Friday 11 January 2019

Glossybox January 2019 | Review

Now I know January can be one of those months but I have taken a different aspect to it this year, like a more positive spin. Now, who heard the term January blues? I know we see it a lot in the media and over on social media and I would say it because of the end of the festive holidays and the start of a new year and of course the usual cold weather. I am embracing the new year as a fresh way to start goals and also be positive! I have even started going to the gym.

As many of you may know, Glossybox was my favourite beauty subscription box last year and it ended the year perfectly with the December 2019 Glossybox. They have started the New Year with the 'Beauty Resolutions Edition' which are all picks for keeping beauty resolutions easy with a selection of beauty products mainly from the hair and skin care category.

Glossybox is monthly beauty subscription box that could contain a variety of products including makeup, skincare, haircare and the occasional treat! Prices start at £10 a month plus P&P but you can save money if you buy quarterly, 6 month or yearly plan. I personally have the rolling subscription as I love having the option in which I can cancel when I want.

**Spoiler Alert, I repeat Spoiler Alert Below **
January Glossybox 2019 review
So what is in the Beauty Resolutions Edition box?

Avant Skincare Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream
Now after all the long night and early starts in December my skin definitely needs a bit more TLC. I do have a pretty intense skincare routine already but I am excited to give this product a whirl once my current 'Beauty Kitchen night time cream' has finished( which I love by the way and I would definitely recommend it). This cream has ingredients that you can use as a face and eye cream so as you can tell by that it is deep conditioning. It is also an anti-ageing moisturiser which is formulated to be deeply hydrating with its wonder ingredient of hyaluronic acid. 

If I do like this cream I definitely won't be able to repurchase it because I do think £98 is a bit steep for me personally for 50ml of product. 

Full Size: RRP £98

Batiste Rethink Dry Shampoo 
Now I have lost count of the number of dry shampoos I have now LOL! Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of them as I personally don't see or feel the difference with them and I know it might be different for others but for me, it sure doesn't.  I will be giving this a try still as its supposed to help hydrate the hair so we will see how that works out especially after I've been to the gym!

Deluxe Sample: RRP £1.50 

Maybelline Dream Blender Foundation Sponge 
This is latex free and has an easy to hold handle. I would love to give all-stars for this product but my goodness this just moves foundation all over my face and doesn't blend very well at all, I had to blend it with my real techniques sponge, such a shame really as I was excited to try this. I do also think its rather small compared to other makeup sponges I have tried. 

Full Size: RRP £4.99
Glossybox January 2019  Review
Hask Repairing Deep Conditioning Treatment
Now I just love Hask deep conditioners, I have tried them many times and are brilliant for adding hydration and smoothing my hair. They sent me one for colour treated hair which is ideal for me since I recently dyed my hair ( again LOL). They help repair, soften, smooth and strengthen the hair and they also have a range of shampoo and conditioner products too. 

You simply massage a generous amount of this on your hair after shampooing and rinsing your hair and you leave it on for 10 minutes to work its magic. I like to finish up with my usual conditioner as its seels the hair cuticle making it easier for me to style my hair 

Full Size: one sachet RRP £2.49 

-417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel 
I have recently started using a cleanser in my skincare and omg it makes a huge difference, I will explain more about that in a future blog post. This is a refreshing gel-based cleanser that actually foams  ( don't a lot of beauty products do that lately? haha) These are formulated with minerals from the dead sea, rare plant extracts and vitamins. Can't wait to give this a try.

Deluxe Mini: RRP £13.31

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My Thoughts
I love most things in the box and I am super happy that its mostly hair and skincare products. The choice of products is a good variety and the fact it has new brands I haven't tried before makes it more exciting for me. I am most excited to use the -417 facial micro luffa foaming gel as cleansers have made such a difference for me lately and another reason I know it might sound daft but I just love the name of this, its fab!

I am not so keen on the Maybelline makeup sponge but that's just me, it just didn't work well for me which is a shame. I can't complain really when the box costs a fair £10 plus P&P

If you want to know more about Glossybox, check out their website here.

Have you got Januarys Glossybox? What are your thoughts on this months box? 

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