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Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer | Review

Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer | Review
I have been a huge fan of Illamasqua ever since I discovered the brand when I first started blogging a few years ago. The main products I have in my collection is my Illamasqua lipsticks which I just treasure. I have tried a fair amount of their products including their eyeliner, blusher and also their foundation. One product I was wanted to out was their primer as I have heard many positive reviews on it but was a bit on the fence about actually purchasing it since it costs £34 with a volume of 104g.

I actually found a lot of Illamasqua makeup in my local TK Maxx a few months back and not only did I find the amazing Shiver eyeshadow palette at a bargain price but I found the Illamasqua beyond veil primer for £10 compared to the retail price of £34!!! BARGAIN.
Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer uk
The primer comes nicely presented in the classic packaging of Illamasqua. On that box has the name of the product and also some info about it and also the ingredients.

The primer comes in a nice jar and it does actually feel like a nice premium product. It kinda reminds me of a modern twist on retro skincare products packaging back in the Victorian era or something like that. The primer opens by turning it and inside you are greeted with a lid that has an instrument that kinda looks like a spoon/scoop which is for applying the right amount primer onto your skin.

Underneath the lid, you have the actual primer which is a champagne colour and has a bit of sparkle to it if you look closely. The texture is very unique in my opinion as many primers I have tried in the past have been cream based but this is gel based and comes out in a sort of chunks that you can't get out perfectly but nonetheless, the scoop works well at getting the amount of product you need.

Applying this to my freshly washed face is pretty simple really. I just get the scoop and get some of the beyond veil primer and apply generously to my face. It absorbs into the skin quite easily after a few moments, at first my face looked quite shiny until all absorbed completely then you can see some of the sparkles which have a lovely golden shimmer.

About Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer
The beyond veil primer is actually a partnership of Illamasquas iconic Hydra veil primer and the metallic illuminating beyond powder. It has a lightweight gel formula that instantly hydrates the skin to give a lovely glowing and illuminated finish.

Beyond veil is formulated with multi-active ingredients including gardenia Florida fruit extract and sodium hyaluronate which help retain a youthful look. It also has haematococcus pulvais and vitamin C to help improve skins elasticity and brightness.
Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer | Review
Aqua (Water, Eau), Alcohol Denat., Butylene Glycol, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Polyacrylamide, Phenoxyethanol,& Ethylhexylglycerin, Polysorbate 60, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Methylparaben, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Laureth-7, Parfum (Fragrance),&Nbsp;Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891), Iron Oxides (Ci 77491, Ci 77492).

πŸ‡Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free  πŸ‡

Other primers by Illamasqua include
Hydra Veil primer
Matte Veil Primer
Satin Primer
Matte Primer
Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer is it worth the hype?
Overall I am quite happy with my purchase and I am glad I found it in TK Maxx. Would I say its the best primer I have ever tried? Unfortunately not. I will use this primer up but I don't think I would go out my way to repurchase it at full price, maybe at the sale price but definitely not full price. 

It says its hydrating but for me, it wasn't really compared to other primers I have tried including high street brands. It has a lovely floral scent which is lovely and isn't overpowering at all. I do love the golden shimmer but once I put my foundation on you couldn't see the shimmer at all. Maybe if you used this product alone you would almost definitely see the shimmer. 

Applying foundation onto the primer is really simple since it creates a nice smooth base. It does help keep the foundation in place all day with a little bit of help with a setting powder and makeup setting spray such as the urban decay all nighter spray in which I love. 

Even though this isn't for me I default still want to try the other Illamasqua primers to try them out. 

Product 7/10      Application 9/10
Texture 6/10      Longevity 10/10.    
Overall I rate it 8 out of 10.

Have you tried any of the Illamasqua primers? If so which is your favourite?

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Lush Cheery Christmas | Review

Lush Cheery Christmas bath bomb Review
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! Is it me or is it blooming cold this week? I am so glad I found some warm cuddly coats in the charity shop today because I needed a warmer winter coat because it's not even winter yet and it's too cold so I am sure the coming months will be colder. Anyways less complaining let us have some positive talk.

Lush has an amazing collection of Christmas products this year don't you agree? I have only tried 2 products so far but I can't wait to try out more of their products before the new year. I am secretly getting excited about the boxing day sale but wish they did the online sale! 

