Wednesday 22 August 2018

Pink Parcel Review - August 2018

Pink Parcel is a monthly period subscription box that sends out the essentials like tampons/pads and also some treats to make having a period that little easier and a bit more relaxing too. I totally had to guess when to get this box because with having PCOS it's a little hard for me to pinpoint when my next period will be. I keep track of it on my Flo app which makes it easier and I ordered it by looking at my calendar of and unfortunately for me, I guessed a little out thanks to PCOS but still got it on the second day of my cycle. 

Every month's box is different and apart from the essentials of course but you can expect things like treats like sweets/chocolate, skincare and beauty products. The box costs £12.99 a month and can be cancelled anytime.

I bought this with my own money but I love the idea of this box so I had to try it out for myself.
A choice of your essentials
I love the fact you get to choose which products you want to receive in your box. You can choose between tampons, pads or mixture of both products. I personally like to use pads only so I am happy that I get only pads in my box.  

The pads are one of my favourite brands 'Always' and they are few products including night time friendly 'Always Maxi night', daytime 'Always regular' pads and 'Always Dailies' for when your period is nearly finished too. I have never tried the dailies before this box and I am glad I did now because it is much more comfortable wearing these on the days after a period when they are sometimes a little bit of period but not enough for a pad. 
Whats in the box? 
Spacemasks Self-heating Eye Mask 
As soon as you open the packet and put the eye mask on it starts to warm up. I wasn't sure of the sensation at first but I was super chilled out in no time at all. It has a lovely scent of jasmine and the warming sensation was so relaxing that just 20 minutes after wearing this mask I was fast asleep, it works wonders!

Price: £15 for a box of 5

English Laundry No7 For Her Purse Spray
This fragrance is sensuous jasmine, sparkly pear and sweet vanilla. It is purse friendly so it is easy to throw in your bag with you wherever you go or even take with you on holiday as an easier option than taking a full sized bottle of perfume. 

Price: £60 for 50ml 

Laritzy Dew Pot 
This little pot is a multi-purpose product that you can use on your lips, lids and cheeks for lumionous glow. I haven't tried the brand of the product yet but it does look nice.

Price: £20 for 12ml
What else is in the box?
Sebamed Clear Face Mattifying Cream 
A brand I haven't tried yet but looking forward to trying this out.
Candy Kittens Eton Mess 
Love these sweets, I always treat myself to these whenever I feel like a treat.
Oryza Dewy Glow Skin Beauty Balm
A new product to try!
Lyons No3 Rich & Full bodied coffee bag
LOVE this coffee, it is like a tea bag but with coffee

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My Thoughts
Amazing box and I am so glad I bought it. It is something nice to look forward too during a time of the month when it's not always the most comfortable. It costs £12.99 which I think is a bargain considering the products in the August Pink Parcel cost £55! So a bargain price really.

I am definitely keeping the subscription because I think it is nice to have a little treat on your period and with mine, they are awful and painful so this is perfect for me. I am looking forward to next months box now, yay!

More info on Pink Parcel Below

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  1. This sounds like a lovely box that will definitely help during that time of the month. I like that they include the beauty products with the facemasks etc. The 'Spacemasks Self-heating Eye Mask' sounds really interesting though! For the price, this subscription box really is a bargain!


  2. I reviewed Pink Parcel last month too and honestly could not praise it more. I think it's such a great idea and I loved all of the beauty bits I got too. Slightly jealous you got candy kittens though! x


  3. I've seen these boxes online for a while, but never really looked into it! It sounds like a great box and it's such a good idea, but subscription boxes have never really been my thing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. This sounds like a great box. I have never heard of subscription boxes, but it sounds really interesting and at quite a fair price.

    xo Corina

  5. Subscription boxes seem to be the "it girl" right now. Thanks for the helpful review, I think I should do some research and get me one of those monthly surprises:)

  6. The 'Spacemasks Self-heating Eye Mask' sounds really interesting! When I was in Rome I got it for me and it was wonderful. Now I'm in India I wish I could get them.

  7. This is such a nice subscription box and it looks like those products are really good to try.

  8. I use a cup so part of this would be redundant for me, but it looks like a great value box!
    Cora |

  9. I love that you can choose the things you want in your package and really customize it. This seems like such a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. I really like the way these are set out. The packaging is really professional and make the product look good. Love the sound of the fragrance.

  11. I love this box and I love that you get to choose what you want , lol I'll always opt for sweet treats that's much more comforting that the face mask.

  12. This box is such an amazing idea & for the price I think it’s really affordable. I love the look of the packaging and I think it’s great that you can actually choose what you want in the box, I’ve not seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing!

    Samantha |

  13. Totally love this subscription box and the price is also super affordable.

  14. I really love the idea of this sub box! I think its such a good idea to put this together and you get to choose what you want too! Amazing.

  15. This is a really cool subscription box. I have the implant so don't have regular periods so something like this wouldn't be quite right for me x

  16. What a fun box! Such a great way to try out new products!

  17. We absolutely loved this subscription box! Is there any chance this is available in India?

  18. Oh my gosh!! The candy kittens would make me happy instantly. Ha! It looks like there are a TON of great products in this. So fun!

  19. Such a great box to brighten up period days!! i love always pads too!! The eye mask sounds tempting will love to try!

  20. I love those kind of boxes. They are so cool and so exciting to see what is inside of them. My daughter would love this for sure.

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