Wednesday 27 June 2018

What the Fudge Desserts Glasgow

Hello, Darlings!

I am partial to a delicious dessert every now and again and one of my favourite places to go whenever I get time to go is what the fudge. We got recommended this place off a client of my partner and we have been going here every now and again since. 

What the Fudge desserts are a small dessert cafe based on Victoria Rd in Glasgow.  They offer a variety of different things including; cake, milkshakes and my personal favourite hot sweet waffles with ice cream. You can sit inside or you can takeaway which is handy because the shop can get quite busy at times. 
what the fudge desserts glasgow review
The menu is above the counter or if you want to sit in you can sit at a booth and look at a menu and decide what food you want to order. I didn't take long to choose what to order because I am so addicted to hot waffles, they are my ultimate favourite!!!

What we ordered
Marshmellow cookie dough - yes you read that correctly! The most heavenly sugary combination 
Strawberry and chocolate waffles - This waffle is covered in quartered strawberries and drizzles with warm chocolate. 

Seeing as these are freshly made you have a little bit of waiting period before you get your order, especially if the shop is busy. Once the order came we were blown away with the detail they put in with our orders. They give you a good amount of toppings, the servings are big and they are beautiful too look at but I am sure you are all wondering, how do they taste?

The waffles were lovely and warm and the combination of the cholcate, strawberries and ice cream was just divine and my favourite out of the 2 that evening. I did like the marshmallow cookie dough but I know this sounds too daft but it was VERY SUGARY not that I usually mind but I thought a little OTT. I did like the combination of the marshmallows, cookie and ice cream. The ice cream complemented the warm cookie dough nicely. 
what the fudge desserts Glasgow
My thoughts
I love going here for a treat as they are plenty of options to choose from and I have lost count of how many times we have been here now and we still love it and get different things each time too. My kids love the selection of icecreams here and it hasn't taken them long to choose their favourites. We mostly sit when we go here but sometimes we takeaway and have this at home if we have summit planned like watching a film. The decor and seating are very nice and has a superhero/retro vibes to it. The seating is comfortable and the staff are very friendly.

What the Fudge 
Atmosphere | 10/10
Staff | 10/10
Menu | 10/10
Price | 8/10
Food/Taste | 9/10
Overall Score | 9/10

For more info check out their Facebook page

What is your favourite dessert?
Mel x

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  1. OMG!! This looks delicious and just perfect. My favourite dessert is tiramisu but I do love pancakes and cookie dough. You have made me very hungry haha. Lovely post!! xx
    Me and Ink |

  2. First off, thank you for the sharing of beautifully delicious sweet treats. Secondly, I am so very sad that I do not live in Glasgow now, lol. I enjoyed the post and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Oh wow how delicious do these look?! Makes me want to go right now xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️