincided with events I went too. As many of you might know I went to a Mehdi Celebration and also a family wedding so these products definitely made features on those days and helped keep my makeup on point and also in place all day long because is it me... or was this month too bloody hot? My thighs have suffered from so much chafing ouch lol
July Beauty favourites
 Real Techniques Expert Face Makeup Brush
I think my makeup brush collection is somewhat the same amount of paint brushes Bob Ross had in his collection. With that many brushes it easy to choose which is my favourite foundation brush and it is this fabulous brush. Forget beauty blenders etc this foundation brush is the perfect brush for applying foundation. Applying couldn't be easier, basically.. just apply your favourite primer first then apply a small amount each time to the super-soft brush bristles and apply with circular motions on your face until complete.. easy peasy! 

I started to use this because I was sick of buying beauty blenders because they are annoying to clean when this brush is easy to clean and lasts so much longer.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
If you love to dance and party and wear makeup then this is the makeup setting staple you need in your collection. I honestly don't know how I managed without this spray in the past because it works wonders keeping my makeup on during the hot days and also during the nights that I party. My makeup looks flawless all day and night; ' perfection'

This has groundbreaking technology that cools the foundation, blush etc without the risk of fading even on hot or cold days. Love this spray and would 100% recommend.

july beauty favourites uk
 Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation
When it comes to foundation I can be a super picky girl! I love a medium to full coverage that doesn't feel heavy on the skin but is also long-lasting. Until now nothing has come close to my expectations. I  just love this foundation as it has 30 shades to choose from and the one I got at the kat von d beauty counter matches my skin tone perfectly. Lock it blends onto the skin effortlessly with the real techniques expert face brush. I only used 2 pumps of product to cover my entire face and part of my neck too. 

This foundation has a lovely matte finish and is long-lasting and my goodness it lasts! I danced the night the way at the wedding and I still looked fabulous and my makeup was still flawless at the end of the night.

Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick in Hopeless Romantic 
I have had some ups and downs with the brand too faced as I have had products that I just loved and others that I found just plain awful. Thankfully I found this lipstick just stunning and mean my goodness is it stunning. It has a honey-like texture and has a rich and high impact pigment. I have worn this a few times but I can say this.. at the wedding I went too I got so compliments wearing this lipstick and looking back at the photos I think it looks fab.

Usually with gloss. like lipsticks, they feel sticky but this is very comfortable to wear and it very similar to a satin finish lipstick but with more gloss. Hopeless Romantic is a lovely nude/pink shade and is definitely a favourite nude lipstick of mine.
July beauty favourites
Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara
Honestly, I was so hyped up about the release of the benefit BadGal that I was so blooming annoyed when it turned out to be an awful mascara for me. I am so glad that my friend ummbaby sent me this as its a firm favourite of mine now. Not only is the packaging just divine the product is great too. The wand is flexible and the product itself contains unique fibres that plump and extend the lashes. 

The wand is flexible makes it easy to use and the mascara actually works at extending the lashes without them clumping together or have any fallout later.

L'Oreal Infallible Pore Refining Primer
After running out of my Kat Von D primer I was a bit dubious about spending so much on a primer again so I went out and looked for a new one and that's when I bought this one. This primer is just amazing and it works wonders at covering my pores and also creating a smooth base for my foundation. It has a light delicate fragrance and the product itself is like like an eye cream. Applying it is super simple by applying 2 squirts and applying it like you would a moisturiser.

Infallible is brilliant at keeping foundation in place all day and it also gives the foundation a nice dewy effect too. I will definitely be buying this again and I just love how much more purse-friendly this is compared to premium brands.

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What are your favourite beauty products this month?

My Favourite Blushers

Following on from My Favourite Summer Fragrances post I decided to show you all my favourite blushers that I am just loving right now! When it comes to blusher in summer I like to have a little bit over my bronzer to add a little pop of colour to my cheeks. My usual favourite shades of blusher have to be pinks and corals.

The blushers I have chosen are my current favourites in my collection and I am sure the list will change over time but for the time being these are the ones I am loving this hot summer 'bring on the cocktails eh'
My Favourite Blushers

MUA Luxe | Makeup Academy - Whipped Velvet Blush
This has been in my collection a while that I think this has now been discounted, unfortunately. I love this blusher shade Spry as its a lovely coral shade with pink and orange tones in it. Seeing as its a creme it applies differently to the usual powder blusher so I like to apply this gentle my dabbing a blusher brush or using my fingers for a more intense look.

