Tuesday 28 August 2018

XO Balm

Is it me or is it starting to feel like autumn already? I am already starting to wear my autumn themed clothes like my converse, jumpers and cardigans. The coolness is surely back and one thing for sure that will be coming back if I am not careful is dry and cracked skin, especially on my hands and elbows so I am thankful to have XO Balm and I will explain why very soon!

XO Balm is a natural based skin care product aimed for stressed-out skin, it treats dry and sensitive skin with an effective combination of natural ingredients. This balm is perfect for relief of severe dry skin, roughness, cracking or irritation from dermatitis. The balm, when applied to the skin instantly, creates a barrier that hydrates and soothes and not only that its a long lasting effect. It can be used on all areas of the body, face, lips, hands, feet, nails, scalp and more; its an amazing multi-use product. 
XO Balm review
Honestly, the packaging for this XO Balm is just super adorable! It's a small but handy tin for sure as its travel-friendly. Its design is like a button and inside the tin is the balm itself with a spatula and the icing on the cake is the little mirror on the inside of the tin.

Not only is this tin cute it also reusable once you have used all of the XO Balm.

The texture of the balm is smooth and quite thick, it's almost like the same texture as vaseline in a tin but a little firmer. It takes a little bit of pressure to get the product of the tin with the spatula but the spatula does help dramatically with getting the right amount of product out each time.

They are only 4 ingredients in the XO balm and has no synthetic ingredients.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil contains fatty acids that prevent moisture loss. Also contains vitamin E which helps protect against premature ageing and general wear and tear. It is rich in capric, caprylic and lauric acids which support keep skin healthy and clean while the proteins hair and skin reinvigorated.

Beeswax - Now we all know beeswax a great multiuse product as its protective and it has a breathable layer. It also locks in moisture while protecting skin from environmental factors. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are fabulous at fighting chapped skin and bacteria. It contains vitamin A which has been proven to reduce age spots and wrinkles.

Olive Oil - This helps keeps moisture in the skin while helping reduce moisture loss. Polyphenols and Phytosterols deliver antioxidants an antioxidant protection while promoting the production of collagen. Oleic helps soften the skin while vitamin A and E protect from environmental factors and free radicals. It also helps with the absorption of the product on the skin.

Chia Seed Oil - Now I never knew this before but chia seed oil is one of the richest sources of botanical acids which are omega 3 and 6. These are an anti-inflammatory and a great way for keeping the skin healthy.

Cruelty-Free 🐇
Vegetarian-Friendly 🌱
XO Balm cruelty free
How I used it
I love this balm. I used the spatula to apply small amounts to the back of my hand then apply a thin layer to the areas to which I desire to use it. My hand get very dry and sore in the winter if I don't apply a skin care product so I tried this for a change. It applies nicely and doesn't feel greasy once applied. I have had nowhere near the amount of dry skin as I usually do thankfully since I started using this balm.

I also love to use this between my thighs as I am a curvy lady and sometimes my thighs rub together and it gets very sore if nothing is applied. I apply this before putting my pants on and it made such a difference to my thighs and I have had no problems with sores etc now.

I haven't tried it everywhere but my goodness I love how to multitask it is. I am currently using it on my feet and so far so good as its softening even my hard skin on my big toes.
XO Balm review
This XO Balm has so many benefits for your hair, skin and nails whilst also being a handy size that you can just throw in your handbag. It only contains 4 ingredients so you don't need to worry about any unnatural ingredients or anything synthetic. It has no fragrance at all which is a big plus for me as I am not keen on over the top fragranced skincare items.

I love that the brand in many ways one of them is because they have made such a useful product, another is because they support local UK businesses by locally getting their packaging, components and ingredients. Lastly, an amazing thing they do that I love ( helps because my name literally means honey bee) is they support a charity called 'Give Bees a Chance' which is a charity which helps the bee population live and grow. 

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Suitable relief for eczema, contact dermatitis and severely dry skin.

It costs £12.50 for 45ml of product and it is available here.

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  1. I love the sound of this balm, especially as it's multipurpose!
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