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My First Beauty Bay Order and First Impressions

My First Beauty Bay Order and First Impressions
I have been wanting to buy somethings off Beauty Bay for a long time but me being me wanted to wait till they were a sale on their site. When the sale eventually did come on the beauty bay website I ended up getting 2 lipsticks that were half price and a full price eyeshadow palette because just look at it OMG, love the name and its blooming huge. 

One reason I wanted to shop on beauty bay is that they have many brands that aren't available on other websites such as Hank & Henry and Jeffree Star. Not only are they fab for stocking premium brands they also sell a variety of budget-friendly brands too such as Makeup Revolution and Wet n Wild beauty. 
My First Beauty Bay Order and First Impressions
What I ordered
I bought 3 products; Hank & Henry Lip Lustre in Orale, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour lipstick in Corale Fixation and last but not least is the BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs 25 color eyeshadow and highlighter Palette. 

It said to me on a Thursday when I ordered it that if you ordered it before 11pm that you would get it the next day but nope, I got it on Monday which was an ok delivery time but I was excited to get it next day but hey it came in good time and the products were packed well with packaged plastic to stop breakage of the eyeshadow palette.

They come nicely in a decent size box with all of the products inside. The eyeshadow was wrapped in a bubble wrap type plastic to prevent breakage and the 2 lipsticks were placed next to them. 

Was it worth it?
Of course, I love all of the products. Its the first time I have tried 2 of the brands but they definitely have made me hungry to try more from them. The hank & Henry lip lustre has a lovely design that feels heavy and the wand is a teardrop shape, it also smells minty and has so much sparkly, its gorgeous. The Jeffree star lipstick in Corale Fixation is a lovely bright orange shade that stands out and is vibrant, it is not my favourite ( love celebrity skin more) but I am happy I bought it.

The BH Zodiac palette is just stunning, it has so many eyeshadows for the money and not just that you get a lovely highlighter in it too. They are a mixture of matte and shimmery shades and they are all vibrant and they all blend beautifully, can't wait to but more from the brand. 
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My First Beauty Bay Order and First Impressions

Would I buy there again?
Yes definitely would. Even though one of the eyeshadows was slightly damaged it was mostly ok so I won't complain too much about that. The delivery was fast enough and they were informative to where the parcel was at all times which is helpful to know especially when you have work or a day out planned. 

Not sure when ( Most likely sale time LOL) but I will. I wonder what I will get next time, hmmm

Have you bought anything from Beauty Bay recently?

Child's Farm Products | Review

Child's Farm Products | Review
As we all know January is also Veganuary. Now for people who aren't sure what that is, Veganuary is a month in which people try out being vegan for a month, not only with food but also products too. Childs Farm is a child-friendly bath and skincare range who happen to be cruelty-free and many of their products are vegan-friendly too.

I was kindly sent 3 of their products to try including their 2 in 1 hair, bubble bath and moisturiser. They are labelled for babies but anyone can use them since their formula is so mild that its kind to sensitive skin and people who have eczema.  We tried out their products for a month and I have done a mini review on each of them below.

Childs Farm was founded in 2011 and was created by the founder who wanted a bath and skincare products for children which were suitable for sensitive skin but also smelt nice too. Their products are also multi-award winning. 
Child's Farm Products | Review
Baby Moisturiser
This moisturiser is multi award-winning and it's easy to see why! It comes in a 250ml bottle which has a handy pump on the top which is very easy to use especially if you have a newborn and you need all the help you can get.  The formula of this is vegan-friendly. 

This is safe for newborns skin and upwards as its ideal for sensitive and eczema prone skin.  Even though it is fine for sensitive and eczema prone skin it is made front the finest ingredients and also has a nice delicate scent and contains shea and cocoa butter. Don't just take my word for it as this moisturiser has featured in the daily mail!

  • Multi-award winning formula 
  • Nice delicate scent
  • Dermatologist and paediatrician approved
  • Perfect for newborn skin and upwards
  • Easy to use the pump
  • Suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin
  • Affordable at £4.50 
  • Available to buy online and supermarkets.
  • None I could see. 
Child's Farm Products | Review
Bubble Bath 
This makes a bubbly foamy bath with the fragrance of blueberry and organic mango extract. It's designed to clean and moisturise all skin types.  I personally found that it makes a nice amount of bubbles but definitely over the top so its perfect for babies and children alike. 

