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Just Arrived: Pixi Retinol & Jasmine Collection

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Yay, another collection has come out from Pixi! This time it is the Retinol & Jasmine Collection! I know they may have had some products in their range before but now they have added a few more products to add to their range! 

Now I know the hype is real about retinol in the beauty world but I am going to be completely honest with you all, this is the first time I am trying retinol-based products.  All I know about retinol is that it's an amazing antiaging product that should be used in a skincare routine as it has many benefits including reduces fine lines by increasing collagen production

Since it was the first time I was trying retinol I was a bit on the fence as its something new in my skincare routine plus its an active ingredient. But saying that I was more curious to see if it works for me. I am 30 in a couple of months so I am changing up my skincare routine a little bit. 
The Retinol range from Pixi looks like a great start point ( like myself) for anyone who hasn't tried retinol yet or has used stronger retinol and wasn't keen on it. This range is gentle and effective with an entire range to help you get through the day. 

Retinol Jasmine Cleanser (RRP £18) - This cream cleanser is infused with jasmine, ceramides, antioxidants and also a touch of retinol. It helps remove impurities, clean the skin and leave the skin feeling smoother. Can be used AM or PM depending on your preference. For me personally, I have been using it in the evenings. 

Retinol Tonic (RRP from £10) - This was one of the first products in the range released last year I think. I love over Pixi tonics so this one fits into my routine nicely.  This has a unique time-release of retinol which helps rejuvenate the skin throughout the day. The jasmine flower helps to heal and soothe. Can be used AM and or PM. I personally like using it PM ( I use something different in the morning). 

Retinol Jasmine Lotion (RRP £24) - This lightweight yet milky lotion is deeply moisturizing. It contains retinol (obviously lol), jasmine oil to soothe and also peptides to help renew and firm. Can be used daily but don't forget to use SPF after applying this as this doesn't have any. 

Retinol Eye Cream (RRP £22) - This cream is formulated to improve elasticity, smooth and protect the delicate eye area. This has retinol, peptides to firm and also a kick caffeine which depuffs and energises

In the collection, they are 2 oils. One is a newbie and the other you may be familiar with. Since I haven't tried any retinol-based products they are both new to me

Jasmine Oil Blend ( RRP £26) - This has been available for a while now but this was the first time I got the chance to finally use it. This beautiful oil blend helps skin recover from the loss of moisture and dullness. It contains jasmine flower which heals and balances, Evening Primrose which boosts circulation and hydrates and finally grape seed oil which helps promote collagen restoration. Can be used AM and or PM. 

Overnight Retinol Oil (RRP £26) - This is the newbie to the range. This exquisite oil helps to improve skins plumpness, reduce fine lines and pores. It contains retinol, peptides to firm and ceramides which provide time-released moisture. As you can see by the name its a PM product.

So that is the whole collection. Check out the entire Pixi Retinol collection here where you will find out more info on each of the products. I will give a full review on each product one I have used them all so keep a lookout for future blog posts on them. 

Until next time Mel x

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This post contains PR/gifted items, no paid content. All opinions are my own

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Hello, everyone!
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