Saturday, 26 May 2018

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter - Review and Swatches

Hello, Darlings!

I actually can't believe that have started a youtube channel, I know it sounds silly but it has boosted my confidence so much since starting it. I thought why not give a little demo to show you this product while I'm at it. 

Makeup Revolution is a London based makeup company that sell a variety of amazing budget products including eyeshadow palettes, concealer and so much more. The company is cruelty-free and many of the products are gluten free and vegan-friendly.
makeup revolution liquid highlighter unicorn elixir review
 I have never tried liquid highlighters before only ones that are powered pressed into pans so trying this was something totally new for me. I have seen so many high-end liquid highlighters but the price of some of them made me gasp with disbelief so finding a budget-friendly option was very welcome for me.

So what did I choose?

They are 7 different shimmery shades to choose from and boy did I have a hard time which one to choose so I just chose at random and bought 'Unicorn Elixir'. The formula for these is cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.

Ingredients list.
sododecane, calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Caprylyl Dimethicone Ethoxy Glucoside, Polybutene, Hydrogenated Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Mica, Propylparaben, BHT May Contain [+/- CI 77891]

makeup revolution liquid highlighter
So 'Unicorn Elixir' is a magical shimmery and reflective and iridescent lilac. I was super impressed with the formula of this because it's so darn thick and very pigmented. You don't need much product for a gorgeous shimmery glow. You can use this as a highlighter or you could mix it with your foundation for a dewy glow. I would even say you could use it on your body for a sparkly look. 

The packaging is very simple and reminds me a lot of serum bottles as it has a droplet applicator. I love the packaging as its got a lovely shine to it and to me has some luxury product vibes to it. They are a choice of 7 other highlights which are called as follows

Liquid highlighters available 
Starlight. Champagne.  Luminous gold. Lustre gold. Rose gold and Bronze gold

makeup revolution liquid highlighter review and swatches
 As you can see by the swatch below which is only one large drop of the product is that you don't need much to get a gorgeous pigmented shimmer.  I suggest putting a small amount of product on the back of your hand ( one or two drops ) and apply the highlighter to places desired with your makeup brushes of choice. I love using Collection contour brush and my Primark buffing brush with this liquid highlighter.

How much is the highlighter?
Well, I was surprised that it only cost £6 which is a good price for a product that works so well and it so pigmented.

Where can I buy it?
It is available on the makeup revolution website here and also in Superdrug stores.
makeup revolution liquid highlighter unicorn elixir swatch
 My thoughts
I love this highlighter and I have definitely been won over by using a liquid highlighter. I would even say that this is a multi-use product as you can use it as a highlighter, mix with foundation for a luminous dewy glow or even use on your body for a sparkly shimmer; whats not to love?

I like to use this on my cheekbones, cupids bow and to highlight my nose too. I think its a very long lasting product and works really well the urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray for the long-lasting finish; especially if you're going to a party.

I can't reiterate enough that a little bit of this product goes a long way, its like magic how well this product works with even a drop, you could even say its magical. It can be a little tricky to use at first but as I said above put it on your hand first and apply with makeup brush of choice to the area desired.

Even though I love this product a lot I am not keen on the smell of it but it works so well that I am not bothered by that at all.

Check out my youtube video of me trying on makeup revolutions liquid highlighter in Unicron elixir which a switch too. Would appreciate a subscribe too 💜

Mels rating
9.5 out of 10

Have you tried liquid highlighters before; if so what is your favourite?
Melissa x 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Superdrug Beauty Haul

Hello, Lovelies!

I love shopping in Superdrug as I love finding budget-friendly makeup products that work just as well are premium products. I actually only went to Superdrug to get myself a new eyeliner as my favourite one has run out and what happens? I end up buying more things that caught my eye.

I haven't bought many things from makeup revolution in ages but my goodness they have brought out so many things out lately that I actually want to try out so many of their products including Carmis and Tammis palette
Superdrug beauty haul
So what did I buy you wonder?

I just love how elegant this actually looks! I got this for a steal price of £8 as the design and packaging of this is second to none. The highlighters themselves are embossed with a lovely design and the pigmentation of the swatches is just lovely. I am looking forward to trying out this palette a lot more in the future. 