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 
Lush Cheery Christmas | Review
Cheery Christmas is a new product in the 2018 range! 

The design is lovely and is new this year! Its bright pink hexagon shape with a beautiful snowflake design in the centre, I just love it. 

Now its said that this is a citrus bath bomb with its ingredients but personally I didn't feel like it was, it was more fruity/spicy. The main fragrances in Cheery Christmas are 'Buchu oil' and 'Sicilian lemon oil'.

List of ingredients 
Sodium Bicarbonate Citric Acid Sicilian Lemon Oil Buchu Oil Cream of Tartar Water (Aqua) Titanium Dioxide Cornstarch Sodium Coco-Sulfate Propylene Glycol Dipropylene Glycol Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate Cocamidopropyl Betaine Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Tin Oxide *Citral *Limonene Perfume Colour 45410 Colour 42090:2 Colour 42090 Colour 77491 Colour 15850:1 Colour 45410:1

Cruelty free & Vegan-Friendly 
Lush Cheery Christmas review
I put this in my warm full bath and as soon as it hit the water it started fizzing and foaming away for a few moments until the snowflake dissolved revealing a blue centre inside the bath bomb. It was fizzing away in the bath for a few minutes before it melted completely.  

Even though the bath bomb itself is pink, white and blue.. it didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I was kind of expecting a nice vibrant purple but for me personally, it looked pretty dull which is a shame really since it looks like a nice bath bomb.

The smell was a bit on the fence of me. It is meant to have a blackcurrant scent with a twist of citrus with the Sicilian lemon oil. I really didn't know what to think of this because its a new combination from lush but for me, it didn't pack enough punch for me and could have done with more citrus fragrance as it wasn't enough in my opinion to wow me over.

It did get better from their though because it made the bath water feel very silky and felt lovely on the skin. It was very moisturizing on the skin and made applying moisturiser after the bath a breeze. 
Lush Cheery Christmas bath bomb Review
Overall its an OK bath bomb but it isn't a bath bomb that's going to have me running back to lush to buy again because it didn't win me over which is a shame. I do love the design and the smell is ok and the bath water felt lovely too but it just wasn't a fragrance I liked and the bath didn't look good too as you would expect when you are buying a single-use product that costs £3.95.

Even though I wasn't 100% with this bath bomb I am still excited to try more of the Christmas Collection. I really want to get 'Marshmellow World' and 'Santa Bomb Bomb'.

Have you tried anything in the Lush Christmas Collection yet?
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Elegant Touch Pink Paradise Range Review

Elegant Touch Pink Paradise Range Review
I love wearing false nails every now and again. I used to get acrylic nails done a few years ago but they took so long to do and I didn't like them on my nails for long periods of time so that's when I started trying out press on nails. I love press on nails because they only last for up to 10 days and they are very simple to apply and quite a lot of the time they cost under £10 too.

Elegant Touch is quite a popular brand on the high street and easy to find in shops such as Superdrug and boots, they can also be found online too. They have a variety of styles to choose from including Oval, Coffin (my personal favourite) and Stiletto.
Elegant Touch Pink Paradise Range
I was kindly sent 3 boxes of Elegant touch fake nails from their Pink Paradise range and my goodness how fabulous do they look? It sure is a pink overload!
I wish I got them back in July so I could have worn them for the family wedding I went too. then yet again I did wear some fabulous unicorn style nails also from elegant touch so it's not too much of a blow.

Styles in the range 
Boss Babe ( RRP £9.95)
Not the usual French manicure, this has a different of the look of sparkle and diamante! These are a medium length in my opinion and are oval shaped so they have a lovely curve to them. You can see me wear them in the photos above and also below.

Power Pout ( RRP £9.95 ) 
I just love coffin shaped nails, I just love the gothic vibes with this style of the nail. These have no designs on them at all but damn they don't need it because they are a lovely vibrant hot pink. They also have a pearlised finish so they look glossy, Im in love!

Girl Gang ( RRP £9.95 )
These are a lovely stiletto style nails in a lovely candy pink shade. They have base sparkle with diamantes at the cuticle which I think looks quite cool as usually as they are on the top of the nails.

Elegant Touch Pink Paradise Range Review
They may look easy as pie to apply but its always best to read the instructions first to get the best results. Always buff your nails first and match up a nail that matches up with your own natural nail to make sure it fits properly because it won't be easy to do that once you start glueing the nails on, trust me I've done that before and it was a bloody nightmare!