The lid is a bit on the hard side to open but you do get a 250ml of product which is vegan-friendly and also kind to skin. The fragrance is very sweet smelling which is rather nice. 

  • Suitable for newborn and upwards ( anyone can use this)
  • Dermatologist and paediatrician approved
  • Lots of soft bubbles
  • Smells lovely lie mango and blueberry 
  • Cleans and moisturises the skin

  • The lid is a little awkward

Child's Farm Products | Review
2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 
The first thing I noticed about this 2 in one shampoo and conditioner was how sweet the scent of it is! It has the scent of rhubarb and custard and doesn't smell like the natural forms of these but more like the hard boiled sweets that you would get in marks and spencers.

I wouldn't say it was like a conditioner in this but it is nice to use in between washes seeing as its delicate for the hair and scalp.

  • Dermatologist and paediatrician approved
  • Cleans and detangles at the same time
  • Designed for all hair types
  • Gentle on hair and scalp
  • Very sweet scent but I like it 

  • I can see why some may not like the over sweet scent
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I am very happy with the selection of products I have tried. It's nice to get a product that has many organic ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin and vegan-friendly in supermarkets and high street shops as usually they are more expensive and hard to find. These are all very good price for the high quality you get.

My favourite product had to be the baby moisturiser as it has a very nice delicate scent and the whole family can use it seeing as its good for all skin types. The pump is helpful for giving you the right amount of product you need every time. 

I will definitely be repurchasing these products again in the near future because they all performed perfectly and smell very nice too. 

For more info on Childs, farm products check out the link below

Thanks for reading, until next time

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Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018
I know this post is super duper late and it is nearly the end of January already-whoops! I was expecting January to go by slowly like it was last year when the month seemed to last 84 years and each day was cold and just long aha. I got to say so far this month it has been fab and I thought why not share my favourite makeup products of 2018! Choosing was so easy because I used all of the products in the pictures soooo much it would have been silly not too.

In 2018 it had to be a year in which I tried the most variety of brands I have ever bought and tried out. Out of that diversity of new brands I have tried so many of them have become firm favourites in my collection. Some of the new brands I just got round to trying in 2018 is 'Charlotte Tilbury' and 'Pixi  Beauty', I will tell you more about them further along in the post. 
Favourite Makeup Products of 2018
My Favourite Makeup of 2018! 
  • Kat Von D 'Lock-It Powder Foundation 9g - I know this is used as a foundation but I personally use it as a bronzer to create the perfect contour, it adds definition to my cheekbones and adds the perfect angle to apply my highlighter next too, its fab because its a good sized compact that has a handy mirror with it too. 
  • Kat Von D 10TH Anniversary Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter in Gold Skool 4.8g - This highlighter is just gorgeous, it has a shimmer finish and with an extreme sparkle and a lovely rose gold finish. It is very vibrant so I tend to use this with a sharp contour. 
  • Kat Von D 'Lock-It Liquid Foundation 30ml -  This foundation has a matte finish and its full coverage and I mean it really is! I tend to wear this foundation on days I want to go out somewhere special or even shopping, it stays in place all day. It goes perfectly with the powder foundation and highlighter, they work like a dream team. 
  • Kat Von D 'Super-Brow' 24-Hour Long-Wear Pomade 5g - MY HOLY GRAIL BROW PRODUCT! This is so fabulous I have bought 2 already. Not only does this give me brows that are on fleek but it doubles up as an eyeliner! It gives the perfect winged liner. Perfect product.
  • Pixi Beauty Palette Chloette - Favourites of Chloe Morello, this palette is inspired by love and romance, can I get an awwww over here! This palette is fabulous it contains 3X blush shades, 6 eye shades and 3X Liner and Brow shades. Its perfect for everyday wear. My favourites have to be the middle blush and the eyeshadows, they are shimmery but not over the top, just perfect. 
  • Pixi Beauty Highlighter Duo - Shimmery bliss! It's like a wet highlighter and comes in a champagne shade and also a rose gold shade. I love using this on my cheekbones, also my nose bridge and my cupids bow. Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Continued ...