Its a shame it is not available anymore because it is soft and buildable to create different looks. It was also fab to combine with a highlighter as it gives a gorgeous glow.

How much? £3
Where to buy? Maybe Amazon?

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher
The first thing you notice about this blusher is its super cute packaging and its retro rose scent from the blusher itself. They have a decent selection to choose from and this one is called 'Healthy Mix' which is a delicate retro rose dusky pink.

Applying this is effortless as you can build this blusher up to a finish you like. I like to use my real techniques blush brush and gently dab this in the pan then apply to the cheekbones alongside my bronzer and highlighter. 

How much? £6.49
Where to buy? Boots, Superdrug stores and online

my favourite blushers
Model Co Karl Lagerfeld Baked Blush 
I got 'Rose Beige' in a few months back Glossy Box. I don't usually get all hyped up about blushers in subscription boxes as they usually don't stand out for me... well until this that is. This blusher is like a 2in1 product as it gives a lovely glisten of colour while at the same time gives you lots of highlighter and shimmer too.

These are pressed and baked and once applied to the skin they give a beautiful natural radiance that lasts all day long. These compliments summer well. The packaging is brilliant for the money but the product itself is amazing quality and worth it for the way it brightens the complexion.

How much? £17.50
Where to buy? Online Model Co

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette
Another amazing product I got this in a previous glossy box. It had been ages since I had last tried anything from the sleek range but this changed my mind because it's a brilliant product. This palette contains 2 blushers and also 4 eyeshadows. Each of the products can be used for different things including brows, eyeshadow, shimmer and just to add some glow. 

This palette isn't out now but the blusher shades inside can still be found on the sleek website and also high street stores like boots and Superdrug. The pink blusher is a delicate sweet candy pink the brightens my cheeks for days I don't want to wear much makeup. The orange shade is just divine and its perfect for the summer; it compliments a bronzer and looks amazing with a sparkly lipgloss. 

How much? from £4.99
Where to buy? Online store and on high street like above.
favourite blushers
Revolution Renaissance Illuminate 
I love the blusher the most as it can be used in a variety of ways including; blusher, highlighter and eyeshadow. The packaging is simply divine and reminds me of a clamshell you would find in the little mermaid or something. Inside 'Radiant in Rose' it features a trio of rose pressed shimmer powders. It comes in a little velvet pouch you can store it in after use.

My favourite uses for this are on my cheekbones to define them, my cupids bow and also on the arch of my brows to add some extra definition.

How much? £8 
Where to buy? Revolution online and Superdrug stores.

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favourite blushers

Surprisingly I don't have much more blushers than this in my collection because I usually just wear a bronzer but seeing as its summer I like to add some extra love into my makeup routine and blusher just adds that extra glow that I love. I really want to try more blushers in the future so I would love your suggestions below.

Which blushers are your favourites?

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Mehndi Celebration

Hello, darlings!

As some of you might know that I have had a busy few weeks and my social media hasn't been as busy as we were all preparing for a family Mendhi and a wedding. Preparing took so much time and it is super surprised how much you need and how much needs to be planed out. It was a headache getting everything all sorted out but thank goodness everything was sorted out in time for us all and we had an amazing time at both events. I thought I would tell you all about both of the celebrations seeing as they were both amazing and so much fun. Seeing as the Mehndi happened before the wedding I think its best to post this one up first but fear not the wedding blog post will be up in the upcoming weeks.

Anyways a little background on a Mehndi for some of you don't know what a mehndi is. A mehndi celebration and it is basically a pre-wedding celebration for many religions including Hindus and Muslims. During a Mehndi, you basically celebrate the upcoming marriage which is usually a few days after the Mehndi. Music is played, food is shared and basically, you have a fabulous time with your family and friends. Henna is applied to the bride and also to the women of the family.

Celebrations usually happen at the bride's house and can last late into the night. I know this isn't always how everyone celebrates Mehndis but its how my family celebrate it and I am just saying how they do it as a rough idea for people who don't know about it. 
Mehndi Celebration
Before we went to the bride's mothers home to be Mehndi was held we got dressed in nice formal clothes and also in traditional clothes too. I wore a rose embroidered top with my jeans with my high wedges ( maybe not the best choice as my feet were sore by end of the night lol) The kids and my partner wore traditional Asian clothes that they wore from the wedding celebrations last year. 

Upon arriving at the house I was shocked and in oar of how beautifully the bride's mother had designed her house for the party. In the living room, it had fabric draped from the ceiling and also designed beautifully on the walls too. On the coffee table were tubes of henna and candles that were placed in desi designed candle holders. 

