Sunday 30 April 2023

5 tips for charity clothes shopping

10 tips for charity clothes shopping
Ever since I was a kid I have loved shopping in charity shops. They have been some wonderful memories of summers walking uptown with my mum and brother looking for clothes, shoes and toys, you never knew what you would get; sometimes they were gems! For me, a firm memory was a pair of buckled white shoes, a plaid dress and lots of Polly pockets.

Since I've been an adult, my love for finding bargains hasn't stopped. If anything the love for being more eco-friendly has grown! I have greatly reduced the amount I buy new. Being more sustainable is key for my life now

Here are some fast fashion facts here and the impact it has. Reading that sure made me think twice.

Check out my tips for charity clothes shopping

1. Get to know where charity shops are; whether at home or away

Knowing where your local charity shops are, makes life that little bit easier. For me, I like to plan ahead of time. So if I am going to my local or different cities, check out the map to know where you are going without the stress. 

I have favourites in my local area and also some I love while visiting my mum during the holidays. 

2. Take your time 

You want to make sure they aren't any damage, stains or missing buttons etc. Every charity shop is different so remember to keep an open mind when shopping. 

3. Read the labels

I find they are so many high-end brands in charity shops that have not been worn or have very little wear. I like to pay for a better brand than the fast fashion brands out there because they tend to last longer. Anyways that's just a preference for me, we all have our wants, right?

Another reason to look at labels is the washing instructions. Sometimes clothes can only be dry cleaner or speciality cleaned. Just a thing to keep in mind. 

4. Donate your unwanted clothes to charity

I love to do this because it's a great way to recycle clothes without them going into landfill. Giving clothes to charity shops is a great way of being charitable and making fashion more affordable. 

The fact I love charity shopping, so it just makes sense for me to give back and hope that someone else will enjoy the clothes just as much as I have. 

5. Be inspired by others

I think fashion can be anything you want it to be. Everyone's style is completely different and unique, so whatever style you like, follow influencers similar for inspiration.

Do you like shopping for clothes in charity shops? If you so, what tips do you have

Until next time
 Mel x


  1. I love going to have a look to see what clothing items may grab my attention; I've often found some real gems that I have worn and loved. These are great tips; I haven't been to a charity shop in a while (many near me closed down) but I am going to be doing some soon so this will help!

  2. Thank you for writing this. I always try to donate my clothing that is still in good condition to a Charity.

  3. Good tips! I love shopping in second hand stores. I've found some of my favorite pieces there and at great bargains!

  4. I think these are some really good tips. I love donating clothes to charity whenever possible.

  5. My teen loves shopping at charity shops. He loves finding vintage clothes from the 80's.

  6. Very interesting article! I have never thought about shopping like that but I will check it out!

  7. It's not just about finding affordable clothes but also about being environmentally conscious and setting a good example for our kids. Your advice, from getting to know local charity shops to taking time to inspect items, is incredibly practical.

  8. I love shopping in charity shops and I have found loads of bargains. I also donate my unwanted items to them too

  9. I donate a lot of clothes. I also buy a lot of clothes from consignment shops. I like the idea of things getting more use out of them.

  10. I was just shopping at my local charity shop today! I was raised shopping at thrift stores because of the cost savings, but now I love doing it because of the selection and sustainability. Not only am I saving money, but I'm able to put my money toward higher quality clothing while keeping it out of the landfill. Win / Win /Win !

  11. I love it when I catch a lucky break and find donated garments that are high quality for a low price!

  12. You have inspired me to hit the thrift stores here on Long Island today! It has been forever and I absolutely love shopping at so many of them here as you can find some amazing items! I have some milk glass that I found at a local thrift store and got them for next to nothing!


  13. There are so many great tips here, and I'm loving them all. Your post is extremely helpful

  14. Thanks for the tips! I will have to try shopping in charity shops. I did donate clothes to charitable organizations before. -LYNNDEE

  15. I've never shopped in a charity shop, but it sounds a lot of fun! Thank you for your awesome advice!

  16. It has been a long time since I’ve been in a charity shop here. I’ve heard they are a bit overpriced though. I usually get clearance clothes for my son whenever possible.

  17. I am actively donating my clothes to the charitable organizations and it makes my heart warm and feeling good.