  • L'Oreal Infallible Pore Refining Primer - This primer has 5 different varieties to choose from and I chose the pore refining primer to help cover my pores and to create a flawless base for my foundation and my goodness this works! I needed about 2 pumps of primer to cover my face and part of my neck. It not only was it ultra light-weight but it helped keep foundation in place longer and also look evener. 
  • Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette -  Probably my favourite present of 2018! Not only is the packaging just divine with its red well-built case and mirror with the Jeffree star logo on it but the eyeshadows themselves are something else. It has 18 eyeshadow shades that are shimmery, sparkly and matte. The eyeshadows are a variation of reds, pinks and purples and the pigmentation is just intense. They last all day and also blend so well together. 
  • Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Hel's Bells -  Who has watched Carry on Abroad? if so they were a hotel their called Hells bells and that's was made me choose this lipstick first. The lipstick comes in the most stunning packaging, its heavy and the lipstick itself is designed nicely too with a Charlotte Tilbury kiss logo embossed on it ( mine has long gone, the amount times I have used this lipstick). The lipstick has the most lovely shade and it's so creamy and nice to apply, can't wait to get another aha.
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As you can see Kat Von D beauty products did feature quite a lot in my overall favourites and I am not surprised. Most of the products I have tried in the range work so well and are long-lasting, it's a reason I love buying her makeup. Charlotte Tilbury was a totally new brand for me last year and ever since I bought the lipstick and tried the perfume I just want to buy the full-size perfume and try even more of the products. I am excited to see what products I will love this year and I wonder how different my 2019 favourites will be.

What makeup did you love in 2019? Tell me in the comments
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Book's I've Read in 2018 and Books I'd love to read in 2019!

Book's I've Read in 2018 and Books I'd love to read in 2019!
2018... hmm what can I say? It was a year for a sure aha. On the book front, I didn't read nowhere as near as much as I would have loved too. I had so many books I wanted to read but never got round to it for whatever reason but the books I did read were amazing so that makes up for not reading many as many as I wanted to, right? 

When it comes to books I am not fussy when it comes to the topic, I love to read a variety of different books. My all time favourites have to be Fiction, Romance and Sci-fi and Fantasy novels. I know they may sound random but it really just depends on my mood and how I feel to which genre I choose. I wonder if anyone else like me and likes to read more than one book at once... like I mean not literally at once but start one book then another not long after and alternate between the books...? I sure do LOL. 

Book's I've Read in 2018 and Books I'd love to read in 2019!
Books I have read in 2018

 Misery - Stephen King 
Now the film is amazing and it still makes me cringe so badly in one of the particular scenes..  I am sure many of you will know which scene I mean if you have watched the film. Now the film is just amazing but the book for me is my favourite, it is more in-depth and you get to know more about how each of individual character feels like from their point of view and it sounds daft but even you can guess the scents in the book too, its written so well. If you love thriller books I am sure you will like this book.

A little info on the book is basically about a writer who visits a wooden cabin as he always has done to get some inspiration for a new novel. He finishes a novel but ends up crashing in a snowstorm luckily/unluckily for him his biggest fan saves him from the wreckage. Hes in and out consciousness and by the time he wakes up he's in his biggest fans home to which he realises its not right but he can't do anything as he has broken bones and the weather is terrible. He has to write for his life...literally. 

Batista Unleashed - Dave Batista with Jeremy Roberts
Now many of you may have heard of Dave Batista from the Avengers Infinity War film in which he plays the character Drax the Destroyer but for me, I have been a huge fan of his since he was a wrestler in WWE. I love his character as a wrestler and have watched a few of his films, so it was only right to read a book about him. 

The book explains his life from his upbringing to him learning to be a wrestler to finally reaching the WWE. If you are a fan of wrestling or Dave Batista I would recommend this book for sure. 

Thrill - Jackie Collins 
I have lost count of how many Jackie Collins books I have now but my goodness they are just fabulous reads. Thrill has many twists in it and has a romance between a top actress and an up and coming actor. It has lots of romantic and some darn right rude parts in the book in the book that makes me blush but they are written perfectly and fit the theme of the book perfectly. 

The characters have a story behind them and they are lots of secrets and twists in it too. I sure got a few shock moments at some of the parts in the book. 

Preacher - Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon
I am a huge fan of the TV Series Preacher. I have watched all of the series on Amazon Prime and I just adore them. I decided to get the adult comic to keep me occupied until the next series came out. Now the book is in a series and my goodness they are barely like the series at all. Both are amazing in their own rights. 