Outside was a canopy that had lots of chairs so all the guests could eat food and talk openly together in the summers breeze. It was a lovely summers evening so staying outside was just perfect to get the cool summers breeze and also to talk to family and friends.
henna Mehndi
Upon arrival, I had to congratulate the bride to be and wish her the best for her marriage while talking about what people were going to wear and also about how exciting it was going to be with her and her friends. Not long after I talked to the groom to be who was very excited and slightly nervous about the night ahead as he wore traditional kurta which he has never worn before but he did look very smart in.

We met up with the family had hugs and talked during the night and it was a nice night as the temperature was perfect and the atmosphere was mellow. I am still learning about different traditions myself so it was nice to learn more from the family and see more of their culture. 

The kids made friends with some of the guest's kids and they enjoyed playing with balloons and playing hide and seek with them too. 

Choosing food was easy and everyone had a bit of everything seeing as the food was light and perfect party food. I really enjoyed having the haleem as its the first time I have eaten and I would definitely eat it again in the future. 
mehndi celebration
The lady who did the henna did an amazing job and she took a lot of time and effort with everyone who wanted their henna done. She gave all the guests different styles of henna and some of the guests got both hands done including the bride. I only got one hand done this time but they are a lot of detail in it as you can see. My daughters both got their henna done on both hands and on one hand, they got traditional henna design while on the other they had a butterfly which they just love.

I thought I might add that when henna is applied it's super important not to touch it for at least 20 minutes but the longer you leave it on the more intense it will be.  I washed ours off after one hour and it left the beautiful orange design you see above. Henna can last up to 2 weeks but mine has started to wash off mostly now after 1 week.

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During the evening the family all took it in turns to feed the bride and groom something sweet and we painted a leaf with henna and wished them luck for the wedding and the future. After that, we all sat in the living together and some of the guests started to play the drums to old Bollywood songs and we all started singing together which made the environment all fun and jolly and we all had a great laugh well into the late evening.

We all had a fabulous night and it sure did set up the atmosphere ready for the wedding that was happening a few days after.

Until next time

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Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Darlings

I just love Urban Decay palettes and after using my heat palette I just had to add another to my collection to give a whirl to see if I loved it as much. Moondust has been out for a little while now but I got this a month or so back because I was waiting for it to go in a sale before I purchased just in case I wasn't sure if I liked it or not for the money.

I remember when I first got my first urban decay haul and that was way back when I was 16 nearly 12 years ago, where has the time gone? I honestly don't know. I loved the brand than when I first tried their products and still do to this day. 
Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow palette review
I have a variety of eyeshadow palettes but most of them are just neutral and none of them is sparkly like this palette. I love how unique this palette is because most glitter eyeshadows are either loose or are wet in a gel-like substance. So yeah super happy they are pressed eyeshadow glitters, less fall out woohoo!

Moondust is a glitter and iridescent dream! its crammed with 8 vibrant diamond-like shadows. The palette itself is sparkly metal grey with a mirrored 'Moondust' logo. Inside the palette is a generously sized mirror and the shadows themselves are in circular pans with the names of the shadows underneath them.

The first thing I noticed about the palette was how well made it is, it feels very durable and the mirror is perfect for applying eye makeup. The shadows themselves sparkle in the sunshine even just in the palette. 
Urban Decay Moondust Palette review
Shadows in Moondust 
Spectre - Soft Pink w/tonal sparkle
Element - Peach w/pink shift and sparkle
Magnetic - Purple w/blue sparkle
Lightyear - Bright Green w/tonal sparkle ( my favourite ) ⭐
Granite - Black w/multicoloured sparkle
Lithium - Brown w/iridescent 3D sparkle
Vega - Bright Blue w/tonal sparkle
Galaxy - Smokey blue-grey w/iridescent 3D sparkle

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and very sparkly that it gave me a shock but a good kinda shock if you get me! I love lightyear it's super vibrant and sparkly I would say I wear this shade the most out of all of them. Applying these are pretty effortless compared to loose shadows because they usually have a lot of fallout. I am not saying this has none at all because I would be lying but it does have considerably less than other eyeshadow glitters I have tried before.

I like applying this with my eco tools double-sided eyeshadow brushes ( the enhancing eye set) as they hold the glitter well and blend out eyeshadows perfectly.

