Monday 16 July 2018

Life Update ( 2018 )

Can you believe its more than halfway through the blooming year? Can we please just slow down time a little bit please because this year has just zoomed by even though has its hiccups for me it still needs to slow it ass down a little aha. Next month is my birthday and I am going to be 28! I honestly can't believe how quick the time has gone. 

So you are all probably wondering what on earth I have got up to so far this year and honestly I think everything but the kitchen sink has happened to me this year. 

1. I created 'Moonlight Mel'  I used to have a blog called Fruity Flamingo but after much thought and the things my life was going at the time I thought it was time for a refresh and I am so glad I did now, love my new blog.

 I like to post a variety of different subjects and I am open to posting pretty much everything on my blog that represents me as a person. So whether that be my PCOS or going to a family outing, well you guessed it... it could be on my blog.

2. I started a youtube channel - It's nothing huge it is pretty small but I don't mind at all because I love to talk and share product reviews and other rambles too. The main reason I started my youtube channel was to boost my confidence levels and it surprised me how much it helped me so far, I'm going to keep posting. If you want to follow here's my youtube link

3. We got another Guinea pig - Yes another pig was adopted by us and his name is puri puri. Yes, he is named after the character of one punch man. He is very confident and his favourite food is broccoli and carrots.

 My other 2 guinea pigs; Gordon and Arthur just love him a lot and they are all good friends which is so cute to see.
4. I finally got 6000 followers on Twitter - I have been on Twitter since 2012 and I am just addicted to it. It is a good place to make friends with other bloggers and also to share the blog and youtube videos too. My biggest follower has to be Tom Cruise and I was so shocked the day it happened and I am still buzzing about it now haha.

I am hopeful to grow my Instagram but my goodness its hard to grow on there at the moment but I am definitely going to stick at it as much as possible.

5. We are going to a wedding! - We are going to a family wedding on the weekend and they are a mehndi that we are going too on Wednesday too and we are all super excited. We nearly have everything sorted so it should be a pretty fun day. We also went to a wedding last year which was an amazing experience.

I have a nice dress I found in the monsoon sale and I got the kids some lovely outfits in the next sale so everything was a bargain but they look fab, I can't wait to show the photos to you all.

6. I applied for a course at College - I actually shocked myself by applying for a course at college. I love flowers and always liked the idea of doing floristry so I have applied and have an interview for college in August so wish me luck, everyone.

7. The kids are on summer holiday - I can't believe how fast the school year has gone by this year; it was super quick. My youngest has finished her first year at school and I am shocked at how fast the time has gone by because it was like 2 mins ago since she went to the nursery.

My son when he goes back will be in his last year of primary school and omg I can't believe that either. We are going to visit a few places over the holidays including maybe the theme park, shhh don't tell them haha.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post. I know its different then the usual beauty and food posts but I fancied a little change and hopefully if you all like these kinds of posts I will add more of these types of posts in the future too.

Until next time
Mel x
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  1. You have been busy. Love your hair.