Preacher book one is an epic journey of a Reverend Jesse Custer as he tries to track down God as lots of weird things has been happening in the small town were he was a preacher at. He tries to dins answers with his best friend a vampire and also his ex-girlfriend. 

I am so excited to read the next book OMG. 
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Book's I've Read in 2018 and Books I'd love to read in 2019!
Book Reading wishlist for 2019
  • Preacher Book two to six - I have read the first book so its only right to read the rest of them right?
  • Christ Jericho Undisputed - Another wrestler I am a fan of! Lots of positive reviews, can't wait to read this. 
  • Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry - I bought this ages ago because I loved the book cover, so need to read this soon.
  • Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin - I have tried to read this before but the size of the book put me off. My mum recommends me to read this book collection. 
  • IT - Stephen King - Now the bloody film scared me off my seat and I am sure the book will be as good. 
  • The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe - I have heard Christopher Lee read this and it's just so deep, I need to read it for myself.

What books have you read in 2018? Do you have any books suggestions for me to read this year?
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Fitness Journey: Week 2

A new post and a new series are now starting on my blog, My fitness journey. I really wish I started writing about it in the first week but I will tell you the start of the journey throughout this post for my journey so far. Now I am not 100% clean eating all of the time, I like to have some treats every now and again because if I don't I know I will be setting myself up to fail as I always do when I eat TOO CLEAN and don't treat myself. I haven't found my rhythm yet but I am learning what foods to eat to get the maximum potential benefits. I have been exercising every day and doing the bare minimum of walking the recommend daily amount. 

You may all be wondering why I am doing a fitness journey.. the simple way I can put it is I want to control my PCOS as some days it makes me feel awful and I am sure many others with PCOS will tell you how annoying it can be. I want to be fitter, have more stamina and hopefully, one day lift weights in the gym like a pro and be able to run marathons without being out of breath every 2 minutes. 
Exercise Diary 

Saturday: Quiet day at home
Sunday: 11,000 steps - Went to IRN BRU carnival
Monday: Arm Day in the gym - lifting weights first time in ages LOL
Tuesday: Leg day at the gym - the second day of weight training OMG
Wednesday: Avoided gym as my legs ached so much. Did 30 min fitness video from POPSUGAR.
Thursday: Legs hurt soo much still so did my daily steps by walking for over an hour.
Friday: Legs felt better today but cleaned my entire flat top to bottom and walked for over an hour

Back to the gym on Monday, hopefully, more gym days in the upcoming week.

My Spotify Workout Playlist Favourites
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses 
Cult of Personality - Living Colour 
You make me feel ( Mighty Real) - Sylvester
Street Player - Chicago 
That's The Way ( I Like It ) - KC & The Sunshine Band

Upcoming weeks plans 
Keep going with keeping active and try to go to the gym as much as possible and whenever it is not possible to try and do at home workouts. I am not on a diet so treating myself is fine but making wiser choices when it comes to food to make the most of benefits healthy foods have to offer.

I am planning on lifting weights 3 days a week and the rest of the time just doing some cardio and just being active in general. I can't say I am an expert yet but I lift small amounts of weight just so I don't injure myself, I know I will be able to lift more with time and practice.


Thanks for reading 

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So what the heck is Kombucha? No.1 Kombucha Review

No.1 Kombucha Review
So I have reimagined my fitness regime at the start of the month so I am not just thinking about going to the gym or exercising, I am also thinking about my diet. Now I know I said diet BUT I am not going on the typical fad diets that are out there but rather a more healthier way of eating to help control my PCOS. I am now thinking about portion sizes, how much sugar is in my diet and also snacking. I have made many changes and I know it may sound nuts but I am starting to feel better the way I am eating and exercising now, it is all progress. 

I was kindly sent No.1 Kombucha to try. Now at first, I wasn't sure what Kombucha was but after research on their website, I was pleasantly surprised about the benefits including the fact it's naturally rich in live cultures. The brand was founded by Jonny Wilkinson and comes in 3 delicious flavours; 'Ginger & Tumeric', 'Raspberry, Pomegranate & Hibiscus' and also 'Passion fruit and Goji'.These are available in Sainsbury's. 
So what the heck is Kombucha? No.1 Kombucha review
So what is Kombucha?
Now I know many of you may be wondering what Kombucha is because to be honest before I was sent it I didn't know either. Kombucha in basic terms is fermented tea. Its ( 91% ) filtered water, cane sugar, green tea and live kombucha cultures. It also has white grape juice, Ginger juice ( 3 % ) and Tumeric ( 0.1% ). It does have caffeine as it does contain green tea but it doesn't contain any more caffeine than your usual cup of green tea.

