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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Nivea MicellAIR Professional Make-Up Remover | Review

Hello Everyone!
Skincare in 2019 has become one of my biggest changes I have made and implemented more into my everyday routine. One of the most important things that start my skincare routine at night is removing my makeup and I usually do that by removing it with micellar water. Micellar water melts any type of makeup easily and efficiently leaving no residue so it's ready for other skincare products such as serums and a night time cream or masque. 

Nivea is a very well know skincare brand and have lots of skincare products available. The Nivea MicellAIR professional makeup remover is one of the more newer products in their range. 

The packaging either comes in either 125ml, 400ml or even makeup wipes. The bottle I got was the 400ml and as you can see its huge. I love the design and it definatly looks nice too. It has a screw top and pours out slowly from a little hole in the top, you will be happy to know it doesn't pour out like a fountain but comes out gently so you can decide how much product you want.

Its texture is very much like water but with a bit of an oily feel, but nothing uncomfortable or anything like that, its much more soothing. I would recommend using this with makeup removing cotton pads or a reusable makeup removing towel.

Thankfully this has zero scents to it at all which is a huge relief as I am not keen on skincare products that are heavily scented, most of the time something smells so strong it puts me off buying.

Removes makeup without any residue. Can also be used to remove waterproof makeup such as mascara and eye makeup without any fuss. One of my favourite things about using this has to be you don't need to rinse afterwards.

How to use?
You use this the same way you would use any other micellar water. Simply apply to a makeup removing pad of towel and gently in circular motions remove the makeup from the face, for eyes makeup sure they are shut beforehand because even if it has no scent its no fun getting anything in your eye.

My Thoughts
I must have had this bottle now for just over 3 months and I have only just now finished it so its a very long lasting product and for the money £5.99 I think its a bargain.  It removes makeup very easily even stubborn makeup such as long-lasting makeup and waterproof. For me personally, I need 3 cotton pads to remove all my makeup but I do wear a lot of makeup so I think 3 is pretty good for getting all my makeup off.

I love the fact this is very gentle at removing makeup, it doesn't feel harsh on my skin its the total opposite and soothing. I will definatly be picking another bottle in future. 

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How much is it?
Prices start at £3.29 and come in either the micellar water in the bottle or as the makeup removing wipes. 

Where to buy?
I bought mine in Superdrug but I am sure will be avaible on other online shops too. 

Which Micellar water is your favourite?

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