Monday 14 September 2020

Dying my Hair with Bleach London Super Cool Colour Lavender Vida Loca | Review

Hello everyone! ❤

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, you may have noticed I have changed my hair! I thought I'd tell you all my experience of how I got my hair the way it is now. 

I have lost count of the number of times I have changed my hair. It has been dyed it a variety of different colours over the years from blonde, pink to bright red. It has been so many times that even my gran says what colour hair does she have now LOL. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give the blonde a whirl again and while choosing a dye I seen this gorgeous shade 'Lavender Vida Loca' by Bleach London and I just knew I just had to try it! 

Bleach London has become way more popular over the years and it's easy to spot their products in many high street shops and supermarkets. I got mine in Superdrug while shopping for other toiletries and skincare. They have a good variety of dyes, haircare and bleach. 

I really think I chose this one because I love Ricky Martins song Living 'la Vida Loca, such a classic! 

Bleach London Super Cool Colour Lavender Vida Loca | Review
The application was swift enough as it's pretty much like a thick conditioner. I used this after washing my hair with shampoo and then towel drying my hair. After applying it I put a towel around my neck in case any fallout and I carried on with my afternoon by having a coffee while waiting the 30 minute processing time.

I didn't apply with gloves which I know is a bit daft but it didn't stain my hands as its such a pastel colour. The smell was very pleasant too which is a nice change from many hair dyes out there that just smell so strong that they make a room smell. 

Washing it out was just as you would with a conditioner, washing with warm water (not hot as that tends to make dyes come out much faster) I wasn't sure it was going to work as the dye itself looks way paler than the bottle but it turned out better than I thought a lovely pinky/lilac shade. 

Dying my Hair with Bleach London Super Cool Colour Lavender Vida Loca | Review
Now with a name like Lavender Vida Loca, I was kinda expecting the colour to be more of a vibrant purple but in all honesty, it isn't really like that. For me its a faint purple with a hint of pink. I can't say I don't like it but because I love how it looks but it sure looks different than expected. 

I have to say I can't imagine this working on hair apart from pale to platinum blonde as its that faint and pastel that it wouldn't be noticeable otherwise. 

I love how it looks on my hair and how simple it is to use but the shade on the packaging isn't the result I thought but thankfully one I am very happy with. Application is a breeze so no fuss redying when needed.
bleach london lavender vida loca review
The whole experience has not put me off trying Bleach London products because its a brand I have used a lot of the years and many of their products are just brilliant. I might just try another semi-permanent hair colour of theirs in a few months time to see if that fairs better but you can count it being on my blog if or when I do, whenever that will be.

Bleach London is available in quite a few stores such as Superdrug. They also have their own website you can check out for yourselves to see what they have to offer. 

Have you tried Bleach London products before; if so what are your favourites?

Until next time 
Mel x

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  1. Seems like quite a subtle colour, so definitely only handy for those with really light hair / platinum hair! But it sounds like a great product. I used to put pink in my hair when I was in my teens and had platinum blonde hair and loved it! x

  2. That color looks so pretty! It's so much lighter than I expected but I feel like it's perfect for subtle hints of color

  3. Its a shame the colour on the packaging didn't match up with reality but it definitely looks lovely! I'd definitely consider this colour myself.

  4. I love your new hair colour but how long did the stain stay on your hands for? Would you recommend this on any hair?

  5. I love the colour, I keep trying pink / purple hair dyes but they just don't seem to take on my hair, so will give this a go

  6. The colour suits you really well and I am glad that it did not stain your hands, most dyes seem to.

  7. It sounds like a great product and you have had good success with it . Good to hear it does not stain.

  8. I've heard that this brand is really good, I'd def use it if I ever wanted to change my hair! Fab!

  9. My hair is so dark the one time I tried to bleach it and go pink I messed it up and looked like a whitch with green and orange bits. Yours looks super cute I wish I could get it right

  10. I don't know much about hair dye but I love the pastel bits! My hair is a bit boring, I do dye out the grey/white but only for more brown every now and then.

  11. It actually sounds really lovely. I would love to dye my hair pink/purple but I would have to bleach it first as my hair is pretty dark.

  12. I've seen these in boots but my hair is so dark that I don't think it would work for me!

  13. this post made me miss dying my hair!! i have got blonde ends recently so maybe i can try some different colours soon :)