Now, this drink is made through a fermentation process so it does have a very small trace of alcohol in it. The drink is also live and unpasteurised so its best to keep it in the fridge and once opened to drink within 2 days of opening.

Not only do they taste delicious but they are less than 50 calories in each bottle and they are suitable for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegans
Eco-friendly: Bottle made from recycled amber glass which not only can be recycled again but also helps protect living cultures in Kombucha. The cap can be recycled too.
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Benefits of Kombucha
Great for the gut
During the fermentation process of kombucha, it becomes full of powerful antioxidants making it perfect for gut health.
Great for the brain 
They contain probiotics which are known to support mental health and brain ageing.
Great for the liver
The fermentation process of kombucha can produce organic and amino acids which are brilliant at supporting the liver.

If you want to give this drink a try, pick them up over at Sainsbury's. More info on their website below.

Have you tried Kombucha before?

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Birchbox January 2019 | Review

January Birchbox 2019 review
I have only recently subscribed to the Birchbox subscription box and since I was impressed with last months December Birchbox, I thought why the heck don't you treat yourself to another? I am so glad I did too as I just love the design/theme and what's inside is just as impressive. This months theme is 'Shake your Pom Poms' and the box itself has vibrant circles on it which actually look like pom poms. The month's box has been designed to make even the gloomiest of days feel more vibrant. 

This months box has an extra treat inside so instead of 5, you get 6 amazing goodies inside the box. The box costs £10 plus P&P and can be a rolling subscription or save money by buying every 3,6 or yearly.

** Spoiler Alert, I repeat Spoiler Alert**
January Birchbox 2019 review
Inside Januarys Shake Your Pom Poms box

CLE Cosmetics Essence Moonlighter Cushion in either Apricot Tinge or Copper Rose ( FULL SIZE: RRP £22 )
Infused with luminescent pearl powder in a sponge. You can either apply with the applicator sponge that's included or you can apply with your fingers. It has a cooling sensation when applied to the skin and it can be used on your cheekbones, brow bones or down your nose, wherever really!

Dr Bontanicals Cleansing Bar in Pomegranate Superfood or Cocoa & Coconut ( FULL SIZE: RRP £5.90 )
I was sent the pomegranate superfood cleansing bar and the first thing I noticed was its lovely pomegranate smell, it has a lovely fresh juicy scent. This bar is formulated with 98% natural so its safe to use on face and body. I am excited to try out this soap.

Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo ( Sample Size: Full-size retails at £24 )
Now as much as I love haircare in subscription boxes I really wish they could send out a sample of the conditioner too because for me I like using brands as a duo rather than different ones. Anyways This shampoo is for giving the scalp some TLC and also to help hair get stronger and shiny. I haven't tried it as yet but it has a lovely fresh smell.

Afterspa Facial Micro Scrubber ( FULL SIZE: RRP £7.00 ) 
This works perfectly with a cleanser! I use this on the evening to remove my makeup with my soap and glory deep cleansing milk! It helps removes dirt, oil and impurities, all you have to do when your done is to rinse and dry for next time.
January Birchbox  review
Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask ( SAMPLE SIZE: Full-size retails at £39.90 )
A clay mask that's has a 4 in 1 formula. The formula detoxes invigorate, refines and brightens the skin. The clay itself is pink and contains soothing aloe vera and pomegranate which tightens pores and also brill for making the skin radiant. I have yet to try it but I hope they are enough because the sample size is rather small.

Something extra
Birchbox Pom Pom Hair Ties
A nice little extra! I am sure my girls will love these.

My Thoughts
I think this months box was so much better than last months box! They are more full-size products and the fact the samples are a good size makes a huge difference too. I am most excited about the Cle Cosmetics essence moonlighter cushion in apricot tinge, as I have never tried a sponge based highlighter before. Not only that I do think the compact itself looks amazing too. I am not disappointed in anything in the box this month ( phew ) I am glad I will happily trying everything.

Have you got this month Birchbox? What are your thoughts on this months box?

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Glossybox January 2019 | Review

Now I know January can be one of those months but I have taken a different aspect to it this year, like a more positive spin. Now, who heard the term January blues? I know we see it a lot in the media and over on social media and I would say it because of the end of the festive holidays and the start of a new year and of course the usual cold weather. I am embracing the new year as a fresh way to start goals and also be positive! I have even started going to the gym.

As many of you may know, Glossybox was my favourite beauty subscription box last year and it ended the year perfectly with the December 2019 Glossybox. They have started the New Year with the 'Beauty Resolutions Edition' which are all picks for keeping beauty resolutions easy with a selection of beauty products mainly from the hair and skin care category.

Glossybox is monthly beauty subscription box that could contain a variety of products including makeup, skincare, haircare and the occasional treat! Prices start at £10 a month plus P&P but you can save money if you buy quarterly, 6 month or yearly plan. I personally have the rolling subscription as I love having the option in which I can cancel when I want.

**Spoiler Alert, I repeat Spoiler Alert Below **
January Glossybox 2019 review
So what is in the Beauty Resolutions Edition box?

Avant Skincare Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream
Now after all the long night and early starts in December my skin definitely needs a bit more TLC. I do have a pretty intense skincare routine already but I am excited to give this product a whirl once my current 'Beauty Kitchen night time cream' has finished( which I love by the way and I would definitely recommend it). This cream has ingredients that you can use as a face and eye cream so as you can tell by that it is deep conditioning. It is also an anti-ageing moisturiser which is formulated to be deeply hydrating with its wonder ingredient of hyaluronic acid. 

If I do like this cream I definitely won't be able to repurchase it because I do think £98 is a bit steep for me personally for 50ml of product. 

Full Size: RRP £98

Batiste Rethink Dry Shampoo 
Now I have lost count of the number of dry shampoos I have now LOL! Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of them as I personally don't see or feel the difference with them and I know it might be different for others but for me, it sure doesn't.  I will be giving this a try still as its supposed to help hydrate the hair so we will see how that works out especially after I've been to the gym!

Deluxe Sample: RRP £1.50 

Maybelline Dream Blender Foundation Sponge 
This is latex free and has an easy to hold handle. I would love to give all-stars for this product but my goodness this just moves foundation all over my face and doesn't blend very well at all, I had to blend it with my real techniques sponge, such a shame really as I was excited to try this. I do also think its rather small compared to other makeup sponges I have tried. 

Full Size: RRP £4.99
Glossybox January 2019  Review
Hask Repairing Deep Conditioning Treatment
Now I just love Hask deep conditioners, I have tried them many times and are brilliant for adding hydration and smoothing my hair. They sent me one for colour treated hair which is ideal for me since I recently dyed my hair ( again LOL). They help repair, soften, smooth and strengthen the hair and they also have a range of shampoo and conditioner products too. 

You simply massage a generous amount of this on your hair after shampooing and rinsing your hair and you leave it on for 10 minutes to work its magic. I like to finish up with my usual conditioner as its seels the hair cuticle making it easier for me to style my hair 

Full Size: one sachet RRP £2.49 

-417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel 
I have recently started using a cleanser in my skincare and omg it makes a huge difference, I will explain more about that in a future blog post. This is a refreshing gel-based cleanser that actually foams  ( don't a lot of beauty products do that lately? haha) These are formulated with minerals from the dead sea, rare plant extracts and vitamins. Can't wait to give this a try.

Deluxe Mini: RRP £13.31

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My Thoughts
I love most things in the box and I am super happy that its mostly hair and skincare products. The choice of products is a good variety and the fact it has new brands I haven't tried before makes it more exciting for me. I am most excited to use the -417 facial micro luffa foaming gel as cleansers have made such a difference for me lately and another reason I know it might sound daft but I just love the name of this, its fab!

I am not so keen on the Maybelline makeup sponge but that's just me, it just didn't work well for me which is a shame. I can't complain really when the box costs a fair £10 plus P&P

If you want to know more about Glossybox, check out their website here.

Have you got Januarys Glossybox? What are your thoughts on this months box? 

