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30+ things to do while staying at home

I know its super dupe hard being in lockdown because of coronavirus ( COVID-19) but its best for everyone and the NHS if we follow the government's guidelines. We are doing our bit by social distancing, staying at home and just one of us going out shopping whenever we need the supplies. We are also homeschooling the kids which are defiantly something new but we are doing our best. 

30+ Things to do while staying at home 
1. Look after each other - Remember we are all in this together so it's great to look after each other. 
2. Catch up on some sleep -  I know this may be out of the norm but sometimes a bit extra sleep can be a huge help, I know it has been for me in during this stressful time. 
3. Contact friends/family that you usually visit or meet - It can be hard not seeing people we usually see but its best to contact our friends and loved ones to keep hold of normality.
4. Make plans for the future - Just remember this won't be lasting forever so it's nice to plan for the future.  
5. Read a book  - If you didn't have time before to catch up on your reading list then this is a perfect time to sink into your to-read list. 
6. Learn a new recipe - I am learning more recipes and making new meals. Some haven't worked but some have become new favourites.
7. Catch up with blog posts or youtube - Sometimes finding time to do these can be hard so nows a good time to plan ahead with writing and taking photos. 
8. Try that new hobby you have been meaning to do for a while now - For me I am learning to knit again and also learning a new language via an app on my phone.
9. Clean - One thing I love doing at the moment is cleaning. I have more time for a more in-depth clean which is good. 
10. Look back at memories - Look at photo albums or reminisce with memories with family and friends over the phone. I have been looking through photo albums and old cards. 
11. Have a Pyjama day- now we all know how comfy pyjamas are, so this one speaks for itself.
12. DIY - Have a shelf that needs putting up but its been sitting In the cupboard 6 months? now is the time to it up. 
13. Play board games - These can take up so much time but they can be so much fun too!
14. Have time to yourself - Even if you're all at home sometimes my time is important. Have time alone in your room for a breather.  
15. Selfcare - It can be hectic and worrying right now so it's important to remember self-care. 
16. Consider getting the kinder App - Since we can't just pop out to get a kindle or the book shop, the app is a great way to read new books. 
17. Do something out your comfort zone - For me, one thing was making a youtube channel and starting a fitness routine! 
18. Make a music playlist - Whether you have apple play, Spotify or lots of cd. Now is a good time to listen to all your favourite music. 
19. Watch Netflix - I have lost track of all the series I have watched on here. I will make a separate post on what to watch on Netflix. 
20. Change around some furniture - I know it sounds silly but changing around the furniture is a great way of having a quick home decor change.

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21. Join in doing PE with Joe if you have kids or even join in regardless (the body coach) - We have been doing this every morning for 30 minutes! Even I join in. 
22. Homeschool kids if you have them if they are nursery/school age - I know it's different but they are so many helpful websites out there to make sure they learn while the schools are off.
23. Create something - You can paint, draw or even make something with any cardboard such as empty cereal packets.
24. Watch some movies together- We are pretty lucky the Disney + has come out! They are many a movie on there for the whole family to watch. I can't wait to watch Tarzan. Netflix and Amazon prime have a good selection too.
25. Learn a new subject - My kids love learning new things and I have been teaching things such as history and things they haven't yet learnt in school.
26. Phone/Facetime/Sykpe Family/ Friends - We can't see their grandparents and great-grandma for a while so we like to keep in contact via phone.
27. Read books - My kids have a good selection of books to choose from and so do I. I like reading for at least 30 minutes a day.
28. Exercise - We all know exercise is important but even more so now that we need to be home. We like to do PE with Joe wicks in the mornings. 
29. Make a duvet fort - This can be so much fun for all the family.
30. Watch Disney + -  I am so glad I downloaded this! It has some of my old favourites on it and lots of programmes my kids like too. 
31. Make a list of thing you want to do after lockdown - Every day we write something new in my diary of things we are looking forward to most. 
32. Plan ahead the week's shopping - We should be reducing the amount we go shopping so try making a list of what you need to avoid forgetting and making more trips.
33. Watch Prime Tv  - I didn't think I needed this but it is plenty of things to watch on here from movies to series, Im hooked. 
34. Learn something new- With so many courses to choose from, now is a brilliant time for looking into it. 

What things are you doing while staying at home?
Mel x

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Crown Brush UK | Review

Crown Brush UK |  Review
You may have noticed my recent youtube video on me trying out some makeup brushes from the fabulous brand Crown Brush UK! I have also mentioned them a couple of times on my Instagram because I love using some of them in my makeup routine! I will like to thank Crown Brush for gifting me some brushes to try out!

