Tuesday 21 March 2023

5 tips for Getting ready for Ramadan

5 tips for Getting ready for Ramadan 2023

Can you believe that it's only a few days away from Ramadan? It sure has been a quick year since the last one for me, what about you guys? This has been my 13th Ramadan and I can't say I've done them all because I've had a couple of pregnancies in the mix, but with that said I've done my best over the years but I aspire to do better.

I'm not the most organised when it comes to preparing for Ramadan, if anything I tend to leave it to the last minute, just like I did when I used to celebrate Christmas haha! I dunno, I kind of enjoy the chaos of doing everything last minute.

I really love Ramadan, for me, it's excellent spiritually and mentally, I kinda wish it would stay all year lol! I learn so much and it was so calming.

1. Have a good clean up - Now we have all heard of a spring clean well, I like to do a good deep pre-Ramadan clean. I don’t like wasting energy as much as possible in Ramadan, so having everything organised and clean just makes life a little easier. I spend less time cleaning through Ramadan then.

2. Plan out your meals, batch cook and stock up - You know what it’s like when you go shopping when you are hungry, you end up buying random things and forget what you need. Planning ahead your meals and batch cooking make it easier. 

For the past couple of years, I’ve been enjoying making meals that last a couple of days such as daal and rice, so easy yet delicious.

3. Organise your days - Ramadan is only a month-long, the days can be hectic if you don’t plan them out especially if you have a job and/or children. I have a diary in which I have goals for the day such as the prayers, reading the Quran etc.

4. Start organising plans for Eid - whether you are throwing your own Eid party or going to a family /friend's house, it’s best to know what’s happening, instead of rushing around last minute, trust me I know haha! Plan out gifts, outfits and what you are doing, so much smoother.

5. Work out your zakat - zakat is something never to forget. It’s 2.5% of what you own to be given to a charity. They are ways to work it out such as this one here 

If you want to learn what Ramadan is and what happens during that month, check out the link here

Until next time Mel x


  1. this is a nice and very informative post! :) I love the idea of cleaning your space they do this as well in China before the New Year and it makes a lot of sense to me. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Salam Ramadan, Mel. It’s tomorrow. And I’m grateful. I hope you will have a good Ramadan this year. I don't know that you’re a Muslim too all this while. Assalamualaikum, btw.

  3. Salam Ramadan, Mel. I hope you will have a good Ramadan this year. I don't on know that you are u a Muslim too all this while. Assalamualaikum.