I have been wanting to try ABH products for a long time but I am little unsure on the price tag seeing as it nearly costs £20! I have bought this pomade before and I just loved it so I thought why not try the blonde version when I just loved the graphite version. This one is a bargain at just £6 and includes a little eyebrow brush.

Revolution Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir 
Yes, I bought another highlighter! I just love wearing highlighters but even more so during the spring and summer months. I have never used a liquid highlighter before so I am excited to give this a try and with a name like Unicron elixir, whats not to love?
superdrug haul
Rimmel Ink Me Up Tattoo Stamp Star 
Me being me I was fooled by accident thinking that this tattoo liner was designed with stars not actually a star eyeliner stamp. I am not even mad though because it looks kinda cute adding little stars to my eyeliner makeup effortlessly. 

Rimmel Soft Khol Eye Pencils
I love these khol eye pencils! I put these on my waterline for a more defined makeup look. I usually use the white pencil more as it brightens my eyes up. These are a bargain at £2.99 each because they are super creamy and easy to apply whilst being long lasting too. 

Have you bought anything in Superdrug lately? 

Melissa x 

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

My Morning Skincare Regime

Hello, Lovelies!

If you asked me a few years ago what my morning skincare routine was I would have told you quite simply that I didn't even have one and I was lucky if I used a Nivea cream all day never mind waking up with a routine. Now I have a simple routine every morning and I just love it as it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated and it also sets me up for the day as I feel fresh.

I have tried a few brands over the years and obviously as new products come out and also you discover more brands they could also feature in my routine but at the moment these following products are must-have products for my morning skincare regime. 
morning skincare routine
Superdrug skincare products are definitely underestimated but to me, they are absolutely amazing. This eye cream is perfect for the delicate skin on the eye area and the formula is cooling and no greasy. This eye cream contains glycerin that helps nourish the eyes. I love this as it works well on my under eyes and its cooling; a perfect wakeup call. 

I am sure a few of you will be wondering why on earth are they a lip scrub on a morning skincare regime? Well for me personally it is a must as it preps and polishes lips ready for makeup application. Even on days, I don't wear makeup this is a must as it helps keep my lips feeling soft and avoids them from getting dry and cracked.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Cream 75ml - £5.99
This cream is formulated with 15 SPF and is formulated with energising complex infused with kiwi fruit and mulberry extract which helps revive skin radiance and even skin tone. I love how light this feels on the skin and how soft it leaves my skin with its lots of ingredients that feed the skin. This cream is a bargain price and works wonders on the skin, I would recommend Superdrug skincare to anyone.
morning skincare routine
Dr Botanicals Morrocan Rose Superfood Facial Oil 15ml - £29.90
I don't use this every day but I do use this when my skin needs a little more TLC. This facial oil is full of minerals and vitamins that work together to rejuvenate, renew and protect the skin. The active ingredients in this oil are; Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production. Vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant which aims to rejuvenate skin, even skin tone and signs of ageing. It also has almond oil which nourishes the skin to brighten the skin.

I just love the fact that this toner is enriched with real rose petals and contains no alcohol. This leaves my skin feeling soft, soothed and replenished. I like to apply this just after I wash my face in the morning with a cotton wool pad in the morning. The smell of this is just lovely.
morning skincare

What is your morning skincare routine?

Melissa x

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Hel's Bells | Review

Hi, Lovelies!

I have been wanting to try makeup from the brand Charlotte Tilbury. I have heard so many positives about the products from this brand; especially the lipsticks. The thing that drew me into the brand is the art deco vibes it has and also I am a lipstick hoarder, I think I have about 60 different lipsticks in my makeup drawer. Choosing what I wanted to get was a hard choice because they have such a lovely selection to choose from. 

With a variety of lipsticks to choose from such as the hot lips, Hollywood lips, K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Matte revolution it wasn't an easy choice as they are also so many gorgeous shades to choose from. I chose Hot Lips shade in Hel's Bells and the reason I chose it is because it reminds me of the hotel called El's Bells in the Carry On film 'Carry on Abroad'.
Charlotte Tilbury Hel's Bells Review
When my lipstick got delivered it came in a beautiful box and inside the box was very luxurious with three samples inside including her perfume which is called Scent of a dream. The lipstick comes in a lovely box that is embossed with gold and bright red lips. 

Beautiful Rose Gold Art Deco Packaging! 

