Tuesday 4 September 2018

Cosy Candles Subscription Box

For me autumn and winter evenings are complete with candles burning in the background while watching tv, writing a blog post or simply reading a book. Candles make any living space relaxing and more homely. Over the years I have tried so many different candles scents and choosing a favourite is impossible so its a great thing that I discovered that Cosy Candles offer a monthly subscription box of  6 handcrafted wax candle melts.
cosy candles subscription box review
Cosy Candles is a monthly subscription in which you receive 6 handcrafted soy wax melts and each wax melt has a different scent. 

Each pod contains around 80g of product and the dimensions of each pod are 100mm wide and  20mm high. It may not sound like much but each pod can give you up to 450 hours of fragrance. 

The subscription box is monthly and you can cancel at any time. The icing on the cake is that it has free delivery. 

They have a monthly subscription box that runs for 3 months or you just order a one-off box to see if you like the box first.    
cosy candles subscription box
 Fragrances inside my subscription box

Gardenia - Lightly fragranced floral scent with hints of magnolia, sweet hyacinth, gardenia and midnight jasmine. 

Green Tea - Love green tea? Then this is for you!  This pod is herbal that has hints of lemon, bergamot, orange zest and green tea. 

Citronella - Summer is pod! Enjoy the last weeks of summer with this pod. This has hints of lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus and chamomile notes.

Raspberry Ripple - A fun and fruity scent this has the aroma of fresh sweet raspberries. Reminds me of my favourite ice cream. 

Ocean breeze - Didn't get the chance to go to the beach this summer like me? Let ocean breeze take care of that with its lovely fresh scent of sea salt, lemon, sweet lemon and lime. 

Baltic Amber & Clove - A sweet yet spicy scent that has notes of vanilla, black amber, sandalwood and musk. 

 Each pod has up to 80 hours of fragrance, how amazing is that? 
cosy candles subscription box
I just love this subscription box and the fact it has so many hours of fragrance just amazes me. All you need is an electric wax burner or wax burner that you use with tea lights- I use a wax burner with tea lights and it works like a charm.

I love each pod is different and the fact they are so easy to use as well. They crumble very easily and you even use a combination of scents for a unique fragrance.

You can find out more on Cosy Candles here.

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  1. Wow love the colors.... would love to try one of these

  2. Oh this subscription box sounds perfect! I love candles and was melts so trying loads of different ones sounds perfect. I need to try the raspberry ripple!

    Soph - https://sophhearts.com x

  3. Oh my days, I didn't know this was a thing! Soooo want to try this out x

  4. The Cosy Candles Subscription Box sounds wonderful. I enjoy soy wax melts. I like how long the fragrance lasts. I am also happy to hear about the free delivery.

  5. Whaaaaaat?? I totally love candles, and I ADORE the premise of this box. I'd love to get new scents each month. What a great idea!!

  6. Candles are a must in my house during fall and winter. I would love to try the Raspberry Ripple and Baltic Amber & Clove I bet they smell amazing

  7. Raspberry ripple sounds amazing.450 hours is a long time, what a powerful little melt.

  8. I've seen a lot of subscription box but it's my first time to see a subscription box for candles! I love their packaging! I'd love to try their candles myself.

  9. I bet these smell so amazing! I am crazy about candles and love the idea of a subscription box for them! I love to make them, but it is so time consuming - so knowing they are handcrafted is awesome. And FREE shipping. Super cool. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The candles look great. I love the bright colours a lot. A candle subscription box sounds like a fab idea.

  11. The candles look amazing, I bet they smell great too. I am seeing a candle subscription box for the first time. I would love to try these myself. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love having candles dotted around the house, they make it so homely! A subscription is perfect when you get through them as quickly as I do!

  13. I've never heard of this brand of candles. They look interesting and I can just imagine how nice they smell. I think my favorite scents from those you mentioned would be gardenia, ocean breeze, and baltic amber and clove.

  14. What a fab idea for a super subscription box. Love candles so this is perfect for me x

  15. These melts sound lush, and I love your unboxing.
    Baltic Amber & Cloves seems perfect for Autumn!
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk