Sunday 17 March 2024

Pink Honey Valentine’s Day Bundle Unboxing

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I'm a sucker for TikTok shops lately, bargains keep springing up and I get so tempted to try them out. The latest thing I bought was this Pink Honey Valentine's Day bundle. They claim it's worth £60 and it was £20 + P&P. Let's see if it was worth it guys. 

So I ordered this just before Valentine’s Day and I think there was a little bit of hype with this mystery box as it took over a week to come. 

Inside the mystery box 
  • Bronzing face frosting - Cookie Butter: Guys i was so excited to see this in the mystery box! I was tempted to buy one a few weeks back but i didn't fancy spending £17 just on one product. The packaging is gorgeous and the shade works so well for my skin tone which is a light neutral undertone.
  • Baby Winx half lashes - I'm ok with this being in the mystery box but it's not my favourite item. I much prefer the bigger and more in-your-face kind of lashes.
  • The Blush Bible - Fire 🔥 Now I can't complain at all about this palette, i love wearing blush, even, more so since i started going to college! I've worn this one a few times already. 
  • Coco powder - eyebrow powder:  I'm not usually a fan of using brow powders, but the older I have got, the , more I've started using powder. I've used this a couple of times now and I'm a fan!
  • Not your baby - mascara: You can't go wrong with having mascaras, I might just put this in my makeup kit for college!

Was it worth it?
 100% yes! Pink Honey is a brand i have wanted to try for a while, so I'm glad i finally took the plunge and bought a box. I can't complain about anything in the box. Everything was packaged well so they weren't broken and the tissue paper looked nice too.

For £20 i think it's a steal with a variety of different products. I would definitely get more pink honey products in the future!

Until next time 
Mel x


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