Saturday 15 February 2020

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout Liquid Lipsticks Review

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout Liquid Lipsticks Review
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I was pleasantly surprised when I got this PR package a couple of months back. I have never tried or even heard of Pop Beauty before so I was very excited to give these Pop Beauty Permanent Pout Liquid Lipsticks a try! 

Even though this brand is very new to me, it looks like the brand has been around for quite a while now. They have a big selection of makeup to choose from on their website including; foundation, eyeshadow and much more. 

Pop Beauty permanent pot liquid lipsticks have 15 velvety matte shades in their collection, each costing £8 each. I was sent 9 of them which is very generous and also good so I can try a variety of them for a more in-depth review. They are long-wearing and kiss-proof with a paraben-free formula which isn't tested on animals. Not only were they 9 liquid lipsticks in the PR package but there were 2 cups which you can test the lipsticks don't smudge when you have a drink.
Pop Beauty Permanent Pout Liquid Lipsticks Review

So in the selection of lipsticks I got were the following.

Butter Babe💜/ Pink Tutu 💜 / Plump Peach / Poppy Pout / Coral Crush / Red Velvet 💜 / Berry Boost / Razzle Rose / OMG Violet 

While applying the swatches I did notice that some of the shades took longer than others to dry but saying that each shade looks popping and my goodness they are super pigmented. Once dried they looked like a lovely velvety matte. Trying to remove the swatches was like a blooming comedy movie though, I tried every makeup remover in my cupboard and they couldn't shift these lipsticks completely, I felt like Mr Bean when he tried to fix the painting in the movie!! It took a few showers and lots of scrubbing to remove the swatches completely.

Since these are a matte formula I would highly suggest using these after using a lip scrub as they tend to stick to drier areas, so best use a smooth base for easier removal.  

Most of the shades are opaque the first time you use them but some need a couple of layers to just make them pop. I do find that most of them last all-day no problems but some need reapplication.  They don't transfer when they have dried and they don't have any weird tastes or smells either. 

Below are some swatches 
Pop Beauty Permanent Pout Liquid Lipsticks
My favourites in the collection have to be Butter Babe ( a lovely pinky nude) Pink Tutu ( A soft dusky pink) and also Red Velvet ( a classic vibrant red). I am quite impressed with the formula and even though the swatches were a pain to remove, other times it was ok. I really like the packaging, the applicator and the price point, you can't go wrong with £8 for long-lasting lipstick. Trying these lipsticks has definatly made me more tempted to try more from the Pop Beauty range in the near future. 
If you want to check out more of the Pop Beauty Permanent Pot Liquid Lipsticks range, check out their website here

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  1. Red velvet looks like a stunning shade! I'm really into red liquid lipsticks, thanks for sharing all these beautiful shades I will have to check the brand out x

  2. Oh man these look to die for! I'm loving Pink Tutu and Berry Boost!

    Olivia |

  3. They sound amazing! I love liquid lipsticks, I wear reds a lot so being able to wear them and know it's going to last without worrying about it fading awkwardly is a big plus for me. The shades they sent you all look beautiful too. I'd never heard of this brand either, I'll have to check them out now x


  4. So many pretty lip colours, I love the nude shades xo

    Makeup Muddle