Hel's Bells is a beautiful deep berry matte lipstick and the lipstick shape is so unique I just love it. This lipstick was inspired by the fashion icon and amazing actress Helena Boham-Carter. The shape of the lipstick looks very retro and the lipstick itself has lots of things that make it amazing. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hel's Bells Review
The pigmentation of this lipstick just blew me away, it is so rich in colour and it applies like a dream. It has brilliant light diffusing pigments for a full-bodied finish and capturing light reflecting out. Not only that it has antioxidant lipstick tree ( no I'm not making it up its called Achiote) that protects lips from UV damage while tackling oxidative stress. The pigments in the lipstick are 3D that create the illusion of lit within lips to make them appear fuller and wider.

A special blend of waxes for ease of use and a seamless finish! 

My thoughts
Applying this lipstick is so creamy and the shade is so intense and beautiful. I don't usually go for berry lipsticks as I usually choose red or nudes but this pleasantly surprised me. It doesn't last all day and needs to be reapplied throughout the day which is fine so I take it in my purse for touch-ups. The good thing about when the lipstick starts to come off it doesn't bleed or makes a mess. This lipstick is my definite go-to luxury lipstick now and I can't wait to add more to my collection, honestly, everyone once you try this you will most likely love it!

I really want to try Duchess and Pillowtalk next time I get lipsticks but I am also interested in trying more of a range of her makeup. 
Charlotte tilbury hel's bells
  • Super pigmented 
  • Antioxidant to protect from sun damage
  • Doesn't bleed outside the lipline
  • Easy to apply 
  • Its a little bit on the expensive side at £24 each.

Even though they are expensive I will definitely be getting more when I want to treat myself to something. I am a firm believer that its good to treat ourselves.

Want to know more?

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury Makeup before; if so what are your favourites?

Melissa x


Friday, 18 May 2018

Rimmel Match Perfection VoxBox | Review

Hello, lovelies!

Like oh my gosh it has been a few days since my last post as I have been preparing for Ramadan and I haven't been feeling well either so took a little blogging break but I am back now with a little bit of luck and some motivation. 

I recently got sent a VoxBox again recently and I was so excited that I actually did a little dance and opened it like it was Christmas morning. This box is called the match perfection box and basically inside the box is a foundation, concealer and 3 nude liquid lipsticks.
Rimmel Match perfection VoxBox
I was pleasantly surprised at how many products were in this VoxBox as I was with my last box. In the box, they gifted me the shade porcelain for the foundation that matched my skin tone almost perfectly which is pretty impressive seeing as my skin tone is awkward and the best foundation shades that have matched me are Alabaster by Clinique and Bobbi Brown.

The foundation is described by Rimmel to match 99% of the UK skin tones and comes in 25 different shades. The foundation is weightless on the skin with a smooth finish. It has smart tone technology for natural-looking results with a 24hour moisture complex. Match perfection foundation also has soft focus powers to reduce imperfections, pores and dark circles and if that wasn't enough it has an SPF of 20.
rimes match perfection VoxBox
Match Perfection Foundation.  ( From RRP £5.32 each )
Quite impressed with this foundation to be honest as I am rather picky when it comes to foundation. My usual favourites are the urban decay naked which is lovely and weightless on my skin and also the Clinique super balanced foundation which are both premium priced foundations. 

I loved how dewy this made my skin look which is a nice look I like to have during the warmer months. It also has a good light-medium finish which is fab. I, however, don't like the fragrance unfortunately as I am not a fan of fragrances in foundations. Fragrances in foundations usually make my skin break out and can make my skin sore. This one wasn't too bad on my skin but it did leave a slight break out but nothing major. 

The packaging is quite nice and simple with a nice heavy bottle which is nice as some budget foundations are plastic and I always find them awkward to use. The pump is brilliant too as it gives you a fair amount of product each time without any mess, I've generally had a foundation that's pumped foundation past my beauty blender to all over my pillow on bed LOL!

  • 25 shades to choose from
  • Easy to use the pump
  • Applies evenly
  • Long lasting
  • Didn't transfer
  • Buildable coverage 
  • Light-medium coverage 
  • Built-in SPF
  • The scent is overpowering 
  • Scent caused small breakout on my skin

Match Perfection concealer 
I found the shade they sent me ( porecelain) matched my skin perfectyl. The concealer blended perfectly even though I am not keen on the applicator as I find them fiddly and much prefer a concealer wand. Another thing im not keen on is the scent, its a little to much for me espially for being under my eyes. It did preform very well like the foundation and gave a lovely dewy effect and had a long lasting effect too.

