Wednesday 12 September 2018

Mo Bro's Signature Wooden Box Collection

Hello everyone! 🌙

Before anyone asks.. no, I am not growing a beard but I have a very kind family member who tried out this amazing 'Mo Bro's Signature wooden box collection' on their beard as they are trying to take care of it more while growing it. 

Mo Bro's was founded by 3 brothers who were competing to grow facial hair for Movember but were surprised to see the lack of quality and affordable beard and moustache products. In 2014 they founded Mo Bro's and they sell a variety of high-quality beard and moustache products. They are dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients while making sure they natural, ethical and from sustainable sources while caring for skin and hair.

You may have seen them on Dragons Den way back in May 2017 when they secured an investment by 2 dragons into their brand! 
Mo Bro's Signature Wooden Box Collection
 Now they are many beard and moustache products available on the website but I will go through the ones that have been kindly testing out. I chose this customised box to review and also chose the fragrance of the products inside too.

This box is the ultimate gift for anyone with a moustache or beard. It can be customised and contains a variety of beard styling and maintenance products. They are 8 different scents to choose from and I went for winter spice.

Fragrances to choose from

  • Vanilla and Mango
  • Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Sweet Mint
  • Orange Bergamont 
  • Winter Spice
  • Summer Spice
  • Unscented.

What's inside the box?

Moustache Wax 15ml
 This is a very helpful product for anyone wanting to style or shape their moustache. Simply warm between fingers and style as you wish.

 Beard Oil 50ml
 Just like hair beards need nourishment too. This provides nourishment to the beard while at the same time taming the beard too.

Beard Balm 25ml 
 Now as a beard grows they can be a little harder to tame so that's where this comes in. This softens, moisturises and conditions the beard which in turn helps to style the beard the way you want.
Mo Bro's Signature Wooden Box Collection
Beard wash 50ml 
Just like out hair beards need their own specific wash. This wash helps cleanse the beard whilst removing dirt and grime leaving the beard feeling fresh and smelling amazing.

Now, this box has accessories galore! Not only does it have the amazing box it comes with ( you can use this to store all the products) but it has other amazing items too to help keep beards and moustaches in tip-top condition.

-Grooming Scissors
-Beard Comb
-Travel Bag
-Beard Brush
-Pocket Mirror

How much?
This box of amazing products costs £42 which I think is a bargain considering you get so many products for your money. Not only do you get washes, balms and wax but you get some many essentials too.
Mo Bro's Signature Wooden Box Collection
My Thoughts 
The winter spice scent is just lovely and is very retro, it reminds me of the one million perfume. The beard wash helps detangle beards and it is also brilliant for washing the beard especially if you accidentally drop food or spill a drink into your beard. The beard and moustache waxes are just amazing, they style the moustache and beard to perfection. 

If you like a curled moustache then that's no problem and if you want your beard to stay in place all day well the beard balm helps out with that too. They is everything you need in here if you have a beard or moustache to style.  

Not only do they smell amazing and work well at styling they have some very helpful ingredients in them too which help keep the beard soft and nourished which is also important when looking out for something to style with.

Check out more about Mo Bros' on their website below

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  1. This is such a great box for anyman who has a beard and needs to groom it, and £42 is a great price for the products you get x

  2. Oh, this looks posh and classy at the same time. I have to admit this look like a great gift.

  3. This looks such an awesome gift option with affordable price <3

  4. This is a really fun box. I would want to share this blog post with my male friends, especially with my partner. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Wow that's such a good select of products in the box. My boyfriend has quite a large beard so this would be useful for him x

  6. wow! great set! i just need one for my husband. Plus packaging is everything!