It can take up to 30 minutes from buffing, choosing the right sized nails and applying the nail until you are done. It is very important may I add not to rush because the more time took means they are more likely to go on properly and also to last longer also.

They claim to last up to 10 days which I would say is about right but for me personally, they only lasted about 6-7 days which I am not disappointed about because I do a lot of housework ( thanks to watching Mrs Hinch LOL). They are very comfortable to wear and actually feel like your own nail so they don't feel fake if you know what I mean. They have lots of different styles to choose from apart from the 'Pink Paradise range' which is nice and my favourite in the range has to be 'Boss Babe' I just loved them!

Once they all come off, the is no residue left of the glue or fake nails on my natural nails which is a flaming relief as we all know acrylics don't come off as easily. Acrylics, as you may already know, need to go to a nail salon to apply and also remove them.

 I would suggest buffing the nails afterwards and then apply a nail strengthener on your natural nail to keep them in optimum condition, its what I do and it works really well for me.

If you want to know more about the brand and see what other products they have to offer to check out their Elegant Touch website for more info.

Do you like wearing fake nails? if so do you prefer press on nails at home or going to a nail salon?

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Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil | Review

Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
I love perfumes and fragrance products and I tend to use them more often in the colder months, no idea why but I just do, its just part of my morning routine. I usually just pick a random perfume from my makeup drawer, then that's me set for the day, I have no particular fragrance I choose every day but I love a nice variety. 

Kathleen is a brand I have seen a lot of on social media but never got round to trying... until now that is. I was kindly sent this roll-on fragrance to try out. These roll-ons have recently been released by the brand too, so this was a sure treat for me. 
Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
It reminds me of my Lush Lust Perfume as they are roughly the same size and also has a lovely golden design too. The packaging is very simple, which is great in my opinion, no need for extra packaging etc. Now you may think oh is it like a roll on deodorant which is understandable but this is different. Firstly being this is an oil fragrance rather than perfume which is more like a mist. This comes out very similar to a roll on with its cool metal roller. 

The fragrance itself is lovely. It has a delicate rose scent in which I love as it's not overpowering at all which is great because some perfumes can make me sneeze to no end. 

Kathleen is an environmentally friendly company. They are made in Brittan and use a blend luxury plant, marine extracts and innovative active ingredients.  Not only are their product natural but they pure and have no artificial chemicals. 

Not only do they sell the lovely sensual rose roll-on oil but they sell it in a variety of other beautiful fragrances such as 'Citrus Cheer' and 'Tranquil Fields'.

The Roll-On Oils
These oils are 10ml and are certified organic and as I said above they come in 3 different scents. The oils are non-greasy and give a lovely light scent which is not overpowering. I love the bottle so much and thats its a handy size that I can put in my handbag. 
Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
I just love this roll-on oil! I put this on my pulse points and it gives out the most delicate floral rose scent throughout the day. It applies nicely and gives you the right amount of product everytime which is just fabulous. I love that this gives a nice delicate fragrance throughout the day, it cheers me up because I do love the smell of nice fragrances. 

Want to treat yourself to these roll-on oils? These oils are £16 each on the website and they even have gift sets with them in too. Check out the Kathleen website for more. 

Roll-On Oils £16 

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Eylure Fluttery Lashes Collection | Review

False lashes... I love how the look but bloody hell I've had a bit of love-hate relationship with them! Applying them in the past was nothing short of a nightmare. I would apply them but they wouldn't go on properly, fall off or simply go on unevenly. I actually went a few years without wearing false lashes because I was sick of trying to get them on right LOL. I have also found rouge lashes in places unexpected and me being frightened of spiders thought they were spiders and I bloody nearly jumped out of my skin! Now jump forward a few years I may not be perfect at applying them still but I do find it easier than before and I manage to keep in place, so that's a win-win right?

Eylure is a false lashes brand I just love! I first bought their lashes last year when I wanted to look fabulous for a family wedding. Ever since the wedding, I have worn mostly their lashes since and I just love them. I was kindly sent these Eylure Fluttery Lashes to try and they are from a range of 6 different types and styles. 
I just love the fluttery ranges pastel purple packaging, it sure stands out with that and also the fluttery design on it too as it has a lovely butterfly next to it. Another thing I love and something that helps me choose before buying is they is a model on the back of the packaging which shows you what the lashes look like on which is a big help choosing, don't you think that too? 

