Tuesday 8 October 2019

My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection

My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection
Ever since Jeffree Star launched his own cosmetics brand in 2016 'Jeffree Star Cosmetics'  has grown into a huge brand that many of us have heard about and just love. I remember when it first started out as just the liquid lipsticks then followed by his first eyeshadow palette ''Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette'. Now the brand has so many beauty products we are spoiled for choice

Now the first product in my collection was a Christmas present off my mum which was the 'Celebrity Skin Liquid Lipstick' which is one of my all-time favourite nudes (plus my mum doesn't like it when I wear bright lipsticks LOL) Since then my collection has slowly grown...
In my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection ( so far )...

  •  Velour Liquid Lipsticks  (shades in the collection; Celebrity Skin, Yes Ma'am, Strawberry Crush & Coral Fixation).  Ever since my first velour liquid lipstick 'Celebrity Skin' I have just loved the formula of these! They are so many shades to choose from and I think I have a nice variety so far. For me, they are lightweight, lovely matte effect and long-lasting. Definatly have a few on my wishlist. 
  • Metal Straws in Green ( 4 included in the packet) I was super lucky and got these for free in lucky dip from my last Beauty Bay Haul. They are a lovely variation of greens and they are one straight straw, 3 curved straws and also a handy straw cleaner. I haven't used these yet, I am waiting for a special occasion. 
  • Liquid Frost Highlighter ( Blue collection highlighter in shade 'Frostitute') I have never been a huge fan of liquid lighters, for me personally, they dont work so well and I prefer powder highlighter. I wanted to give this a whirl since.. why not eh? 'Frostitute' is a gorgeous minty teal shade but as I should have known better, doesn't work well for me ( i am sure it works wonders for others but for me, it's not my favourite).

My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection
My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection


  • Mini Breaker Eyeshadow Palette ( From the Jawbreaker Collection)  I really like the Jawbreaker eyeshadow palette but I am probably going to treat myself with that for Christmas. The Mini Breaker palette has 9 creamy smooth luxury eyeshadows insides and has a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. My favourites in the palettes have to be the pinks and purples.
  • Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette ( my first Jeffree star eyeshadow palette I have tried) I just love this palette and have done since the first day I got it as a present. It has 18 eyeshadows inside the palette and they are a mixture of shimmer and mattes. The palette has a lovely selection of nudes, vibrant reds and subtle to bright pinks. 
  • Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette  ( from Blue Blood Collection) SISTERSSSS ( needed Blood Sugars sister)Like Blood Sugar this has 18 eyeshadows inside but instead of being red-based its icy blue. I have still to use this palette but hopefully soon for sure because it looks gorgeous. 

I really like everything I have gotten so far in my collection! My favourites are a definite flip between the eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. I think the main thing that attracts me to the brand is the colour choices, quality products and design. I can't wait to try out more products. 

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  1. I have used a few of the Jeffree Star makeup bits in the past and have really enjoyed them. I have a velour liquid lip in androgyny and love it! Such a lovely formula. I seriously need to get the Blood Sugar palette it’s so pretty! X

  2. I've never tried anything from Jeffree Star but I love how much variety you get in all of the shades and how everything is different. The Blood Sugar palette is really pretty x


  3. I have Celebrity Skin too, and also have Unicorn Blood and they're by far the best liquid lipsticks I've ever owned. Id love to try the eyeshadows!

    Ash | thisdreamsalive.wordpress.com

  4. The quality of the Jeffree star lipsticks and they're my favourite! Especially the shades of red as they're so pigmented, redrum and unicorn blood are literally my go too x
    Kayleigh Zara ❄️✨ www.kayleighzaraa.com

  5. Oh my gosh beautiful, all of these products are so beautiful and something I would love to own myself. I need to buy myself some of these products asap! Also the background in your picture is gorgeous, super relaxing. I'm sending you all of my love! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

  6. Love love love his pallets! I have blue blood and I'm so in love with it! Great quality and pigmentation. I wasn't too keen on the liquid frosts, I found the just clumped and wouldn't blend to great but everything else I have is great. I want to get the straws, they look really good! WhT a nice collection.

    Jordanne || thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk