Saturday 9 June 2018

YO! Sushi Glasgow

Hello, Darlings!

I recently tried Yo! Sushi last year after being tempted to go there for years but never got round to going. I have been here so many times that I have actually lost count of the number of times I have been here now, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is relaxing too.

Yo! Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that can be found in many locations in the Uk. They sell sushi and much other Japanese food too. They have a takeout service too so if you want to take it to a meal at home then its fab.  I have been to the ones in Braehead, Glasgow fort and Silverburn; I loved each location but Glasgow fort is my favourite. They serve food on conveyor belts and you choose what you want and if you want hot food you simply as the waiter by pressing a button that informs a waiter you are ready to order hot food or drinks. 
YO! Sushi Review
You don't have to wait long to wait to be seated and you can choose to sit at a table or to sit at a bar but I much prefer sitting at the bar it's quite unique and it's nice to see the chefs cook the food for you and also to see what other dishes look like.

At the bar, you have chopsticks, spoons and pickled ginger also soy sauce and wasabi paste too. They also have taps so you can top up your water whenever you want and they are a choice of still and sparkling.

Seeing as the food comes on a conveyor belt you can choose what you want to eat straight away. If you want hot food then the wait isn't too long and we have never waited longer than 10 minutes for food. The staff were very friendly during our visit and made sure we were comfortable and enjoying our food. 

What I ordered
Chicken Katsu Curry Sumo 
Spicy Pepper Squid
Furikake Fries

Now you may be wondering why I ordered a HUGE katsu curry but the fact in the matter is that I shared it with my partner haha. It was so huge that even both us eating it couldn't finish it all off because they were so much of it, I did though enjoy having it as a snack later on that night.  

The spicy pepper squid was just divine especially with the chopped chilli and spring onions on top of it. This was polished off in no time at all. 

What can I say about the furikake fries? Well, they are so bloody amazing omg! I just love the flavour as they are topped with sriracha mayo sprinkled with yuzu furikake sesame, aonori and smoky bonito flakes. 

YO! Sushi Glasgow review
My thoughts
Yum, my mouth waters every time I come here because you know everything you get is fresh and handmade in front of you. The flavours in these dishes are just divine and it's no wonder that I keep coming back here for more delicious food. I love that the dishes are colour coded so you can work out your bill easily and also see the cost of them on your menu too.

YO! Sushi Glasgow 
Atmosphere | 10/10
Staff | 9/10
Menu | 10/10
Price | 8/10
Food/Taste | 10/10
Overall Score | 9/10

Want to know about Yo! Sushi? Check out their website below

Have you been to YO! Sushi before? if so what is your favourite dish on the menu


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  1. I've never been to Yo Sushi as I don't like Sushi but I never knew they did other food too! I keep seeing pictures of Katsu curry everywhere and really want to try one they look so yummy so I'll have to try here, thanks for the recommendation!

    Jess //

  2. This review post is very helpful! I especially appreciate how you've ranked each category by numbers. I'm not a sushi lover myself, but I have to say the pictures you've given us look so tasty!! Awesome post!