The lashes themselves are very defined and also have a curved outer edge ( looks fabulous with winged liner).

So in the Fluttery range, they are 6 different styles of false lashes to choose from and they cost about £5.95 each. I will tell you a bit more about them below.
Fluttery No.170 - a 3/4 length of their No.1 17 lashes. Has a twist and lift to add some fullness to the corner of the eye
Fluttery No.171 - feather light fluttery finish
Fluttery No.173 - long and luscious, wispy finish
Fluttery No.175 - daring and defined outer edges
Fluttery No.177 - Light and long
Fluttery No.178 - full and fabulous for a fuller lash effect.

Below is how Fluttery No.175 looks! I think they look perfect! 
As with all my lashes, I measured them on my eyelid first to make sure they fit. Once I know I cut them to the size I need ( this applies to all lashes I use, it makes wearing lashes much more comfortable, without poking my eye LOL). Once Im ready I apply the lash glue which is included with the lashes, then I wait about a minute before supplying to my lids ( wait for it to become tacky, makes it easier to stick rather than applying straight away). 

Out of all my lashes I have tried from Eylure, these have to be the most comfortable I have tried! They fit the shape of my eyes nicely. I love how full they make my lashes look and also they just make my winged liner look that extra bit fabulous don't you think? 

Have you tried Eyelure lashes before? if so which are you're favourite?

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How changing your mattress can help you sleep - Leesa Mattress // PLUS £100 OFF CODE

It has been absolutely ages since I got a decent nights sleep and I would say it because I needed a new mattress. My old mattress was second hand as at the time I was struggling for money as I just moved home so a second-hand mattress was needed. It wasn't ideal at all for me as my back has never been right for ages. It had holes in it, marks and was dipping in parts so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I was told I was going to review a Leesa Mattress, I actually cried tears of happiness. 

My last mattress was a spring mattress as have all my previous mattresses have been in the past but this one is a huge change for me as its a foam. I did my homework on the brand and all I can see is a vast range of positive reviews. They have mattress sizes from single all the way up to super king, so they is something for everyone. 
Did you know they donate one mattress for every ten mattresses sold! 

After I placed my order on the website it only took 5 days to arrive and I was notified by text when my order would be here which was helpful as they are nothing worse waiting in all day for a delivery is they? The helpful delivery driver brought the box in my home and as you can see, it comes in a box. The box isn't huge which is surprising when you know they are a double mattress inside it. 

Once opening the box I saw that inside was the easy to read instructions and mattress which was rolled up and vacuumed packed. 

Reasons to change your mattress every 7-10 years
Sagging - Matresses age unfortunately and they do lose shape and firmness over the years
Dust mites-we loose skin cells every day( we can lose 1.5g of skin every day) So over the years numbers get larger, especially as its a warm environment which dust mites love. 

The Leesa Mattress is beautifully designed and engineered with 3 premium foams. The foams expertly designed for cooling, body contouring and pressure relieving core support. I just love when I lie on this mattress, it automatically contours into my shape gently, its so comfortable and supporting. 

They come in a variety of sizes from single to super king. If you aren't sure you can check out their website in which they show you the measurements. 

The mattress is made in the UK and comes with a 10-year warranty. You have 100 nights to trial it to make sure you are 100% happy with it.

Once I finally unrolled it onto my bed I just couldn't wait to get a good nights kip! The first couple of nights I wasn't so sure because I was so used to springs but after that, it was like sleeping on a cloud. It moulds perfectly to my body shape and even when I move a lot during the night it doesn't affect my sleep which is great because it used to with my old spring mattress.

I have had my Leesa mattress for over a month now and I can honestly say its helped me sleep better and I wake up much more refreshed, having a good nights sleep makes a huge difference to my day since I sleep longer and more comfortably.

I have worked out that if you have this mattress for 10 years and you buy the double which costs £650, the daily price over that time is 17p which is a bloody bargain when you think about it that way.

Want to know more about this mattress or even treat yourself to a new mattress?
Check out the Leesa website for the deals they have on. I have a code to get £100 off a Leesa Mattress!! Use the code below


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