  • Blends perfectly
  • Long lasting 
  • Doesnt crease 
  • Worked well on my dark circles
  • Has buildable coverage 
  • Scent was too much
  • Not keen on applictor 

rimmel matte liquid lipsticks

I had a bit of love-hate relationship with these lipsticks. Firstly the applicator is a teardrop shape that is perfect for applying lipstick evenly onto the lips in one go. Then the shades they gave me are all lovely but my favourite has to 'be my baby' as it applies nicely and is a lovely pinky nude shade. I wasn't so keen on the others, unfortunately.

  • 25 shades to choose from
  • Easy to use applicator 
  • Long lasting
  • Strong scent
  • Can be a little dry

Until next time lovelies 
Melissa x 

*Kindly sent this box to review. Opinions are 100% honest*


Friday, 11 May 2018

Pizza Punks Glasgow Review

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may know that I don't live in Glasgow at the moment but I do visit there a lot to see family and just visit from time to time. I love the food in Glasgow they are many different food places and restaurants to choose from and so many of them are just gems that I look forward to going back to in the near future as they just tantalised my taste buds.

I have been meaning to go to Pizza Punks artisan wood-fired pizza in Glasgow for many months now as the front of the restaurant just stands out with its punk style ( reminds me of my favourite wrestler CM Punk lol) Not only that I just love pizza and just had to try it.
During my time in Glasgow, I have tried so many amazing foods and went to many lovely restaurants that are just delicious. In Glasgow, I actually looked forward to trying different foods as they are so many places to choose from.

Pizza Punks is slap bang in the middle of town in Glasgow and can be found at 90 st vincent street which isn't a too long of a walk from central station it is also next door to bread meats bread and over the road from a restaurant I've wanted to visit Topolabamba which is a Mexican street food restaurant with cocktails in actually drooling right now writing about food LOL.

The interior looks very punk style with a huge ale tank near the front door. They are lots of seating so most likely you will find a seat without a booking. The staff were super friendly and as soon as we walked in around lunch time a nice waitress took us to our table with a menu and told us how the options of pizza they have and also the option in which you can make up your own type of pizza with as many toppings as you like for only £10.

I ordered myself a margarita pizza with rosemary & sea salt garlic bread. I also ordered myself a cocktail seeing as I fancied it called a punk mojito. Who else loves how refreshing mojitos are?

The menu isnt huge but the thhey have lots of pizza toppings to choose from incluidng halal and vegan options. I think it would of been nice if they offerered fries or something like that on the menu as I found it a little lacking for sides.

The drinks came in under 5 minutes which was super impressive and the pizza took about 10 minutes to come which is amazing seeing as its handmade and cooked in a clay oven in front of you. The garlic bread came in a basket with tissue and the pizza came on a big plate with a metal pizza cutter which was brilliant and I need one for my pizzas at home it was that good!

The garlic bread was just delicious and I savoured every mouthful as it had a decent serving of cheese on it and had plenty of garlic to give it that delicious extra flavour 'yum'. The pizza was OK but I cant say I was bowled over by it because the flavour was ok but it was lacking for me and I had to dip it in lots of sauce as I think it could have done with more sauce and maybe a bit more cheese.

The bill was just under £30 for both of us which is decent for a meal for 2. I might be back here in the future as the Freakshakes look amazing.

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Pizza Punks Glasgow review

90 St Vincent Street
0141 237 8020

More info? 

Which is your favourite restaurant? 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Choosing a prom dress on a budget with boohoo

Hello, Darlings!
Spring is in the air and we all know whats coming soon for many school/college leavers... PROM! There is one thing I regret about being a teen and that was not going to the prom which is such a big shame because so many said it was one of the memorable days of their lives. The biggest reason I didn't go to prom was the cost of the dress and I didn't want my mum to spend too much money on a dress that going to be used only once. 

