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A Smoothing, Hydrating Duo from Ark Skincare

A Smoothing, Hydrating Duo from Ark Skincare
This post contains PR/gifted items, no paid content. All opinions are my own
If you are a regular reader of my blog and social media you will see how much I have raved about the brand Ark Skincare! I've been hooked since I was introduced to a few of their products a few months back (post here). The things I love about the brand is they have age-based products and also products for a variety of skin concerns. They are also made in Britain, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

To get my skin ready for autumn ( damn, I am not ready for the cold aha) the lovely team at Ark Skincare sent me this amazing duo to try. Triple Action Exfoliator ( RRP £35) and also their Hydration Injection Masque (RRP £35) Both of which are from their skin perfector collection which is suitable for all ages. 

Good Soul - Premium CBD Chocolate

This post contains PR/gifted items, no paid content. All opinions are my own
 CBD infused related products are everywhere at the moment. They are endless choices including skincare, sweets and oils. Now you may be wondering what CBD is and what all the fuss is so il give a brief explanation of what it is and potential benefits of it are. 

Good Soul sell Premium CBD Chocolate; they have CBD infused dark chocolate balls which contain 200mg of CBD, 64% cocoa which is smooth delicious dark chocolate so no taste of hemp. These dark chocolate balls are also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. 🌱

First Impressions of the #PixiPretties Collection

First Impressions of the #PixiPretties Collection
I really love my PIXI Beauty Skincare products, most of them work wonderfully well for me! When it comes to their makeup, I really liked what I have tried before such as their Eye Reflection Palettes and their Pixi Glow Cakes, I still use them now of course and love them every now and again in my makeup routine. 

I recently was kindly sent the #PixiPretties Collection which just blew me away which how amazing it looks and of course packed with amazing products that I was just gagging to try out. The collection was designed by the brand's favourite Beauty influencers and each has its own mini range of products which I will talk about very soon in the post.  

Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie

Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie

Yay, I was so excited when I got matched with another 'Triyit Box' I just love trying new products that could very well become must-have products! I got matched with their last campaign which was their 'Summer is here Triyit box'. This campaign is called Tickled Taste Buds.

Triyit is a discovery club box in which you could be matched with a box of products you can try for free as long as you fill in surveys and tell them your thoughts on them. You never know what the products are until you open the box when you get it delivered, it's a complete surprise, which is fun don't you think?

Let's see what's in the October 2019 Triyit Box 

10 things I love about Autumn

 I am a big fan of Autumn, so much so that I decided to do a post about it '"why not eh?".  I  will admit first I am a little bit sad summer is leaving us because I love the warm weather ( well the few days we do get here in Glasgow at least LOL) the longer days are a nice bonus too. Now that autumn is drawing ever closer and it's getting more like autumn every day (obviously Melissa LOL)  I thought it would be fun to post about the things I love about it. 

One thing for sure it has started to feel like autumn much earlier than expected, even the middle of August was a bit wet and windy in parts don't, you think? Anyways let's get onto the good things that happen in autumn and the reasons why I love it.
The dress is from Collectif. Bought it myself a couple of months ago, just got round to wearing it. 

10 things I love about Autumn
  1. HALLOWEEN 🎃- I love everything about Halloween! I relish spooky clothes & films during October. For me, I like having a scary movie night with my favourite comfy pyjamas on with a blanket enjoying some snacks, how perfect is that? Not only that I like to buy Halloween themed clothes and wear them all year round haha. 
  2. Darker nights - When the days are shorter I like to put my pyjamas on even earlier, which I just love it because it is so much cosier!
  3. Comfortable nights in - Colder and darker nights are the perfect excuse for nice cosy nights in with the candles and being comfortable under a blanket 'pst i have a blanket on right now'.
  4. Food, Food and you know... Food! - All you hear all summer long is salads this, smoothies that and bloody diet! Autumn brings more of my favourite foods that are great for warming you up. 
  5. Bonfire Night - Now I used to hate fireworks but now I love watching them! Usually, I love watching them from my flat but its quite fun to watch the events they have. 
  6. Pumpkins - I really think pumpkin is so underrated because it's so darn tasty! I do love a good pumpkin curry. Not only that they are perfect for carving for Halloween. 
  7. Cosy Clothes - I am a sucker for overside jumpers, hoodies and baggy pants! Comfy cosy clothes are my all-time fav! 
  8. Embracing the crisp cool air - I love the cool air while walking, i find it super relaxing, especially when listening to music. 
  9. New TV Shows - So many seasons have come out recently on Netflix that I love including AHS Apcolyse ( watched it, it was AMAZING!) and Preacher ( big let down kinda upset its ended now)
  10. Closer to Christmas - Now they are no denying i just love Christmas and as soon as the cold weather hits you know that Christmas is getting ever so closer! Bring on the presents, food, relaxing and spending time with family. 

What do you love about Autumn/Fall?

Until next time
Mel x
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September Beauty Favourites

I hope everyone had a fabulous September! I love September because it has so many of my family birthdays including my son who just turned 12! I also love it because its start of the autumn and I look forward to Halloween, bonfire night and dare I say it...Christmas. 

I must admit I didn't really wear a lot of makeup last month and the days I did, I wore subtle makeup more looks. So my favourites this month will reflect that this month, unlike Augusts Beauty Favourites which were more vibrant. 

Glossybox October 2019 | Angel or Devil | Review

Glossybox October 2019 | Angel or Devil | Review
It's October yay! Which could only mean its gonna be Halloween soon?! Another thing is that it's now autumn and damn it sure feels like it! October shows us a big change in the seasons with the weather getting cooler, leaves falling and days getting shorter. Glossybox has been amazing this month and brought us a choice of 2 different Halloween inspired boxes, you could either get 'Angel' or 'Devil'. I was a lucky girl and got the 'Devil' Box which looks amazing. 

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription box with prices that start at just £8.50 a month plus P&P. This months box has products worth over £50 and they even threw in an extra treat.

** This post has spoilers, so if you don't want to know what's in the box please don't read on**

My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection

My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection
Ever since Jeffree Star launched his own cosmetics brand in 2016 'Jeffree Star Cosmetics'  has grown into a huge brand that many of us have heard about and just love. I remember when it first started out as just the liquid lipsticks then followed by his first eyeshadow palette ''Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette'. Now the brand has so many beauty products we are spoiled for choice

Now the first product in my collection was a Christmas present off my mum which was the 'Celebrity Skin Liquid Lipstick' which is one of my all-time favourite nudes (plus my mum doesn't like it when I wear bright lipsticks LOL) Since then my collection has slowly grown...