Before applying the shadows I like t apply an eyeshadow primer so it holds them better for a longer lasting wear. I also like to put my shadow on first before foundation etc so in case they are any fallout its easier to remove.
Urban Decay Moondust swatches
Makeup look created with Moondust
Eyeshadow: I used shades of spectre, element and lighter
Eyebrows: Revolution blonde pomade
Eyeliner: Renaissance Flick
False Lashes: Eyelure 107

Foundation: Kat Von D Lock it
Bronzer: Urban decay sunkissed
Highlighter: 3INA

Jeffree Star: Celebrity Skin
urban decay moondust eyeshadow look
My Thoughts
I absolutely have fallen in love with this palette! Its very pigmented and looks amazing; especially my favourite shade lightyear. It applies very easily for a glitter shadow and lasts all day with a good primer and makeup setting spray.

It blends very nicely and can be used with other eyeshadows whether they be shimmer, matte or iridescent. Not only do they look amazing they are super comfortable to wear even long wear like all-day wear: I have worn them all day and they feel no different than any other shadow as they feel super light but the only difference is they are sparkly.

I do wish they had a bright yellow in the palette seeing as its named moondust; maybe I am being a bit picky but I think it would have fit inside perfectly.

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urban decay moodust palette

Where to buy?
Online urban decay store and Debenhams stores and also online too

How much?

Have you got this palette? Which eyeshadow palette is your favourite at the moment?

Mel x

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Fashion: Monsoon Dress

Hello, Darlings!

It is finally the weekend and I am so excited because we are going to a family wedding tomorrow! I have surprised myself at how organised I am with getting our outfits all ready and getting the card and wedding present sorted too. We went to the mehndi the other day for a little celebration with family and friends; I and my daughters got henna done for the wedding which looks amazing, I might post a little more up about the mehndi in a few days.

Now you are probably wondering 'whats with the blog title monsoon dress? well its given me such "unexpected confidence'. In the past when it comes to wearing something different I just basically just wore something in my comfort zone which was usually a hoodie with leggings or joggers. Now I still wear these things but just not as often.
I have had dresses in my wardrobe for so long and some of them have been there for years that have only been tried on but never worn outside... till now that it.

I have had this Monsoon dress since 2016 and the last time I wore this dress was for Eid 2016 but I just never thought I suited it and I thought the style wasn't brilliant for me but I decided to give it another chance and try it out. I teamed it up with some tights, my new toms and my ice queen lush wig and I thought omg I look fabulous.

I have surprised myself since the start of the year by trying so many different fashions and Il says just a few. I wore ripped jeans ( NEVER have I wore them before) but honestly I just love them. I wore skirts above the knee and let my tummy show ( I usually hide my tummy in my trousers) but I just went natural and I actually thought I looked fab.

In the future, i am definitely going to be more adventurous and try different things including wearing a bikini, wear shorts and also dangerous. Basically its all the fashion I have wanted to try but in the past I never had the confidence to try.
Outfit details
Monsoon: Dress ( old, maybe on eBay)
George: Control Tights
Toms: Shoes ( can buy them at Schuh etc)

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Until next time 

Mel x 

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My Favourite Summer Fragrances

Is it me or has summer been absolutely amazing this year? They have actually been more than one day of sunshine this year and I have actually had a chance to use my summer wardrobe and barely bring out my coat and umbrella. I really hope I haven't jinxed the weather by saying this haha.

Anyways during the summer months, I love wearing fruity, citrusy and floral-scented fragrances and below are some of my absolute favourites to wear and I have been alternating wearing them during the last couple of months. 
my favourite summer fragrances
My favourite summer fragrances

Soap & Glory 'Original Pink' Body Spray
I got this during the January sales in a soap and glory gift set and honestly, at first, I wasn't expecting much until I actually sprayed it! Since then I have been hooked.

Every time I wear this fragrance I get compliments and I can see why! It has the scent of bergamot, amber and musk with features of lemon oil and lavender oil. It smells more like a perfume than a body mist and every movement and every breeze that goes by you can smell this lovely citrusy fragrance. It is such a bargain and I will 100% repurchase this.

How much is it? £4
Where to buy: Boots stores and online.

Mugler 'Alien' Eau de Toilette 
This perfume has been on my fragrance wishlist for years and once I got it for Christmas it has been used only on special occasions over the past few months. It has the most stunning out of this world bottle and the scent is something else.

Alien is a mysterious yet soft and comforting with its rich woody amber floral fragrance. It contains jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white jasmine. I love how long-lasting this fragrnace lasts and how lovely it smells even after wearing it to a party you can smell it perfectly just like when it was first applied at the start of the evening.

