Sunday 29 October 2023

Inside my college Makeup Artistry Kit

 Bperfect makeup kit
This post was meant for back in September when I first got my makeup kit in college. It took a while for everything to get organised in college and not just that, it was a new routine for us all too.

The makeup kit for our college happens to be the super popular brand BPerfect Cosmetics. I've seen this brand all over social media but I just got around to trying it out when I got it in my kit. During the first few weeks, we also went down to our local Bperfect store to watch a masterclass. They showcased lots of their products on a model. I ended up getting a palette, foundation and highlighters. 

Check out below what is inside my Bperfect makeup kit 

Inside My Makeup Kit

Chroma Cover Luminous Foundation - x3
Chroma Conceal Concealer - x1
Perfection Primer
Lockdown Luxe Powder - x1
Scorched Blusher - x1
One Dew Three - Setting Spray
Lashout Mascara - x1
Potted Gelousy - x1
Compass of Creativy - x4
Poutstar lipsticks - x3
Poutline Lipliners - x3
Indestructi Brow Lock & Load - x1
Shapeshifter palette ( mix of bronzers, blush and highlighters)

I have added it to my kit. with a few other brands now but I just wanted to show you what was in my standard kit. 

What are your thoughts on my Bperfect makeup kit?

Until next time Mel x


  1. I've never used Bperfect myself but it looks like a great line, especially if you get it with your college kit. I love the holo case that the brushes come in.

  2. I need to update my make up bag and will use this as inspiration of what I need

  3. You have some cool things in your kit. I have just 3 things in mine, it needs more!

  4. The makeup kit is amazing wow!!! I wannnnnnt...Thank you so much for sharing, I will work on getting a makeup kit.

  5. Better late than never! 🎉 College life can get pretty busy, but it sounds like your makeup kit from BPerfect Cosmetics was worth the wait. Can't wait to see what's inside and your thoughts on these products.

  6. Oooh what a fabulous makeup set! I love the variety of brushes..I so need to get new brushes. And yours are so pretty too! Setting spray is something I also need to try next time I'm at the makeup counter. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow this looks like a great kit - have you managed to try everything out yet? Bet your excited about learning new makeup skills this year

  8. I love the look of the brushes, they're so full and look like they all have a purpose. I'm not sure what to do with most of them myself. Sounds like a great make up kit you have there.

  9. Wow, you have invested a lot in make-up tools. Honestly, I will never understand all of those stuff.

  10. What a great mix of brushes and products to have into a makeup kit. I don't use makeup anywhere near as much as I used to, but I want to get back into it x

  11. It is so interesting to see what is in people's make up kits! Thank you for sharing

  12. This brand is new to me but it looks promising. Thank you for sharing your makeup kit. I only have one lip liner but I am thinking 1-2 more like you.

  13. the kit looks amazing. Brushes fantastic and I must say your own make-up looks beautiful too.

  14. Discovering and experimenting with new makeup products can be so exciting, and it seems like your college's kit is well-equipped with essentials

  15. My daughters would love this. I love the lipliners.