Friday 30 October 2020

My Fitness Journey: Week 12

my fitness journey week 12
Hello everyone!

A new post series has just started on my blog and its called 'My Fitness Journey', woohoo. I would have written about this kinda subject at the start but I was worried I wouldn't do so well or end up giving up like I usually do when I try to start anything to do fitness or eating better. I am glad that hasn't been the case this time and I have had 3 months of keeping to my fitness journey which I am super happy about. 

I really wanted to start this journey because I wanted to make sure I know what I am eating and also getting enough exercise. Those things before were always a hit and miss subject for me before as I lost track of that element of my life but now I have fit everything into my life routine. 

Exercise Diary 
Saturday: 7,000 steps 
Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 5,000steps
Tuesday: 8,000 steps 
Wednesday: 7,557 Steps
Thursday: 1,3357
Friday: 4,000 steps (not much as tired)

Spotify Workout Playlist Favourites
Sometimes - Erasure (1987)
74 is the New 24 - Giorgio Moroder (2015)
Macarena - Los Del Rio (1996)
Pretty Green Eyes -Ultrabeat ( 2007)
Ladies And Gentleman - Saliva (2007)

Favourite Foods of the Week
Breakfast: Berry Special K
Lunch: Baked Potato with beans, cheese and pickled red cabbage
Dinner: Mashed Sweet Potato with Meatless Richmond sausage and veggies. 
Snack: Barbeque Pop Chips

I wasn't sure I did so well this week but I surprised myself yet again and lost another 1lb. Since its another loss it makes my total lost to 1 st and 6lbs. It's not always been easy but I have kept myself motivated and kept to my fitness diary app and diary.

Upcoming weeks plans
I would like to try to keep my daily steps to at least 7,000 steps but know anymore would be a bonus though. Another thing I would like to do more of is some home workouts, il probably use my exercise trampoline hopefully. 

I really want to try meal prep a bit more this week coming as, believe me, it sure saves some time. I would also like to add more dark green veggies into my diet. 

Make sure I keep to my shopping list and eat before I go shopping.

That wraps up this week.
Look out next Friday for another update

Until next time

Mel x

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