Thursday 8 November 2018

Hairdryer Tips and Tricks for Bleached Hair

Hairdryer Tips and Tricks for Bleached Hair
My hair has had its fair share of being bleached over the past few months so taking care of my hair with a good hair care and styling regime is very important for me to avoid any more hair damage and limit future damage to the hair too. 

I currently have a light ash blonde hair colour and it can be a bit high maintenance, so I use hair products especially for bleached and blonde hair. I also used a deep conditioner AT LEAST once a week to keep my hair as hydrated as possible. Before applying any heat to the hair I always use a heat protection spray and once completed my styling I use a hair oil 

Hairdryer Tips and Tricks for Bleached Hair
  • Use a brush that is kind to the hair & Scalp. Many brushes I have tried in the past actually caused a fair bit of damage to my hair so now I use a Tangle Teezer to reduce to damage while styling and combing my hair. 
  • Wash, Condition and Deep Condition Hair. Finding the right products that work for your hair is very important. I currently love using the Lee Stafford blonde shampoo, bleach blonde conditioner and cactus deep conditioner, those products help keep my hair hydrated and also help keep my blonde hair looking vibrant and less brassy too.
  • Use hairdryer occasionally. After washing my hair and apply a heat protector spray to my hair I use my hairdryer with my blowdrying brush. It helps to get hair in the desired style I want and it also helps keep my hair softer and more manageable. I need a new hairdryer and I have had my eye on the portable hairdryer Panasonic called Nanoe! It has technology that has been proven to improve visible shine to hair also adds volume, minimises frizz and also reduces damage by brushing. 
  • Use a hair oil/serum. These can be applied to wet hair before using a hairdryer or to add some hydration to hair while dry. 
What tips do you have for using a hairdryer?
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