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Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019
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Now you might be wondering where on earth is my Lush boxing day haul blog post? Well, the short answer is I didn't buy anything in the sales as honestly Lush can be sooooo busy and I didn't want to waste time on boxing day. Loosing out of the sale didn't bother me at all ( even though I did love most of the Christmas collection ) because Lush dropped the most amazing Valentine's Day Collection and it has to my favourite so far. Now I can't say I am completely jumping for joy as I am a little disappointed they didn't bring back 'Titsy Totsy; it was one of my favourite bath bombs ever!!

The Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019 includes a variety of products including knot wraps, naked shower gels and bath bombs. The range includes 34 products and choosing which ones to try first was a challenge since this year they have brought out many new products and also some old favourites too. When I get the chance to go back to Lush I will definitely be getting 'The Big Banana' Massage bar ( I love the smell of banana and would love to try a massage product as I haven't tried one from lush before). I also would like to 'Peachy' which is a bath bomb in shape of a peach and as you guessed it, it is also peach scented. Now as much as I looked for Peachy is my Braehead, Glasgow I couldn't find it, maybe next time when I go hopefully.

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Products in the Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019 Range
  • 7 different designs of knot wraps including one of which has the name of 'What's your sign' - Prices from £3.95 to £4.95.
  • 8 different gifts which are wrapped to perfection and one has an amazing name which I just love which is 'Bananarama'. Prices for the gift sets start at £10.95.
  • Love Boat - Bath Bomb. I wanted to try this last year but never got round to it. It is in the shape of a boat and is blue and pink. A lovely £4.50 each.
  • Unicorn Horn - Bubble Bar. A valentines day staple from lush, design has changed over the years but its Unicorn themed, what'ss not to love?  A magical £4.50 each.
  • Love Token - Reusable Bubble bar. I just had to try this! It smells amazing and it looks like a giant coin. They cost £4.95 each
  • Eve's Cherry - Lip Scrub. I love lip scrubs, they are the perfect lipstick prep. Priced at £6.50  each.
  • Adam's Apple - Mouthwash Tabs. Not my favourite products from lush but I do love the name. Price is £6.50 each.
  • Open your Heart - Bubble Bar. Same scent as the golden pear family! It also has a fabulous design which can be used more than once. Price is £4.95 each
  • Six - Bubble Bars( They is two versions, one is red and yellow and the other is yellow and blue). Both new products for 2019! Price is £5.50 each
  • Avocado Wash -  Shower Gel and Naked Shower Gel.  No packaging option, that's got to be a huge bonus right? Prices start at £5.95 each. 
  • American Cream - Shower Naked Shower Gel. Another product with a package free product option? that's fab don't you think? Prices start at £5.95 each
  • The Big Banana - Massage Bar. I have never tried a massage bar from lush before, so I am excited to try this, especially as its banana scented. It is a fruity £5.95 each.
  • Strawberry Whips - Soap. A strawberry scented soap that is also the shape of tasty fruit. They are £6.50 each.
  • Love Island - Body Scrub. Just when you heard enough from the programme they release a product named after it LOL. Love the theme and the name. They cost £3.50 each.
  • American Pie - Body conditioner and Naked Body Conditioner. A body moisturiser available without packaging, it's a thumbs up from me. They cost from £8.50 each.
  • Aubergine - Bath Bomb. I just love the design of this and the smell of this is just divine! It smells like violets, sooooo nice. They are £3.95 each.
What in the lush valentines day collection
Products I bought 
Aubergine - Bath Bomb
Designed like the aubergine emoji and is a lovely purple and green! It smells like violets and has the key ingredients of fresh aubergine, bergamot oil and Tonka Absolute.

Love Token - Bubble Bar 
I just love that it looks like a huge coin! Not only that but its very sparkly. It has an amazing smell which is woody and fresh. Its key ingredients are Ginger oil, Pine Need Absolute, Clove Bud Oil and Guaiacwood oil

Six ( red and yellow) Bubble Bar 
This is such a cheeky bubble bar but I just love them. They can be used more than once if broken up. The key ingredients for these are Clove bud oil and Ylang Ylang Oil.

My Overall thoughts
I do love the range and I do think the collection is a good size of products to choose from. I do think the theme this year is more daring than ever but overall all the products are brilliant and I wouldn't mind giving them all a try in the future. I do wish they brought back some old favourites from the previous Lush Valentines Day collections like I explained above with 'Titsy Totsy' but apart from that and the price of the products now then I can't complain, they have a fabulous new range to choose from.

Did you get anything from the Valentine's Day Lush Collection?

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