Wednesday 27 May 2020

Soapscription By Bubble T | Review

Hello everyone!

I must admit I just love showers! Nothing beats having a shower in the morning to freshen you up for the day and also before bed before you put your pyjamas on. I have lost count on the amount of shower gel brands and fragrances I have tried over the years but one thing is for certain I have never heard of a shower gel subscription box before I got this Soapscription box by Bubble T

Every month you get to choose the fragrances you want and then you get them delivered. Inside is 2 full-size shower gels! When you subscribe you are in total control and you can cancel whenever you want.

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bubble t shower gel review
 Bubble T Shower Gel Subscription Box 
£4.99 a month 
Delivered directly to your door, no need to worry about having enough shower gel! 
You get to choose!
Cruelty-free & Paraben-free

First Impressions!

I love that it comes in a letterbox friendly size box! That means it's going to be delivered to me, even when I am out (let's face it, it hasn't been much since the lockdown). The box itself is the perfect size for the products and has a little bit on info written on the inside of the box as well as the products.

The shower gels really surprised me because they have the most impressive designs on them which is fabulous since I am a sucker for nicely designed things. Each bottle has a different design just like whatever fragrance the shower gels has. 
bubble t subscription box
My Thoughts 
I really love them! I can't fault this subscription box at all! They are a generous price considering the size of the shower gels and the fact they deliver every month. Each bottle is infused with tea which I think adds a bit of quirkiness to the product and makes it match the name of the brand perfectly. 

Another thing I love about the shower gels is the different fragrances they have! They are so different from many I have seen on the market and that isn't a bad thing! They smell delicious, even almost good enough to eat. I love the smell of both of them especially the raspberry roulade, its like dessert, yum!

Not only do they smell lovely but them lather up nicely in the shower too. I can smell them up to 12 hours after having a shower which is impressive. I also feel super clean while using and after my shower.

Have you tried a shower gel subscription box before?
Until next time 
Mel x

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  1. I've seen so many photos of Bubble T on Instagram and their fragrances sound so tempting! I'm definitely going to consider subscribing after payday!

  2. Bubble T seems to have appeared out of nowhere recently, so many people are signing up to their subscription and I can see why! The scented shower gels sound amazing, I'm so glad you like them!

  3. Caramel shower gel?! Mmmmm! This sounds like a great little treat every month for yourself - or a loved one! I've seen loads of people rave about this brand x


  4. I’ve heard lots about this subscription and they sound great! Raspberry Roulade sounds right up my street!!

    Luci x