Monday 10 September 2018

Glossybox - September 2018

Hello, everyone! 🌙

Following on from last months Pride Glossybox, I had high hopes for this months box. This months box is back to its iconic pink so no theme this months box design. Seeing as its September the box is called Back to School Edition and the contents have been designed to support people going back to work, school or university after the summer holidays and each product can simply put your handbag.

They are 6 products in the box and 5 of the products are full size and are worth over £65!!

*This post contains a spoiler of whats inside Septembers Glossybox*
Glossybox September 2018
 What's inside the box?

BeautyPro - Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal 
I just love face masks so can't wait to try this! Now, this contains charcoal (which is a miracle worker for blemish prone skin) and extracts of lime, lemon, apple, orange and grapefruit which all help to detox the skin, refine pores and reduce oil.

I have never tried a bubble mask before so I am excited to try this out and see if it helps refine my pores and just simply give my skin some TLC. Beauty Pro is cruelty-free

Full Size - RRP £4.95.

Daily Concepts - Your Facial Mini Scrubber 
This is made in America and is made with soy and natural cotton which helps create a rich lather. It's apparently ok for sensitive skin as its been dermatologically and allergy tested. It is a handy size and is also cruelty-free.

Full-Size - RRP £8.85

Bang Beauty - Eyebrow Cream 
I just love brow products and I just love my Kat Von D eyebrow pomades so I am excited to give this brand a try. Eyebrow creams are a great way to get HD brows at home as it also contains a mini eyebrow brush which helps get angles and definition. Eyebrow creams for me last so much longer than powders and last up to 12 hours.

I can't wait to give this brand a try as I have loved previous products from Bang Beauty before.

Full-Size - RRP £16.80

Glossybox September 2018
Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co - Lip Liner Rosewood 
 I haven't even used a lip liner in ages as most lipsticks I use I don't think need it, now I know many will say its best to use a lip liner but im not won over yet so we will see how this lip liner goes.

This liner has a creamy formula and a subtle colour too, apply directly to the contour of the lips to create the illusion of a fuller pout.

Full Size - RRP £25

Grow Gorgeous - Scalp Detox
Now my scalp could do with a detox as my hair gets dyed a lot. This contains pomegranate enzymes and natural castor oil bead that remove impurities that block your roots leaving a healthier scalp for hair growth. Now that sounds amazing so I am excited to see how well this works for me.

Deluxe Mini 50ml  - worth £7.37 (full size is 190ml and costs £28)

Wet Ones - Be Fresh Antibacterial Wipes
Now I do love to carry around antibacterial wipes around with me and currently use the one from Lidl. Wet Ones kill 99.9% of bacteria and are gentle on the skin as they PH balanced and dermatologically tested.

Full-Size - RRP £1.19
Glossybox - September 2018
My Thoughts
Love this months box and I am sure I will be using all the products for sure. My favourite product in the box has to be the face mask as I have wanted to try a bubble mask for quite a while now. I am also super happy with the bang beauty eyebrow cream as LOVE styling my brows

Glossybox costs £10 a month and £3.25 P&P. This month you can get your first box for just £8 with the code: FIRST.


October sneak peak is Intense antimatter Illamasqua just in time for Halloween! 

What do you think of Glossybox's September box?

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  1. It looks like a fantastic box with some really handy items :)
    Cora |

  2. I`ve been recommended the Glossybox over Birchbox by so many of my colleagues. To be honest, I am not into make up that much but I am tempted to opt in.

  3. The products here are great. I can see you using all of them as they are so handy.

  4. I cant believe I still havent tried these! I so need to give one a go as a little treat to myself maybe!

  5. ooh, I haven't had a glossy box in so bluddy long, I might get back into them.There's some really good brands in them for the price!.
    Charlie |