Saturday 28 July 2018

July Beauty Favourites

Following on from last months beauty favourites post which was extremely popular I thought id share with you all the products that I just loved using this month. They are some new favourites and also some old favourites thrown in their too. Just like last month, it was super duper easy for me to choose what I was loving during this month! I love all of these.

The choices I made this month coincided with events I went too. As many of you might know I went to a Mehdi Celebration and also a family wedding so these products definitely made features on those days and helped keep my makeup on point and also in place all day long because is it me... or was this month too bloody hot? My thighs have suffered from so much chafing ouch lol
July Beauty favourites
 Real Techniques Expert Face Makeup Brush
I think my makeup brush collection is somewhat the same amount of paint brushes Bob Ross had in his collection. With that many brushes it easy to choose which is my favourite foundation brush and it is this fabulous brush. Forget beauty blenders etc this foundation brush is the perfect brush for applying foundation. Applying couldn't be easier, basically.. just apply your favourite primer first then apply a small amount each time to the super-soft brush bristles and apply with circular motions on your face until complete.. easy peasy! 

I started to use this because I was sick of buying beauty blenders because they are annoying to clean when this brush is easy to clean and lasts so much longer.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
If you love to dance and party and wear makeup then this is the makeup setting staple you need in your collection. I honestly don't know how I managed without this spray in the past because it works wonders keeping my makeup on during the hot days and also during the nights that I party. My makeup looks flawless all day and night; ' perfection'

This has groundbreaking technology that cools the foundation, blush etc without the risk of fading even on hot or cold days. Love this spray and would 100% recommend.

july beauty favourites uk
 Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation
When it comes to foundation I can be a super picky girl! I love a medium to full coverage that doesn't feel heavy on the skin but is also long-lasting. Until now nothing has come close to my expectations. I  just love this foundation as it has 30 shades to choose from and the one I got at the kat von d beauty counter matches my skin tone perfectly. Lock it blends onto the skin effortlessly with the real techniques expert face brush. I only used 2 pumps of product to cover my entire face and part of my neck too. 

This foundation has a lovely matte finish and is long-lasting and my goodness it lasts! I danced the night the way at the wedding and I still looked fabulous and my makeup was still flawless at the end of the night.

Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick in Hopeless Romantic 
I have had some ups and downs with the brand too faced as I have had products that I just loved and others that I found just plain awful. Thankfully I found this lipstick just stunning and mean my goodness is it stunning. It has a honey-like texture and has a rich and high impact pigment. I have worn this a few times but I can say this.. at the wedding I went too I got so compliments wearing this lipstick and looking back at the photos I think it looks fab.

Usually with gloss. like lipsticks, they feel sticky but this is very comfortable to wear and it very similar to a satin finish lipstick but with more gloss. Hopeless Romantic is a lovely nude/pink shade and is definitely a favourite nude lipstick of mine.
July beauty favourites
Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara
Honestly, I was so hyped up about the release of the benefit BadGal that I was so blooming annoyed when it turned out to be an awful mascara for me. I am so glad that my friend ummbaby sent me this as its a firm favourite of mine now. Not only is the packaging just divine the product is great too. The wand is flexible and the product itself contains unique fibres that plump and extend the lashes. 

The wand is flexible makes it easy to use and the mascara actually works at extending the lashes without them clumping together or have any fallout later.

L'Oreal Infallible Pore Refining Primer
After running out of my Kat Von D primer I was a bit dubious about spending so much on a primer again so I went out and looked for a new one and that's when I bought this one. This primer is just amazing and it works wonders at covering my pores and also creating a smooth base for my foundation. It has a light delicate fragrance and the product itself is like like an eye cream. Applying it is super simple by applying 2 squirts and applying it like you would a moisturiser.

Infallible is brilliant at keeping foundation in place all day and it also gives the foundation a nice dewy effect too. I will definitely be buying this again and I just love how much more purse-friendly this is compared to premium brands.

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What are your favourite beauty products this month?


  1. I am really interested in the Urban Decay setting spray, as I have been looking at products like this for a while now. I have a huge problem with keeping my make-up in check and need the spray right away. Thanks for showing me this.

  2. I love the UD setting spray but I haven't used it in the longest time! My powder is usually enough to set my makeup now and admittedly I haven't been able to bring myself to apply any makeup at all in this heat, it's been unbearable! Love the sound of the pore refining primer too! I love the L'oreal infallible foundation so I imagine it'd work well for me and my skin.
    Alice Xx

  3. I love the UD setting spray as well (I wonder why my bottle is black and yours is beige? Do they have different kinds?)

    And the RT brush omg... I use it all the time and my beauty blender comes second.

  4. Great post! I love the Urban Decay setting spray too it's fab and my makeup doesn't budge when I use that! I hated Bad Gal Bang too it didn't work for me at all so I think I need to check out that Revlon mascara!

    Jess //

  5. I’ve never tried any of these products before aside from the expert face brush (which I love) but they all sound amazing (I’ll defintely have to try them now). Lovely post! x
    A x |

  6. The Urban Decay fixing spray is amazing and one of my favourites too. I love pore refining primers but haven't tried the L'Oreal one yet so thanks for the recommendation, I'll pick it up!
    Soph - x

  7. I can't live without the Urban Decay Setting Spray! My makeup literally does not move! I will have to check out that primer too! Stepherella xx xx

  8. The Too Faced Melted latex looks andcsoynds great. I have a couple of their lip sticks in a tube. Love them - will try this next!