Thursday 18 October 2018

10 At-Home Date Ideas

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Getting time for going on dates when you're a full-time or a working parent or even a busy couple sure is hard and sometimes I really wish they were more time in a day but compromise works wonders you know. At-home dates are an amazing alternative to going out and can honestly sometimes be better than going out sometimes.

Having dates at home don't need to cost a fortune and many in my list don't cost anything. Everything on my list is inexpensive and a great way of having a great romantic night in with each other.

I have written a list of 10 at-home date ideas for couples and parents, I hope you like them. 

10 at home date ideas
1. Watch movies or tv series - This has to be up to there with one of my favourites. I like snuggling up on the sofa with a soft and cuddly blanket watching movies and its even better when they are snacks such popcorn, sweets or even a cheeky glass of gin and tonic involved. 

Our favourite movies to watch is the Blade trilogy, Back to the Future or pretty much any series that is on Netflix at the moment, I have lost count of how many series I have watched on amazon prime and Netflix this year haha. 

2. Arts and Crafts - These can be so much fun and we have a few we love to do including knitting, colouring in, painting to name a few. At the moment seeing as its nearly Halloween we like to have a few hours at night painting some decorations for around the house while the candles flicker in the background, its lovely. 

3. Make a special meal or order a takeaway - It doesn't matter which one you choose as long as you both choose together. I love putting food nicely on a table with some fresh flowers in a vase and having a spicy scented candle lit in the middle of the table. 

It could be an amazing time to try new foods together or even make new foods together as well! I never complain over ordered pizza though 😜

4. Play a board/card Game - These may sound retro but my goodness they can be so much fun to play. We have a few board games but our favourite at the moment has to be the 'Walking Dead Edition' of Monopoly, it gives such a fun and creepy spin of a classic. 

5. Talk to each other -  I know this sound pretty obvious but I do think it's a great time to actually open up to each other and talk to each other and even ask each other questions. Relationships grow over time and talking to each other for me personally is a great way to grow as a couple and to know each other more. 
6. Shop at Love Honey* -  Love Honey is an amazing website for singles and couples. It offers a variety of products including lingerie and adult toys. I recently got this 'Love Honey Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator' which has been approved by Good House Keeping. It is an amazing wand for singles and couples and can be used solo, shared together or even as a massager. It is easy to use with its simple to use wheel which operates a wide range of vibrations. 

 Since its mains powered you don't need to worry about batteries going out and the wire is really long too so it is versatile. 

7.  Read books together - This can be so much fun! Now as much as I love reading books on my own its just as much fun reading together. It is so simple ... choose a book you both want to read, cuddle up on the sofa and take turns reading a paragraph at a time. It's really nice. 

We are currently reading 'Jackie Collins - Deadly Embrace' As I am sure many of my followers will know I am a big fan of her books. 

8. Take a bath - Baths are one of my favourite things to do to relax but they can be as nice shared with a partner. I love many different products but my favourite bath products to use has to be Lush bath bombs and my stand out product at the moment has to be 'Monsters Ball' it smells lovely and makes the bath a beautiful deep purple.

9. Create a list of places/countries you want to visit - I haven't been abroad in years but planning them is lots of fun. They are many romantic places to visit all over the world and even fabulous places in the UK. We would really love to go to Las Vegas, Iceland and Paris together.

10. Listen to music - No matter the categories... no need for romantic music .. just music you both love listening too. You can cuddle up together and listen or even have a bit of fun and have a sing along and a dance together. My favourite music to listen too together has to be Enrique Iglesias and Disco music.

What ideas do you have for at home date ideas? 

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  1. Yessss, I love Movie Night! Although I have such a short attention span it tends to be TV Shows instead. We try to watch something together at the very least once a week.
    There are some really fun ideas here :)
    Cora |