Thursday 4 June 2020

Lush Nana Shower Gel | Review

lush nana shower gel

Hello, everyone!
It seems quite a while since my last Lush blog post. I think the reason for that was I took a break shopping there because I felt I was being rhetorical as they weren't many new releases at that time and I just didn't feel up to it either, nothing to do with the shop but rather me not wanting to go out to my nearest shopping centre.  I decide to go back for some goodies as they were new releases and you guessed it, 2 weeks after we had the lockdown. 

So I have tried a fair few Lush shower gels and each one of them i have loved. I decided to give Lush Nana shower gel a try as I have seen so many positives on it online and to be honest yellow is one of my favourite colours so I thought why not eh? 

Key ingredients are banana, oat and wheat germ oil
Available in 275g all the way up to 1100g
Vegan friendly 
Prices start at £12 

First impressions
At first things first £12 is a little on the expensive side for 275g of product ( as you can see by the photo above of me holding the bottle) but you know I fancied treating myself. The bottle is the usual lush themed design with all the info you need is clearly written on the label. 

When I first took a whiff of this shower gel the smell really reminded me of banoffee pie! very sweet banana caramel smell. I took a swatch of the shower gel when I first got it and thought wow this stuff thick, damn! This shower gel is the thickest shower gel I have ever tried. 


Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Banana and Oat Decoction, Glycerine (from Rapeseed Oil) Cocamidopropyl Betaine (from Coconut Oil) Propylene Glycol (from Rapeseed Oil) Fine Sea Salt Perfume Xanthan Gum, Wheatgerm oil, Titanium Dioxide Colour 19140:1

As you can see by the ingredients it's based on banana, oats and sea salt. It really reminds me of pudding as what it describes on the bottle. The ingredients have a sweet yet salty scent which works perfectly. Getting it out the bottle is a little tough so i suggest warming the bottle up with some warm water. 
My Thoughts 
I really love this shower gel and I can really understand the hype. Firstly the smell is just divine and secondly, it makes me feel squeaky clean. Even though it can be thicker than most shower gels it works just as well as others. 

I really can't wait to go back lush and try out more of their new products.

What are everybody favourites from Lush?

Until next time
Mel x 

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  1. I can imagine that even though the product isn't that big, if it's so thick it'll probably last ages so the money would be worth it, imo! I love anything banana scented and flavoured, it's one of my absolute faves so this just sounds delicious to me! x


  2. This sounds so good, I can't believe I've never heard of this before! My favourites are Snow Fairy and Sleepy in terms of shower gels and then twilight bath bomb!

  3. Great post! This looks so good! My favorite lush product is the snow fairy shower gel and the galactic bath bomb!

  4. Last year my daughter bought a 'Nom Nom' shower gel from Lush. I shopped everywhere before discovering it was only a seasonal product. I wasn't sure which I should but in the meantime, I'll definitely be trying this one, thanks for the help! xxx

  5. I love the lush shower gels. Even though they are a little pricey they are so helpful for my skin and they smell great! I love the shower jellies too - the big ones last forever!!!! my favourite product though has got to be the Mask of Magniminity face mask and before that it was the 1000 millihelens jelly mask . I was devastated when they discontinued itπŸ˜” This a really great review and I havent tried Nana yet so I'll have to make sure I do!!!! Xxx

  6. Lush are always great for go to treats. I'm not sure whether I fancy the smell of banana I'm.more a coconut girl but when I'm nesting Lush I may give it a whirl

  7. I love lush and I have to admit that I'm so annoyed that I haven't been able to get anything off them for a while now. I haven't tried this but I have always loved their Grass scented gel. That and I grew up wearing Tuca Tuca!

  8. I love this product from lush it's actually one of my favourites. I wish I could buy a 1kg bottle of it haha to use it all the time x

  9. What a great product ! Definitely worth the try !

  10. I loved this scent! I also noticed that it's a bit hard to get out of the bottle too. But everything by Lush is just so incredible!