Thursday 10 January 2019

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019
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Now you might be wondering where on earth is my Lush boxing day haul blog post? Well, the short answer is I didn't buy anything in the sales as honestly Lush can be sooooo busy and I didn't want to waste time on boxing day. Loosing out of the sale didn't bother me at all ( even though I did love most of the Christmas collection ) because Lush dropped the most amazing Valentine's Day Collection and it has to my favourite so far. Now I can't say I am completely jumping for joy as I am a little disappointed they didn't bring back 'Titsy Totsy; it was one of my favourite bath bombs ever!!

The Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019 includes a variety of products including knot wraps, naked shower gels and bath bombs. The range includes 34 products and choosing which ones to try first was a challenge since this year they have brought out many new products and also some old favourites too. When I get the chance to go back to Lush I will definitely be getting 'The Big Banana' Massage bar ( I love the smell of banana and would love to try a massage product as I haven't tried one from lush before). I also would like to 'Peachy' which is a bath bomb in shape of a peach and as you guessed it, it is also peach scented. Now as much as I looked for Peachy is my Braehead, Glasgow I couldn't find it, maybe next time when I go hopefully.

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Products in the Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2019 Range
  • 7 different designs of knot wraps including one of which has the name of 'What's your sign' - Prices from £3.95 to £4.95.
  • 8 different gifts which are wrapped to perfection and one has an amazing name which I just love which is 'Bananarama'. Prices for the gift sets start at £10.95.
  • Love Boat - Bath Bomb. I wanted to try this last year but never got round to it. It is in the shape of a boat and is blue and pink. A lovely £4.50 each.
  • Unicorn Horn - Bubble Bar. A valentines day staple from lush, design has changed over the years but its Unicorn themed, what'ss not to love?  A magical £4.50 each.
  • Love Token - Reusable Bubble bar. I just had to try this! It smells amazing and it looks like a giant coin. They cost £4.95 each
  • Eve's Cherry - Lip Scrub. I love lip scrubs, they are the perfect lipstick prep. Priced at £6.50  each.
  • Adam's Apple - Mouthwash Tabs. Not my favourite products from lush but I do love the name. Price is £6.50 each.
  • Open your Heart - Bubble Bar. Same scent as the golden pear family! It also has a fabulous design which can be used more than once. Price is £4.95 each
  • Six - Bubble Bars( They is two versions, one is red and yellow and the other is yellow and blue). Both new products for 2019! Price is £5.50 each
  • Avocado Wash -  Shower Gel and Naked Shower Gel.  No packaging option, that's got to be a huge bonus right? Prices start at £5.95 each. 
  • American Cream - Shower Naked Shower Gel. Another product with a package free product option? that's fab don't you think? Prices start at £5.95 each
  • The Big Banana - Massage Bar. I have never tried a massage bar from lush before, so I am excited to try this, especially as its banana scented. It is a fruity £5.95 each.
  • Strawberry Whips - Soap. A strawberry scented soap that is also the shape of tasty fruit. They are £6.50 each.
  • Love Island - Body Scrub. Just when you heard enough from the programme they release a product named after it LOL. Love the theme and the name. They cost £3.50 each.
  • American Pie - Body conditioner and Naked Body Conditioner. A body moisturiser available without packaging, it's a thumbs up from me. They cost from £8.50 each.
  • Aubergine - Bath Bomb. I just love the design of this and the smell of this is just divine! It smells like violets, sooooo nice. They are £3.95 each.
What in the lush valentines day collection
Products I bought 
Aubergine - Bath Bomb
Designed like the aubergine emoji and is a lovely purple and green! It smells like violets and has the key ingredients of fresh aubergine, bergamot oil and Tonka Absolute.

Love Token - Bubble Bar 
I just love that it looks like a huge coin! Not only that but its very sparkly. It has an amazing smell which is woody and fresh. Its key ingredients are Ginger oil, Pine Need Absolute, Clove Bud Oil and Guaiacwood oil

Six ( red and yellow) Bubble Bar 
This is such a cheeky bubble bar but I just love them. They can be used more than once if broken up. The key ingredients for these are Clove bud oil and Ylang Ylang Oil.

My Overall thoughts
I do love the range and I do think the collection is a good size of products to choose from. I do think the theme this year is more daring than ever but overall all the products are brilliant and I wouldn't mind giving them all a try in the future. I do wish they brought back some old favourites from the previous Lush Valentines Day collections like I explained above with 'Titsy Totsy' but apart from that and the price of the products now then I can't complain, they have a fabulous new range to choose from.

Did you get anything from the Valentine's Day Lush Collection?

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  1. The Aubergine/Eggplant one is so cute! They did that design spot on.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Such a gorgeous collection with so many cute pieces xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️