Tuesday 16 October 2018

Yes To Tomatoes - The perfect skincare for combination skin?

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Skincare for me can be a tricky subject because my skin being combination sometimes reacts badly with certain skincare products. As much as I love trying different skincare products and brands I am always a bit dubious because the last thing I want is a breakout or a reaction because my skin can be quite sensitive at times especially during the autumn and winter months.

Yes To is a fabulous skincare brand that has a variety of skincare products including cucumbers; for sensitive skin, Coconut for dry skin and not forgetting Tomatoes which is for what my skin needs - combination and blemish prone skin. Yes To is a cruelty-free brand and many of the products they sell are also vegan-friendly too. 
yes to tomatoes the perfect skincare for combination skin
I was kindly sent these products to try and I am very thankful because I used many of them every day now and lots of them have become firm favourites of mine as I will explain further along in the blog post. All of the products are at least 95% natural and conation charcoal and tomatoes.

Since my skin needed some TLC when I first got these products I first tried out the 2 step nose kit: buh-bye clogged pores! and the blemish fighting paper mask. The nose kit did work to an extent on my nose but it wasn't a miracle cure as my nose pores are quite clogged and need more than a one-off product to sort them. The paper mask was rather nice and did leave my face softer.

Now I usually use my Garnier micellar water but I was super excited to try the blemish fighting micellar cleansing water.  I was lost how to use this as I thought it was a pump action bottle but for the life of me it wouldn't work and it had me scratching my head until I realised the lid opened so you can put cotton pads on top of the bottle and press the pump to put the micellar water on the pad, I did feel silly after that for sure hahaha. The micellar water smells so nice and removes makeup just as well as the Garnier micellar water and leaves skin feeling smooth and makeup-free afterwards. After using it for a while with the blemish clearing wipes my skin felt much smoother and also more blemish free too.

My favourite everyday use products in the bunch have to be the Daily Balancing moisturiser which is perfect for everyday use as it balances and hydrates the skin. It is rich in antioxidants which helps absorb oils and sebum. But before I use that...first I use a generous amount of Daily repair treatment which is fast absorbing and gentle on the skin. It works with salicylic acid which penetrates the pores. I have noticed after using these both together every morning for the past month that my skin is smoother and evener.

So what's in the Yes To Tomatoes range?
yes to tomatoes
  • Blemish fighting paper mask (RRP £2.99) - This single-use sheet mask is 96% natural and contains tomato and salicylic acid which helps control pimples and blackheads. 
  • Blemish fighting micellar cleansing water (RRP £6.99) - Removes makeup, cleanses and fights blemishes all in one! 95% natural.
  • Detoxifying charcoal warming facial scrub (RRP £7.99) -  This is 99% natural and warms up upon contact with skin, it helps draw out pore-clogging dirt and impurities for a naturally clearer skin. 
  • Blemish fighting zit zapping dots (RRP £7.99) - 95% natural and helps get rid of zits overnight. 
  • 2-step nose kit: Buh-Bye clogged pores! (RRP £4.99) - A 2 step nose kit that helps detox the skin and unclog pores on the nose. 95% natural.
  • Detoxifying Charcoal Sleeping Mask (RRP £2.99) - A single-use mask that you sleep in. It helps smooth the skin and keep away blemishes. No need to worry about it transferring on pillows either!
  • Daily repair treatment (RRP £11.99) - My favourite product in the bunch! I use this every morning with the moisturiser. It contains salicylic acid which helps clear blemishes and gives skin a chance to heal. It also contains bisabolol and ginger which helps control redness caused by acne prone skin. The icing on the cake is that it contains witch hazel which helps control oil and sebum production. 
  • Daily balancing moisturiser (RRP £11.99) - Works wonderfully with the daily repair treatment. It is rich in antioxidants and sebum absorbers, it moisturises while it balances the skin giving a more even complexion. It is 97% natural. 
  • Blemish clearing facial wipes (RRP £3.99) - I really wish I found out about these during the summer! These are great for a quick and effective way of clearing skin. 

  • Detoxifying Charcoal mud mask (RRP £11.99) - This mud mask helps draw out impurities while treating and preventing blemishes. It has a rich and creamy formula which smells amazing, it is very relaxing and almost spa like! 96% natural.
  •  2 in 1 scrub & cleanser stick (RRP £9.99) - This cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. The stick is very convenient so its travel-friendly for use on the go. 95% natural.
  • Detoxifying charcoal mud mask (RRP £2.99) - a 96% natural mask that is a nice little luxury for the skin. It is great for relaxing with while it removes impurities in the skin.

Overall I just think this range of products for combination skin is just amazing! My skin is clearer and none of the products broke out my skin or made my skin react badly. I have used everything in the range and I love having pampers with the facial masks and as I said above I just love the daily repair treatment combined with the moisturizer. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for skincare for combination skin. Many of the product in the range is suitable every skin type and they also offer other products such as products for dry skin and also for sensitive skin. 

Want to know more about Yes To Tomatoes range? Check out their website below.

Have you tried Yes To products before?

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*Product/s sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I have combination skin, so these would probably work really well for me! I've seen a few reviews of this range and I haven't heard anything bad so clearly they're onto something! Great that they're CF too :)


  2. Ooh these sound excellent!
    It's fab that they're cruelty-free, it's something I always look for when I'm buying stuff now.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

  3. Awesome review!
    I recently tried all of the yes products. I wasn't too fond of their masks, I don't really like paper masks. Although I did like the coconut one looking past that. And the tomato facial wipes were awesome as well!

    Great review though and the cover image was set up great! Good job.

    Nicholas Alexander Adams
    True Arizona

  4. Love this post! These products look amazing

  5. I have tried some Yes To products before, but never anything from the Tomato line because I have this fear that they smell like tomatoes - not a scent I like at all.

    However, I'm looking into some new skincare moving in the colder months and this might be good line for me to check out. Thanks!

    On The Cusp | https://on-th3-cusp.blogspot.com/

  6. I've heard a lot of good things about the Yes To range but have never tried anything yet, however considering the prices are really good and you have similar skin to me, this sounds like an absolute steal! I really enjoyed reading your post and it has convinced me to look into it more x