Thursday 4 April 2019

So what the heck is CBD Oil? CBD Buddy

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Something that it flying around the high street and the online market is CBD oil. CBD is in so many forms including skincare, sweets, oils and even vapes. But many of us see the word cannabis and think wtf isn't that illegal? Lol, come on I am sure many of us have thought that. Anyways this post is all about some facts about CBD and also some benefits of it too, it's not the monster its made out to be. Carrying on reading so I can tell you more on CBD oil and my thoughts on CBD Bubby Oils

🌿Let's start by saying YES CBD IS LEGAL! 🌿
So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy
So what the heck is CBD?
CBD is short for cannabidiol and is the second most prominent compound. It has many benefits and they are many varieties of product out there on the market. CBD Buddy makes CBD oil and vapes in different flavours.
Hey, isn't cannabis illegal? πŸ™€
No worries everyone, CBD is legal! THC is the compound in cannabis that makes you high. CBD has no THC in it at all so you can reap the benefits in the UK and EU.

How do you take CBD Oil?
You simply add the required drops under your tongue with the simple to use pipette which adds the right amount of drop each time, don't forget to count! You keep the CBD oil under your tongue for 3 minutes then swallow, the CBD is absorbed by a thin membrane under the tongue.

CBD Buddy Oils come in 3 different strengths 3%, 5% and 10%. You can say money with multibuy on their oils too. They are vegetarian/vegan-friendly, raw, organic and also gluten-free.
So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy
They are many benefits of CBD but I will not go on here saying its a miracle cure or anything like that I am just going to say what others say the key benefits are and also my own personal experiences with it.
Some of the benefits I saw by others online

  • Pain relief
  • Combat anxiety
  • Treat sleep issues
They are many more benefits explained online but I think it's important to find them so you know more about them yourself. 

So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy
My experience with CBD oil
I have used the 5% CBD oil for over a month now and I must admit at first the taste of the oil is quite overpowering but nothing crazy that won't wash away with a nice cold drink. Over time taking this oil a couple of times a day the taste for me got easier to take and not as harsh to take, its now part of my routine.

Now I must admit I have anxiety and I am sure anyone else out there with anxiety knows what it's like, it sucks and some days are so much worse than others. Since I have taken this oil my anxiety has reduced so much and I am so much calmer as a person, I have fallen in love with the oil.

Now I usually switch from having the CBD oil and the vape now and it's now part of my day and I just love it.

Pine me for later?
So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy

Have you seen or tried CBD oil or vapes before?

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