That's where this post comes in! Boohoo have so many dresses that are perfect not just for parties but also for prom too. They have many dresses to choose from and not only that they have the shoes and accessories to choose from too. 
choosing a prom dress on a budget uk
As you can see I have styled the dress that Boohoo has kindly sent me with a dusky pink jumper and put on a floral scarf which goes really well with the outfit don't you think? I bought this in petite as I am 5'3 and find it hard to find maxi dresses that aren't too long for me, this one is fine paired with heals.

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of choice of prom dresses available they are many different types. to choose from including maxi dresses, skater dresses and dresses with lots of detail like with lace and sequins, they are dresses for everyone. I just had to show you some of my favourite dresses and accessories that are all budget friendly. 

My top picks dresses
prom dresses on a budget with boohoo
Price: £20
This dress has a beautiful wrap design and in a lovely pastel pink, I think it looks pretty elegant don't you think? This dress comes in sizes 18-24 

Price: £20
I just love how vibrant yellow this dress it! It stands out from the crowd and looks stunning. I think this will go perfectly with nude heels or sandals. This comes in sizes 6-16

Price: £30
This has to be my favourite dress of all, it has Jessica rabbit vibes and looks like filmstar elegant without the hefty price tag.

For more choices of dresses check out their prom dress category where they are 100s of dresses to choose from.

What about shoes and accessories? 
Well, they have you covered there too and I have made a little list of my favourite products on their website right now.
prom accessories on a budget

I hope this post was helpful to anyone who needed it. 

Has anyone been to prom before? Did you enjoy it?

Melissa x

* Dress kindly sent by boohoo in return for a review. All my reviews are 100% honest * 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask | Review

Hi Darlings!
I am a big fan of face masks and I usually use one every week as my skin needs a well-needed boost as my skin can get very dry in areas as my skin is combination skin. I have used so many different types of face mask from a few different brands and I always come back to the body shop masks as they work wonders for me. I just had to see what the British Rose fresh plumping mask was like as it's made for skin that needs quenched and re-plumped with moisture.

🌹Infused with real rose petals 🌹
the body shop British rose fresh plumping mask review
I just love the packaging on the body shop super food masks! They are definalty designed to look like home spa products and it does feel like a little bit of luxury home use. The box is strong and the jar looks very nice too. It has a screw lid that has a little cap on top of the product to help keep the product fresher for longer.

It has a very refreshing gel texture unlike a lot of face mask which tends to be clay, peelable or foam. Not only is it gel its also infused with real rose petals which is a nice touch.

As you can tell by the name of this mask it does smell 100% like fresh roses. Imagine walking in a garden that has 100s of rose plants and they are all blooming in the beautiful summer's heat... well that's what this face smells like, it's very delightful and very refreshing.

So What does it claim to do?
Its described on the body shops website for skin that needs to be quenched and re-plumped with moisture. It is also great for moisturising, soothing and tone the skin at the comfort of your own home. Like all superfood face mask by the body sho,p they are desbrised. as facial for home.

I also found out its a great mask for skin that needs to be cooled down on a warm spring/summers day, it really is a refreshing treat.

the body shop British rose fresh plumping mask
How to use
The body shop has their own facial mask brushes which are perfect for putting on face masks as they ensure even coverage with their slanted bristles and easy grip handle. But me being me I haven't bought this yet and just use a makeup brush that doesn't get used.

I am no expert with this but I have used a fair number of face masks over the years and it usually serves me well. Basically, I use a clean makeup brush and apply a generous amount of product on my face but avoiding my eyes as the eyes can be sensitive and eyes need products specially made for them or have a product mentioning can be used there. I like to apply one layer of the product but if I am feeling tired, need a treat or my skin drier I will give it another layer. During the recommended 10-15 minute time frame of wearing this mask, it starts to get a little drier and the rose petals come more prominent.

After the 10-15 minute time frame ends I wash my face with warm water until the product has washed off. As soon as its all off I then splash some cold water on my face to close pores.
the body shop British rose face mask demo/review
My Thoughts 
I love this face mask, it's so cooling and refreshing on my skin which is a big bonus as some skincare products can irritate and make my skin sore especially ones that have fragrance in them. The scent was just lovely too, it smells 100% like fresh cut roses and natural.

My skin is definitely more hydrated using this as my skin can get quite dry if I don't keep up with my skincare regime, especially in the warmer months.