When I first got these brushes I was super excited because I love trying out different sort of makeup looks when I get new brushes to see what I can create. One of the first things I do is take swatches so I can get a feel of my new brushes before I create a look. 

Crown Brush UK |  Review
I was asked which brushes I would like to try so I chose brushes I needed and brushes I have never tried before also. They are so many choices on the website that you are spoiled for choice, it took me a while to choose! 

Brushes I chose
This brush costs £2.99 and its a stiff brow brush, perfect for application and shaping of the brows. It feels very good quality and damns its easy as pie to apply brow pomades and powder.

This costs £8.49 and can be used to apply. cream, liquid foundation as well as an applying a primer. It's super soft and I find it best for applying primer more than anything else as its touch to soft to apply my medium-full foundation evenly! 

Made from natural hair this has tapered pointed bristles. The shape of the brush helps get the perfect application for the apples of the cheeks. I love this brush as it applies blush perfectly. This costs £10.49.

This is also made from natural hair and has a medium dense finish. This is so perfect for depositing eyeshadow onto the lids with little waste and maximum effect.

This has a bullet shape tip and its perfect for use on the corners of the eyes for highlighting and also below the lash line! Also made of natural bristles and costs £5.99.

Check out my youtube video on my channel. I created a makeup look I did with all the makeup brushes I mentioned above! 

I loved all of the brushes! They are very well made and you can feel the quality in them just by holding them. The bristles don't feel cheap and you can tell just by the touch of them that they are high quality. I have to say out of all of them I have tried 

Have you tried any brushes from Crown Brush before?
Mel x
Check out Crown Brushes Below

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Glossybox March 2020 'All eyes on me' | Unboxing & Review

Glossybox March 2020 'All eyes on me' | Unboxing & Review
We are getting closer to spring and Its plain to see when the sunrises earlier and the days are lasting longer. This month's Glossybox theme is 'All eyes on me' which basically is themed of YOU being the star of the show. All products in this months box are chosen to make you feel fabulous!

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription box with prices that start at just £8.50 a month plus P&P. This months box has products worth over £50. It has 5 products inside including 3 full-size products. 

** This post has spoilers, so if you don't want to know what's in the box please don't read on**

Birchbox March 2020 'Idols' Unboxing & Review

Birchbox March 2020 'Idols' Unboxing & Review
This month Birchbox is based on International Women's Day. The day is about celebrating you! This months box has 5 products inside, 3 of which are full size and others are generous sized minis. 

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs £10 a month plus P&P! Once you have been a member for 6 months you become a VIP and get 15% off their shop. 

birchbox march 2020
Birchbox March 2020 'Idols' Unboxing & Review
Inside the 'Idols' Birchbox March 2020

Balance Me 
Vitamin C Repair Serum  
This is a daily dose of vitamin c which can help combat against ageing and minimise lines. It has a creamy formula which hyaluronic acid which helps give the skin a smooth, supple and radiant glow.  
Mini (Full-Size £32)

Daily Concepts 
Dual Texture Body Scrubber 
The perfect sidekick for the shower. It's environmentally friendly as its made from soy. It's soft and gentle yet enough for gentle exfoliation.  All you need to do is wet it and apply your favourite shower products
Full Size (RRP £6.95)

Nordic Hydra Lahde Hydration - Recovery Aerating Gel 
This helps protect your complexion from dryness as it's powered by artic water and organic Nordic birch sap in a water-like gel formula. You simply apply to clean skin and wash off with warm water after 5-10 minutes. 
Mini ( Full-Size RRP £19.90)

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Forgive Me Suzie 
 Liquid Eyeshadow in Fairy Dust 
The formula of this gives this shadow a shimmery metallic look. It has a helpful wand for easy application. The eyeshadow itself is lightweight and buffs out nicely with a brush or your fingers.  The colour 'Fairy Dust' is a lovely rose gold shade. 
Full-Size (RRP £8)

The Beauty Crop 
Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner 
This eyeliner is like a fine felt tip pen and can be used finely or thicker for an intense look. The formula has a deep black formula with no flaking or smudging. I have never tried this brand before so I am looking forward to trying this. 
Full-Size ( RRP £14) 

Check out my unboxing

My thoughts 
I really like this months box! It has a nice selection of products with mostly full-sized products which is always a good thing. My favourite/s in the box has to be a split between the 'Forgive me Suzie - Liquid eyeshadow' and 'The Beauty Crop' wing-woman eyeliner. The eyeshadow because I love the rose gold shade and the liner because I like wearing eyeliner every day. 

Get £5 off your first box by clicking the referral link below.

What do you think of this months Birchbox?
Mel xx

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