How much is it? Prices start at £45
Where to buy; Can be bought in many perfume shops and Debenhams.

mugler alien perfume
The Body Shop 'Pink Grapefruit' Body Mist
Who else takes ages in the body shop testing out which body butter, mist or perfume to get? I know I sure do! It was a tough choice picking this one as they are so many other nice fragrances in the range too.

The grapefruit body mist is a delicately scented grapefruit mist that is perfect for everyday wear for all-day freshness. I like to use this on quiet days and also on my bedding and cushions. It is a very nice zesty yet fresh scent to have around the house too.

How much is it? £8
Where can I buy it? The body shop stores and online

Lush 'Kerbside Violet' Perfume/Solid Perfume
Now I am unsure if they sell this perfume in solid perfume anymore but I can find the perfume spray of it. This was on my wishlist for ages but every time I went to Lush I ended up just buying different bath bombs until I decided I might. as well give it a try.

Kerbside Violet is a super sweet and floral scented perfume and it smells exactly like parma violet sweets. Now I know that's not everyone's favourite but I think it smells lovely especially during the warmer days. This contains violet leaf absolute, ylang-ylang oil and also rosewood oil.

How much is it? I am not sure but the perfume costs £29
Where to buy? Lush stores and online.

Katy Perry 'Killer Queen' Eau de Parfum 
I am usually not drawn into celebrity perfumes but I just loved the bottle of this perfume so I had to try it out and my goodness I am so glad I did.

Killer Queen is floral yet fruity fragrance with its top notes of wild berries, dark plum and bergamot. Its heart notes are red velvet flower, rainbow plumeria and natural jasmine sambac. Its base notes are the delicate ones that you can randomly detect during the day and they are cashmeran, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline.

How much is it? £12.99
Where to buy? Many stores including perfume stores and online.

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favourite summer fragrances

I hope you all enjoyed my favourite summer fragrances. I love them all and I am sure my collection will grow eventually and I sure do have a wishlist of perfumes I want to get in the future and I will give you all a taster of fragrances that are on my wishlist; Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb' Eau de parfum, Tom Ford 'Black Orchid' Eau de parfum and Yves Saint Laurent 'Black Opium' eau de parfum.

Which perfume/fragrances are your favourites in the summer?

Until next time lovelies!

Mel x
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My MAC Lipstick Collection

I know collections are quite big or have more than 5 in it but I just wanted to show you my little MAC Lipstick Collection. It may be small but my goodness do they stand out from the crowd and have a lot to say for themselves compared to a lot of lipsticks on the market. I have a huge MAC wishlist but up until now this is my only makeup in my collection (for now that is)

MAC is a huge makeup company that sells a variety of makeup including their famous makeup setting spray, foundation and amazing collections they bring out. They also have a lipstick collection called viva glam that raises funds for the M.A.C aids fund by donating the price of the viva glam products minus vat. Lots of celebrities have backed the campaign including RuPaul, Miley Cyrus and most recently SIA. More info on the fund here.
MAC Lipstick Collection
So you are probably wondering why am I posting about only 4 lipsticks... Well in my opinion if you love something it doesn't matter the size of the collection is the quality. I really do think the lipsticks have so many good points and I will explain some of them. 

1. They have so many choices to choose from; not only that they bring out new collections every now and again too.

2. The lipstick tube is very good quality - Now you might think that is a small point but it feels like a good quality product and I love the way the lid clicks back on the lipstick tube. 

3. It has a lovely delicate scent - They have a fresh vanilla scent to the lipsticks which is lovely and not overpowering at all. 

4. Different product designs - They have the usual product designs but when they bring out new collections they have unique packaging; just like the snowball collection for Christmas 2017.

5. Different finishes-  They have a variety of different finishes including; matte, retro matte, satin, lustre and amplified. 
MAC Lipstick collection
My MAC Lipsticks

Russian Red  
This is an intense blue-red shade and it definitely has some retro vibes to it for sure. It is a matte finish but it is very easy to apply that it almost feels like a creamy lipstick. The red is very intense and is super pigmented. Russian red has to be my favourite red lipstick in my collection as its vibrant and its long lasting too.  I reapply this lipstick every 3+ hours and it feels very soft and weightless on my lips. I don't use a lip liner with this and I have no problems with this lipstick bleeding.

Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2
This is the second lipstick that Ariana Grande created with MAC. This lipstick came out back in 2016 but I found this in my local TK Maxx for a bargain price of £10. This lipstick is also a matte finish and just like Russian red it applies very creamy and feels soft and weightless on the lips. It is a vibrant pink/purple shade and honestly, I just fell in love with it as soon as I opened it and applied it for the first time. As with the above, this is also very pigmented and only needs reapplying every 3+ hours. 
My MAC Lipstick collection
Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 
This lipstick is in an amplified finish and is gorgeous hot pink shade. This lipstick was one first purchase from MAC and is one of the reasons I love MAC lipsticks so much now. This lipstick is very creamy and works wonderfully well with the matching lip glass. It has Miley signature embossed into the lipstick tube and the design is nice too. This is a lot softer than the other lipsticks so not a lot of pressure is needed with this for a pigmented look. This needs reapplied more than a matte lipstick but its still a lovely lipstick.

Flat Out Fabulous
The finish of this is retro matte and my goodness even though I do love the bright plum matte shade, it is extremely dry and not the easiest lipstick in the world to apply. I would definitely recommend putting on a lip balm before applying this. Even though is quite dry to apply it doesn't look dry on the lips and has a longer lasting finish compared to the other lipsticks and can last 5+ hours without the need to apply in that time. 

Below are swatches of the lipsticks in my collection
Mac lipstick swatches
I hope you loved my lipstick collection and I am sure a few more will be added at a future date so keep a look out for an updated version of this post. If you have a MAC or any lipstick brand lipstick collection please send me a link to the post, I would love to see.

Do you have any MAC Lipsticks; if so which is your favourite? 

Mel x

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Lush Turtle Immersion Jelly Bomb

It had been a while since I had gone to Lush and the last product I had used was the fabulous violet-scented April showers bath bomb which was from the easter range. Is it me or do you wish like me that they would keep some of the holiday-themed products all year round? Anyways on my recent trip, I decided to try out the jelly bomb Turtle Immersion which is a jelly bath bomb in the shape of a turtle.

Turtle Immersion was made to raise the dangers of plastic pollution to sea life including turtles. A shocking statistic is that 90% of seabirds have swallowed some sort of plastic in the ocean. They definitely need to be a reduction of how much plastic we all use and a more biodegradable option needs to be in place. Recycling is a must for all things that can be recycled. 
lush turtle immersion jelly bomb
The design is very fun and it's in the shape of a sea turtle. It is a light green with vibrant green circles on its back that resembles a turtles shell. Inside the jelly bomb is also jelly agar agar strands that resemble plastic ( but these are biodegradable).

 This honestly smells like the fresh breeze with its ingredients. It contains pine needles absolute, hand-harvested sea salt, agar agar strands and cypress oil.

❤ Pine needles absolute - fragrant and warming
❤ Hand harvested sea salt - cleansing, volumising and mineral-rich
❤ Agar agar strands - softening
❤ Cypress oil - Antiseptic and relaxing
lush turtle immersion


  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Sea Salt
  • Perfume
  • Cypress Oil
  • Sandalwood Oil 
  • Pine Absolute
  • Seaweed Absolute
  • Water
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Agar Agar Strands 
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • *Limonene
  • *Linalool
  • Colour 47005:1
  • Colour 42090:2
  • Colour 47005
  • Colour 59040
  • Colour 42053
lush turtle immersion
How to use
With bath bombs, in general, I like to put them in warm running water as they usually have a display or a hidden surprise inside like popping candy. With jelly bombs, it is a bit different I like to have my bath full of warm water then put in the jelly bomb that way it dissolves nicely into a nice soft jelly and a burst of colour too.
lush turtle immersion jelly bomb review
My Thoughts
The slight problem I have with this jelly bomb is the price! I cost £6.95 and none of the money goes into what this product is all about and kinda takes away the point for me. It is good they are raising awareness I know but I think some of the money should have gone at least.

Apart from that its a pretty good bath jelly. It has a lovely refreshing sea breeze scent which is just relaxing and calming in the bath. I love the scent combinations especially pine needles its lovely. I am not sure about the jelly to feel though as its quite slippy and reminds me a bit of slime. I love the design it's very nice and it is very nice on the skin too as its very softening on the skin which adds to the relaxing side of this product.

Was it worth the money? Not for me personally as its just like any other bath product from lush to be honest. I do love the fun design its super fun and I won't repeat what I said above but it leaves a little sour taste in my mouth.

Where to buy?
Lush online and some lush stores as its a lush exclusive

Mel x

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