I have made a youtube video below with me trying this product out and giving out my thoughts on it too. It would mean a lot to me if you would like, comment and subscribe to my channel 'help a gal out 😉'

How much?
It costs £17 and isn't involved in and the body shops promotions

Where to buy?
Available in store on online

Have you tried any of the body shops superfood face mask? if not which face is your favourite?

Melissa x

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Nutrivitality Boost | Review

Hello, Darlings!!

I am back on my fitness journey finally after getting back into my routine. I recently moved 100 miles back near my mum and my goodness it has been a hectic 2 months so my diet hasn't been brilliant, to be honest, and my routine has been all over the place. Thankfully I had these Nutrivitality Boost sachets as they kept me alert and reduced the tiredness making it easier for me to sort everything out during my move.

Nutrivitality is a company that make a variety of sachets which are Immune Support, Clear Vision and the one I got called Boost. They have NutriProtect technology which delivers 8 times more nutrients into the body compared to tablets. I was kindly sent a box of boost which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue which is brilliant for me as I can get very tired some days and it's annoying when you want jobs done and you are a full-time mum which keeps you on. your feet. 
reducing tiredness with nutrivitality boost sachets
Each box contains 30 sachets so you get a months supply of sachets in each box. The good thing about Nutrivitality is that you can subscribe to them so you can get a box every month for when you need them.

Did you know that each sachet contains 15 million tiny vitamins, delivering in a way others cant! 

Not only are the formulated leading scientists Boost is scientifically proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue with their NutriProtect liposomal for 8 times more absorption. They support the bodies energy-yielding metabolism while assisting the physiological function and mental performance. These aren't just good for tiredness and fatigue they also work wonderfully for promoting healthy hair, skin and nails.

nutrivitality boost review
So whats in each sachet? 

  • B1 ( Thiamine ) Helps release energy from carbohydrates and enhance blood circulation and also formulation.
  • B2 ( Riboflavin ) Helps convert energy from carbohydrates, fats and protein into energy which is essential for healthy skin, eyes and antibody production and growth.
  • B3 ( Niacin ) For releasing energy from food as well as helping the nervous system.
  • B5 ( Pantothenic Acid ) Releases energy from food as well as adding adrenal gland and the formulation of antibodies. B5 is known as the 'anti-stress' vitamin.
  • B6 ( Pyridoxine ) This is involved more than any other single nutrient. It's for the metabolism of protein, absorption of nutrients and to protect antibodies.
  • B7 ( Biotin ) For healthy skin and hair
  • B9 ( Folic Acid ) This is considered brain food as it is essential for growth and reproduction of cells, especially red blood cells.
  • B12 ( Methylcobalamin ) For production of red blood cells, maintenance of the nervous system and not only that but for digestion and energy too.
  • Vitamin - We all know the benefits of vitamin C! It's a highly effective antioxidant protecting the body from free radicals and also for the synthesis of collagen, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and bone "phew that was a mouthful but how amazing is vitamin C!

nutrivitality boost review
How do they taste?
At first, I wasn't sure I loved them but the second time I just loved the taste! They are flavoured raspberry but to my taste more like orange.

How do you take it?
Well, you can drink it directly out the sachet like me or you can mix it into the water if you desire.  I personally just drink out the sachet as I like the taste and its also quicker that way.

Do they work?
I have used these all up now and my goodness I am going to be ordering more soon for sure especially with Ramadan being around the corner. I usually drink so much coffee but with having these I don't have coffee to wake me up, I just have a coffee on the occasion of just liking the taste. I feel more awake and more productive during the day after having one of these.

How much are they and where can I buy them?
Prices start at £14.99 and are avaible at

Have you tried these before? How do you combat tiredness and fatigue?

Melissa x

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Lush Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Bath Bomb | Review

Hi, Lovelies! 

I am a HUGE lush fan and I have tried many lush products over the years. Since I have started my new blog I have to start afresh with all my Lush tried and tested product reviews. I know it sounds like a lot of work but  I am actually looking forward to doing over the next few months. 

I bought Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Bath Bomb from Lush Glasgow Fort about a month ago and was told by the staff that it was only available at their store. It cost me £5 which I was a little steep but I just love Lush, I couldn't say no. I also did some research it was also available at the lush summit. 
lush tiger tiger burning bright bath bomb review
Seeing as this is an exclusive product from Lush I am not sure if its charity related but if it is I would think it has to be something tiger related hence the name and the design of the bath bomb. The name of this bath bomb is inspired by a famous poem wrote by William Blake.

