Sunday 8 July 2018

Man Polish Mens Moisturiser

Hello, Darlings!

Man Polish a new brand to me and I was kindly sent it to review. Don't let the name fool you as women can use this moisturiser too as I was informed by the company. I am a big fan of trying different brands of skincare products so giving this a try was so exciting for me. If you all may have noticed shops have started to stock more skincare products for me which I think is brilliant because a few years ago the choice wasn't huge. 

Man polish is made in the UK and it comes in 3 different types which are subtle, neutral and strong. The moisturisers are tailored to men's skin and last all day long and are suited for men of any age. 
man polish review
I just love it! It's very unique and has a design of a shield with a wee adorable top hat on top of it. I love the silver finishing with the black. It comes in a very strong glass jar and also an easy to open the lid and easy to shut too.

It has a very thick and creamy texture and also feels very cooling on fingers before applying onto the skin which is very nice and refreshing.

This is actually fragrance-free! Thank goodness, that's a breath of fresh air because far too many skin products have too much fragrance in them.

Natural ingredients inside include
shea butter, jojoba oil and argan oil

This product is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly
man polish mens moisturiser review
 How to use
I would recommend using this in the morning just after washing your face with lukewarm water and dry is gentle with a flannel, don't be tempted to be rough as it can hurt skin. I say lukewarm water as it helps wake you up and it helps the moisturiser apply much easier.

Seeing that this gives you all day moisture I would say once a day is fine but if you like me a night time cream wouldn't go amiss for a little bit of a skincare luxury.

mans polish mens moisturiser
My thoughts
I am in love with moisturiser and would recommend it to anyone looking to try a new skincare product. Seeing as its fragrance-free its good for any skin type; mine is sensitive and this moisturiser was calming on my skin. 

Applying this was lovely and it was non-greasy too and soaked into the skin within a few minutes, so no faffing around waiting for it to dry thankfully. You get a generous amount of product as each jar contains 50ml of product which I think is a bargain for £18.95/

They have 3 different products to choose from including moisturisers that add a little bit of a tint for a tan and they are more info on that on their website. 

Where to buy?

How much is it?

More info?
Check the link above. 

What skincare brands are you loving right now?

Mel x 

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*Product/s sent for review, all opionions are 100% my own*


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