Friday 2 August 2019

Triyit Discovery Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review

Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
Yay, I was excited when I got matched with another 'Triyit Box' I just love trying new products that could very well become must-have products! I didn't get matched with their last campaign which looked amazing by the way but I have loved passed boxes that I have tried. 

Triyit is a discovery club in which you could be matched with a box of products you can try for free as long as you fill in surveys and tell them your thoughts on them. You never know what the products are until you open the box when you get it delivered, its a complete surprise!

Let's see what's in the 'Summer is here' Triyit Box 
Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
As you can see from the picture above its mostly snacks, drinks and random product which are the tissues. I will explain a little more about the products below each products photos below. 

I also have a youtube video of me unboxing the box which is also near the bottom of the page. 
Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
Retro Corn 
 Rhubarb & Custard and Italian Stallion 
I just blooming love popcorn, it's one of my favourite snacks ever, so getting these made me happy. Each bag is under 100 calories which can make them an ideal snack. The rhubarb and custard flavour is made from crushed sweets and the other flavour contains tomato and basil, yum!

All the flavours are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. 

Rating: 5/5
Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
Doubleshot Espresso 
As I said they were a well-known brand in the box which I am sure we all know, Starbucks! I have been a big fan of their coffee shops for years and occasionally I do buy their ready-made drinks from supermarkets. This has 2 shots of Starbucks of espresso in every can and its the same coffee you would find in their coffee houses. 

These are also fairtrade ethically sourced coffee. 
Rating: 5/5
Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
Carabao - Energy Drink
Green Apple
Carabao is an energy drink I have seen in the supermarket but never got round to trying, I usually got Monster or Redbull. This drink has a nice fruity apple taste and gives an energy boost. It contains only 63 calories per can and has half the sugar of Redbull. 

Rating: not tried yet, will update this. 
Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
Tumeric Superdrink
I love the design of the can of this drink. I am not sure I will like this drink as I have tried similar drinks like this in the past but weren't for me but saying that I am open-minded. This drink has superfoods, vitamins with electrolytes and contains no caffeine & nothing artificial. 

These also contain natural citrus and spring water

Rating: not tried yet will update when I do. 
Triyit Discory Club | Summer is here | Unboxing & Review
The Cheeky Panda 
Bamboo Pocket Tissue
Wasn't expecting a packet of tissues with the box but they are very welcome because you never know when you need them when your out and about, especially when you are out with a cold or hay fever. These are sustainable, hypoallergenic and 100% natural bamboo. 

These are vegan-friendly.
Rating: 5/5 

Here is a youtube video of me unboxing the 'Summer is here box! I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel. 

I love this box, it has a nice variety of products from brands I know full well about and also some that I would love to try more of in the future. I am not disappointed with anything in the box. I love retro corn the most since popcorn is one of my favourite snacks. 

Is this campaign as good as the last box I tried back in February? Yes, I would say so because I love everything in this months box. 
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If you want to be on the list for upcoming boxes then check out the Triyit website which has more info on how to join and also more info about them. 

Did you get the 'Summer is here' Triyit box? 
Mel x

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  1. Love the look of this box, really like that you get a bit of variety in them. Those popcorn flavours sound absolutely delicious x


  2. I've heard from a few people about these boxes that you get and have to fill in surveys with your thoughts on them! The popcorn sounds really good - I don't drink coffee or energy drinks so I'd have to give those to someone else but this sounds like a great box if you're looking to try some new items every now and again!