Wednesday 31 July 2019

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker | Review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker | Review
I have been so excited to try the new Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Collection! I managed to get myself the Mini Breaker palette and also liquid lipstick in the shade Yes Ma'am! I will probably get the larger palette eventually but today I will be reviewing and telling you all my thoughts on this mini Breaker Eyeshadow Palette. 

The Jeffree Star Mini Jawbreaker palette cost me £25 from Beauty Bay. It contains 9 shades; 2 being from the main Jawbreaker palette and 7 brand new hues. The eyeshadows are a mix of metallic and matte pigments. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker | Review
 The packaging isn't like the Blood Sugar palette which is absolutely stunning but I can't complain about this palette really. I love the green packaging the palette comes in ( its nice sturdy box to keep the palette in too) The actual palette itself has a lovely Jawbreaker colourful splatter design on the outer side of the palette and also inside too. The eyeshadows themselves have the usual Jeffree Star cosmetics logo embossed on them which is lovely. 

Even though it is a small palette it sure has lovely selection eyeshadows. It also has a decent size mirror so it's an ideal size palette to travel with. 

The eyeshadows have been swatched on my arm below in the last picture as you can see, I didn't use a primer as I want to show them in their true form. I have to save I am very impressed with them all, especially the purple shades, they are just a delight to work together with. I had no trouble at all blending them together and combining them was simple enough without much fallout at all. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker | Review
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker swatches

  • The palette contains the following 
  • Double Scoop – a terracotta nude matte.
  • Orange Crush – a matte orange with gold reflects.
  • Foreplay – a pinky purple matte.
  • Oral – a duo chrome with lilac reflects.
  • Purple Punch – a bright purple matte.
  • Slice – an orangey-yellow metallic.
  • Bubble Gum – a bubble gum pink matte.
  • Bite Me – a deep, rich purple metallic.
  • Hot Fudge – a dark cool-toned brown.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
Here is a little look I created using the mini Jawbreaker palette. I used the pigments; Bubble Gum, Purple Punch & Oral. I also used purple liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow to complete the look. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker

This palette didn't sell out on Beauty Bay like the usual palettes do when they first get released. I am quite surprised at that because I just love this palette for so many reasons. The first reason I love the palette that each pigment in the palette dint disappoint at all, they are were bold and vibrant and didn't leave lots fallout while applying. The metallics were very shimmery and looked different in different types of light which is a nice effect. The mattes are brilliant and can easily be blended with metallic shades. 

It has 2 shades inside the palette which are also in the larger Jawbreaker palette ( Bubble Gum & Bite Me). The other 7 are completely different but in my own personal opinion I think they should all be different since its a different palette, but you know I am sure many will like the idea. 

Now one of the best things for me has to be the staying power of these eyeshadows, they look bright and vibrant all day long without fading. 

I really love this palette and I am pleased that I bought it. I am very tempted to buy the larger version now since this one is absolutely STUNNING! 

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So is it worth the money?  I would say so! None of the pigments let me down and they all lasted all day even without makeup setting spray which I have forgotten to use sometimes. I love the design of the palette and it does feel sturdy and looks pretty amazing to display too.

How much is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker palette? 
It costs me £25 

Where can I purchase the mini Jawbreaker?
Beauty bay or Jeffree Stars website. On his website, it shows you where in the world stocks his cosmetics brand. 

Did you buy anything from the Jawbreaker Collection?

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