I am a massive fan of the design of this bath bomb as tigers are one of my all-time favourite animals. They are beautiful animals, I really hope they stop getting poached because they are now vulnerable and it would be a shame to lose tigers or any other animals for that matter.  

lush tiger tiger burning bright review
The scent of this bath bomb is the same as the prince charming shower gel and OMG it goes wonderfully with a bath bomb form, it smells so heavenly. Why is it that the best products from Lush seem to be the seasonal products? haha

The scent is a mixture of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium. When I picked this up for a closer smell it definitely had a very sweet yet citrusy scent, unlike any other Lush product I have bought before, that one smell of that made me wish I bought more of them.

When I put it in the water it slowly started to fizz which is a nice surprise as a lot of bath product fizz away in a few moments which can be a bit of let down. It was fizzing away in the bath for about 5 minutes before it completed melted. During that time it was releasing the most beautiful sunset burst of colours; orange, red and black. It was like a late summers evening in the bathtub with the most amazing citrus aroma. 

lush tiger tiger burning bright bath bomb
After watching this bath bomb fizz away I got into my baht and just relaxed for the good part of 45 minutes to have a good long soak. My skin felt so hydrated after this bath that I almost wanted to swear at myself for not picking up a couple of these because it was so enjoyable. The scent, the lovely bright orange and the softness of the product on my skin just made me super happy. I really hope Lush bring this out as a full-time product. 

Lush please bring this out to the shops and stop discounting products so quickly and bring back some cult favourite too like; flying fox shower gel and Space Girl, please?

Have you tried the Lush Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath bomb? 


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Living with PCOS

Hi, darlings!
I have had my PCOS diagnosis for over a year now and to be honest, it's just set in now that I am stuck with it. I first knew something wasn't right with me when I was putting on weight rapidly and also the fact I and my partner had been TTC baby #4 for nearly 3 now without any sign of positive pregnancy test ( I know I have 3 kids but we have discussed having 5 kids). My periods were all over the place and I actually felt shit too as my body ached like my period was going to start but nope.


I first had an inkling my periods weren't right when I first started to get my periods when I was a teenager because I started my period at 11 and they were extremely painful that I had to be sent home by the nurse every time my period started. I felt sick and the period pain was something else. Now my periods are painful and still make go into a ball on the floor with the pain they cause me which is awful. Not only are they painful but they pardon the pun but damn they are heavy and some of the clots are the size of my thumbnail! 

Last year my periods were all over the place with waiting months for one to start but this year thankfully they are usually on time with being every 30 days. I am so thankful for painkillers and my trusty hot water bottle and my bag of family size maltesers.
I have lost over a stone since September which I know may not be brilliant to everyone but damn I am proud of myself because all I crave is sugar, carbs and fizzy drinks and curbing those cravings with PCOS is a right pain. I did start the keto diet a few months back that worked with me but I have had some stresses over the past few months so when everything calms I will be back to the gym and watching what I eat more because it helps my PCOS so much.

PCOS symptoms vary from person to person but my problems are with the weight gain, periods and also hair loss. I dare not brush my hair sometimes as lots of hair comes out my head and seeing so much hair come out can be a little upsetting; even if I put my hands through my hair I can get up to 20 hairs come out. I don't know if it will help but I don't dye my hair anymore to avoid having chemicals go in my hair.

I am thankful that year is easier for my body this year and my body is more regular but I don't have any hope of getting a positive pregnancy test soon but you never know maybe one day but it's not a priority in my life right now. I have had tears about my symptoms in the past but I have now accepted that PCOS is part of my life and it will be with me on my journey through life.

Talking to the GP hasn't been too much help either as they is not much info on it, unfortunately. All they recommend to me was fertility drugs which I don't want right now. I would rather my other symptoms were taken care of. Research is needed.

So what are the signs and symptoms of PCOS?

( symptoms vary from person to person and my best advice to anyone who thinks they have PCOS is to talk to their GP. That's how I got my diagnosis.)

  • Irregular periods or no period at all in some cases. 
  • Difficulty getting period 
  • Excessive hair growth ( hirsutism) usually on face, chest, back and buttocks. ( I have a lot of hair growth under my chin and also my top lip)
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning hair and hair loss
  • Oily skin and acne

Not only that they are health risks associated with PCOS later in life such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. So yeah PCOS isn't a walk in the park and in all honesty, I don't think they have been enough research about it especially when it affects 1-10 women of childbearing age which is very high if you ask me!

I know this post sounds a bit of rant but I had to get it off my chest because damn PCOS bugs me a lot. With all the things in the post, I have said is my symptoms and my story only. Everyone is different so if you think you have it always discuss with a GP because of the internet isn't the best place to get a diagnosis.

For more info on PCOS Check out the NHS website

Thanks for reading 

Melissa x

Friday, 20 April 2018

Lush Lust Perfume | Review

Hi, Lovelies!
I hope you. are all well? Before anyone notices the Lush perfumes have changed their perfume packaging since I purchased this perfume, so it will look different from the ones you can buy in the lush stores and online. I have had this perfume for over a year and I thought why not just write a blog post about it regardless of packaging change.

Lush have a gorgeous selection of perfumes and I have a few of them in my collection and my favourite of them being kerbside violet which smells exactly like a nicer version of parma violets. 
lush lust perfume review
 The packaging back when I bought this was very nice but I do think the new packaging is very nice and reminds me a lot of the sophisticated perfume Chanel bottles. I love the size and how travel-friendly the bottle is but it was a bit hit and miss with how messy it was when you spritzed it onto your skin sometimes it would just splatter which was annoying.

As soon as you open it I knew fine well it would be a strong perfume because I could smell it straight away. On the Lush website, it is described as being "Sexy and Intoxicating" which I can 100% agree with because it smells very strong but the smell is also very sexy in it's on way too.

The scent is very floral as it has; jasmine, ylang ylang and rose absolute and the mixture of these is just a floral heaven and it's divine if you like the strong floral scents. Even though I love the scent of this my mum isn't a fan as she doesn't like strong perfumes.

List of ingredients
  • DRF Alcohol
  • Perfume
  • Water
  • Glycerine
  • Rose Absolute
  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Ylang Ylang Oil
  • Vanilla Absolute
  • Sandalwood Oil 
  • *Benzyl Salicylate
  • *Citral
  • *Eugenol
  • *Geraniol
  • *Benzyl Benzoate
  • *Citronellol
  • *Farnesol
  • *Limonene
  • *Linalool
  •  .
  • Benzyl Alcohol

lush lust perfume review
Would I buy it again?
Probably not. Not because I don't like the perfume its simply because I love trying new perfumes and I could never stick to the same scent and I can understand lots of people do but I like to try different scents. If you like floral and strong scents then this is a go-to perfume for you but if you don't like overpowering scents then its a no go.

More info
Lush Lust
Prices from £19

What is your favourite perfume at the moment?

Mel x

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion | Review

Hello, Lovelies! 
I hope you are all well? I am a big fan of Lush products and I have been for a fair few years now. I have had many products I have loved and many products I want to try. I heard so much fuss going on about Sleepy which is apparently brilliant for helping to get so sleep ( not much problem for me because I sleep so easily)

Lush is a very well known brand and is available online and instore in the UK and also around the world too. Lush is a is very passionate about being cruelty-free and all of their products are either vegetarian or vegan-friendly.

I love the packaging of the skincare at Lush and sleepy is no different. It comes in a variety of sizes, I chose the 95g option which cost me £7.95 but I wish I got the larger size 215g at £13.95 because I have almost finished it all already because it works wonderfully well as I will explain more in detail as the post goes on. 

So this lotion is made with a gentle oatmeal infusion with calming lavender flower and the beautifully scented Tonka absolute. I don't know if everyone will agree with me but it smells like a sweet biscuit scent which isn't overpowering but just right.

lush sleepy body lotion
But does it actually help you sleep?

Now it may be all well and good that it smells heavenly but how does it work on the skin and does it actually help you sleep?  Well, in my opinion, it helped me have a much smoother sleep and I was asleep very quickly not long after applying this before bed. It also works wonders for my sensitive skin. This is the perfect go-to whole body moisturizer as it softens and hydrates the skin effortlessly while making you smell wonderful at the same time.

More info 
Lush Sleepy

Have you tried Lush Sleepy body lotion before? 

Melissa x