Thursday 2 January 2020

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette | Review
I have had my eyes on the Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette ever since it got released but I have to wait till the perfect moment for it to join my Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette ( till saved up because damn, makeup can be expensive). The Blue Blood Collection has a great variety of icy blue products including highlighter, liquid lipsticks and of course this gorgeous looking eyeshadow palette. So far I have this palette and a highlighter in my collection.

First Impressions
The first thing I noticed was that it got fabulous ice queen vibes with the shape and style of the palette. I would say that 'Blood Sugar' feels more sturdy to hold, not sure how to explain that but it just does. I love the way the palette is designed and how each eyeshadow either has the Jeffree Star logo embossed on it or something else like the shade name, undertaker, for example, has a coffin on it which matches the shade perfectly. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly 

Just like its sister palette 'Blood Sugar' this palette also has eighteen beautiful eyeshadow inside its nicely designed palette. They are a mixture of matte and shimmers inside to choose from. They is also a decent sized mirror inside which makes it quite handy for travelling with. 

Palette contains 
Cullinan – Metallic icy white. 😍
Mintea – Mint matte
Crystal Flesh – Metallic champagne.
I’m Cold – Powder blue matte.
Untouchable – Peachy pink matte.
Priceless – Peachy nude matte.
Power – Slate grey matte with a blue undertone.
Blue Blood – Baby blue matte. 😍
Deceased – Metallic azure blue.
Icy Tray – Metallic pale blue.
Blue Monday – Cobalt blue matte.
Flourishing – Neon teal matte.
Wealthy – Light nude matte.
Celebrity Skin – Soft brown matte.
Entitled – Metallic teal with glitter reflects. 😍
Ocean Ice – Metallic sapphire with glitter reflects.
Cremated – Cool green matte with grey undertones.
Undertaker – Deep blue matte. 😍

Nicely designed and definatly what you would expect for a palette of this price. Even though I do think it feels a bit more hollow than blood sugar but that could be because its a new design compared to its sister. I do love the blue design and theme. 

Most of the eyeshadows in the palette are just perfection. The mattes are like soft velvet on the skin and the shimmers are buttery textured, just divine! But some aren't up to par compared to the rest of the palette. Ocean ice for me was very awkward to apply and at times can be very patchy.

As I said above they are all wonderful but they work so much better when worn with an eyeshadow primer or concealer.  

I think they all blend beautifully together to create some stunning eyeshadow looks. Some take a little build-up but bar that the finish is just second to none.  I would also suggest doing eyeshadow before doing foundation as they can be quite a lot of fallout with some of the eyeshadows.

Lasting Power
These look outstanding all day long and don't shift unless you want it too. I like using concealer as a primer and setting my makeup with a setting spray which helps lock in the look. I have worn these from morning to early evening and they still look sickening so I have to say they are impressive on the lasting power front.
My Thoughts
I am very pleased to have this in my collection as I do like wearing blue eyeshadows quite a lot! I wouldn't say its better than my Blood Sugar palette but I do like it and the quality is good too. I love how long they last and how easy they are to apply. 

Removing the makeup is quite easy with a little micellar water but glitter shades can take a little longer. 

This is the third Jeffree Star palette in my collection and I might add some more in the future because they look amazing and eyeshadow range is massive.

I bought this for £48 a few months ago and I looked at Beauty Bay recently and now it's £53. I really like the palettes but I am going to save up and think more when I purchase as they are on the expensive side. 

Where can I buy and how much is Blue Blood?
Currently available on Beauty Bay for £53 
Also on many other verified websites such as Beautylish and Jeffree Stars Official website. 

Have you tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics before, if so what are your favourites?
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