Wednesday 21 November 2018

Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil | Review

Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
I love perfumes and fragrance products and I tend to use them more often in the colder months, no idea why but I just do, its just part of my morning routine. I usually just pick a random perfume from my makeup drawer, then that's me set for the day, I have no particular fragrance I choose every day but I love a nice variety. 

Kathleen is a brand I have seen a lot of on social media but never got round to trying... until now that is. I was kindly sent this roll-on fragrance to try out. These roll-ons have recently been released by the brand too, so this was a sure treat for me. 
Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
It reminds me of my Lush Lust Perfume as they are roughly the same size and also has a lovely golden design too. The packaging is very simple, which is great in my opinion, no need for extra packaging etc. Now you may think oh is it like a roll on deodorant which is understandable but this is different. Firstly being this is an oil fragrance rather than perfume which is more like a mist. This comes out very similar to a roll on with its cool metal roller. 

The fragrance itself is lovely. It has a delicate rose scent in which I love as it's not overpowering at all which is great because some perfumes can make me sneeze to no end. 

Kathleen is an environmentally friendly company. They are made in Brittan and use a blend luxury plant, marine extracts and innovative active ingredients.  Not only are their product natural but they pure and have no artificial chemicals. 

Not only do they sell the lovely sensual rose roll-on oil but they sell it in a variety of other beautiful fragrances such as 'Citrus Cheer' and 'Tranquil Fields'.

The Roll-On Oils
These oils are 10ml and are certified organic and as I said above they come in 3 different scents. The oils are non-greasy and give a lovely light scent which is not overpowering. I love the bottle so much and thats its a handy size that I can put in my handbag. 
Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
I just love this roll-on oil! I put this on my pulse points and it gives out the most delicate floral rose scent throughout the day. It applies nicely and gives you the right amount of product everytime which is just fabulous. I love that this gives a nice delicate fragrance throughout the day, it cheers me up because I do love the smell of nice fragrances. 

Want to treat yourself to these roll-on oils? These oils are £16 each on the website and they even have gift sets with them in too. Check out the Kathleen website for more. 

Roll-On Oils £16 

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  1. I've heard so much about Kathleen, I've never tried them though, but this perfume sounds amazing!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan