Friday 8 June 2018

Love Drop Subscription Box

Hi Darlings!

I just love subscription boxes, they can be so much fun and they can be even more fun when they are aimed at couples. I usually buy beauty subscription boxes such as Glossy box and Birchbox as I like to get new products to try so the prospect of a couples subscription box is a pretty fun idea for me!

Love drop is a subscription box that ships out every 2 months and costs £45 ( If you use the code MAY18) you will get £5 off your first box. 
love drop subscription box
 I used to be a bit of a prude when it came to talking about sex and spicing up the relationship but over the past few years me and my partner freely talk together about it and I don't mind sharing my thoughts on these subjects too. 

This is my second Love Drop subscription box and I honestly cannot rate them enough. The variety of products they send is brilliant and the boxes are very well thought out. 

Love drop send a variety of products to spice up your sex life including; sex toys for men, women or both and even food and lifestyle things like cards about things you love about each other including date night ideas and even bath bombs, whats not to love? 
love drop couples subscription box review
 Inside April / May's Love Drop Box

Twenty One Diamond Bijoux Indiscrets RRP £50 
I just love how this is packaged, you can tell they have been a lot of love to the way this is presented. This is for women but can also be used as a massager.

Salcombe Gin and Grapefruit Fudge RRP £4.25 
Did someone say gin and fudge? What an amazing combination! I still haven't tried these yet but will be keeping them for a special occasion. 

Bath Truffle Selection RRP £8.85
Move over lush these bath truffles smell amazing! I tried them all already and they smell heavenly and so relaxing. 

Love Drop Prompt Cards RRP £9.95
You get these in every box so you could possibly make a nice little box with these cards in it.

Bijoux Indiscreet massage oil samples 
Who doesn't love a good sample?

So with the first item only you have already got your money's worth of products with lots of added extras too. I honestly can't wait till my next box.
love drop subscription box review
Want to know more about love drop? 
Check out their website here

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Mel x

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  1. Ooh this looks so interesting, I’ve never heard of a couples one before but it’s such a good idea. I love the variety of things in the box - a bit of raunch, food and soppiness, sounds brill! I really fancy some fudge now after reading this haha!
    Alice Xx

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  3. Never heard of anything like this before but it sounds really interesting and great value for money! Thanks for sharing lovely!

    Jess //