Monday 15 October 2018

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Feather & Down

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Getting a good nights sleep for me is something that is a bit of a hit and miss subject. Some days I can sleep in a few moments and other nights il be awake till 3-4am unable to sleep tossing and turning. I was super happy to get these amazing products from Feather and Down and I can honestly say I am so excited to tell you all about them. 

Feather and Down make a variety of products to help you get a better night to sleep including; balms, shower gel and pillow spray. As you can see by the photos I got a variety of their products and each product has been thoroughly tested this past month. 
does feather and down help you sleep?
Each product has a blend of essential oils including calming lavender and chamomile. The blend of ingredients encourages calm, tranquillity and restful nights sleep. 

Sleep Fact: Lavender increases the type of brain waves that are associated with relaxation. 

The feather & down pillow spray is really nice, basically, you spray a generous amount on your pillow before you go to bed - I put about 3 sprays on my pillow. The blend of essential oils on the pillow is very relaxing and I found even when I have a cold it helped me breath easier and get a better nights sleep.

Before I do any of that I either have a shower with the sweet dreams shower melting cream or my personal favourite by having a bath in the sweet dreams bath essence. Now both are amazing but for me having a nice warm bath before bed is so much more relaxing. I simply put this in my bath when the hot and cold taps are running and as soon as the bath essence hits the water you can smell the aroma of the lavender, chamomile and the essential oils. It also creates so many lovely bubbles and the water feels silky with this, its relaxation heaven!
feather and down in boots
The all-purpose sleep balm is used on the pulse points and intertwined with the other products are meant to help you relax. For me personally I like to use this when I am full of cold or ill as it helps me relax more and also helps me breathe easier too, honestly you need to smell the balm, it smells so nice and perfect for relaxation. 

I usually use either my Lush Sleepy body lotion before bed as just like sweet dreams sleep body butter it contains lavender. The body butter like the rest of the products smells like the other products and it is very thick and creamy and melts onto the skin. Now I can't say I will be replacing Lush sleepy but I do like to alternate between the products and it works well for me.

getting a good nights sleep with feather and down
Overall I cannot complain at all about the Feather & Down range! I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt in my mind that it actually helped me get a better nights sleep and not just that, also a relaxing and peaceful nights sleep.

Essential oil fact: Chamomile has been used for centuries for helping to relieve stress and anxiety!

Now I must say it is not a miracle cure-all for sleep as other factors help to get a good night to sleep like avoiding caffeine before bed and unwinding without technology before bed. It does help to relax and in turn, it helps to get a better nights sleep and I couldn't recommend it enough and I would 100% buy these again, they are truly wonderful.

These products are all available online on the feather and down website or instore and online at Boots! Products price range between £1.95 to £15.

Want to know more about Feather & Down? Check out therewebsite below

Have you tried Feather and Down before?

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  1. I never had any idea about any pillow spray that can lead to sleep. Though good review upon the product. I just have a query I am an hyperactive insomniac. I sleep once in 4 days that too 4 hours. No medication can help me. Will this help me to sleep?

  2. I've tried a few of their products, and I'm currently using the pillow spray. It smells amazing, and really does help me relax and drift off.
    Cora |

  3. I've heard so many amazing things about Feather Down, these produts sound amazing! I need to see if they're cruelty free and vegan friendly!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. The packaging is beautiful! I think I could benefit from the pillow spray, I'm quite the night owl and end up staying up until 1am on wonder I'm a zombie at work! x


  5. It's been a long time since I have had a good full night's sleep. But when I did, it was because I used lavender essential oils. So I can only imagine that this product would definitely do the trick. Here's to better sleep!

  6. Wow! this looks beautiful and quite attractive. Would love to try it...

  7. Yo have the most amazing timing. I've been sleeping really badly recently and was going to look at getting things in that might help aside from the lavender essential oil that I use when I remember. They sound well priced which is great .

  8. Whenever I'm tired (which is everyday), I find myself sleeping within few minutes after I close my eyes LOL. This product will really be useful for people with insomnia. Are they available internationally?

  9. Oh these products sounds fantastic! I sometimes have difficulties going to slep so id love to try the pillow spray. So great to travel with it too.

  10. Sounds like these could be a good alternative to sleeping aids. It can be hard for me to shut off my brain and relax some nights.

  11. I didn’t know there was such a thing as pillow spray. What a great product. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep and need to try this!