Tuesday 15 October 2019

Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie

Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie

Yay, I was so excited when I got matched with another 'Triyit Box' I just love trying new products that could very well become must-have products! I got matched with their last campaign which was their 'Summer is here Triyit box'. This campaign is called Tickled Taste Buds.

Triyit is a discovery club box in which you could be matched with a box of products you can try for free as long as you fill in surveys and tell them your thoughts on them. You never know what the products are until you open the box when you get it delivered, it's a complete surprise, which is fun don't you think?

Let's see what's in the October 2019 Triyit Box 

Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie
What's in October's 2019 Triyit box?

Juice burst Drinks in 'Blood Orange & Orange and Carrot
These drinks are pretty impressive because not only are they packed with flavour but they have real fruit juice inside them and they all count towards to 1 of your 5 a day which is a simple way to include it don't you think?

I wasn't keen on the flavour of blood orange because it is a little on the sour side like grapefruit, I know a lot of people love that but it's not for me, unfortunately. 

Swisse Me Boost Me Mango 
These handy pouches are great as a pick me up or a perfect healthy snack. They contain 6.1g of protein plus Tumeric, collegian and magnesium.  I think these are best served chilled so I had mine after i put it in the fridge for a few hours. 
Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie
Crunchy Nut Granola Bar
These bars are packed with almonds and I got one that one which was bursting with cranberries! They have no artificial colours or flavours and come in 2 delicious flavours. Chocolate & Nuts and Cranberry & Nuts. These are quite chunky and are full of nuts and cranberries. I am a bit funny when it cranberries sometimes i love em sometimes I hate them but in this bar, they go wonderfully with the almonds!

Graze 'Crunch' Snacks 
I got sweet chilli flavour and they are super crunchy! They are high in fibre, packed with veg and have no artificial flavours or preservatives! For me, they taste quite nice but a packet was decent enough to share so I did just that. 

Triyit 'Tickled Taste Buds' Box Review | Freebie
A lovely selection of goodies to try this month! Not everything was my cup of tea but someone else in the household definitely enjoyed it, so nothing wasted. I would say the 'Chruncy Nut Granola Bar' was my favourite thing in this campaigns box. 

Anyone can apply to get one of these FREE boxes. All you have to do is go onto their website and apply and wait and see if you have been matched to any of their campaigns. All they want you to do is take a survey once you have tried everything in the box. 

Want to find out more about Triyit? Check out their website below

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