Friday 19 October 2018

Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream | Review

Hi everyone! 🌙

If there's something strange
In your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call?
👻 Ghostbusters! 👻

I just love the Ghostbuster movies and I am can't help but notice that the Ectoplasm products are named after the references from the film in which they say ectoplasm is the residue/slime that comes from ghosts, so I think that the products are very well named in that sense. 

The Halloween range from Lush this year is very impressive and I have some firm favourites from the collection including the 'Monsters Ball - bath bomb' which has been a favourite of mine since its release in 2016. Ectoplasm is a citrusy scent and also has a naked version of the shower cream, wash card, a solid perfume and also a jelly bath bomb.
Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream review
Like all of the shower creams, it comes in the usual lush packaging but with a Halloween twist of course. It has some fun and quirky wording on the label on the front of the packaging and also on the reverse of the label too. It also has a name change from shower cream to ever so spooky shower scream!

The Ectoplasm scent has a fresh and fruity fragrance and for me feels quite warming. Its key ingredients are as follows; Tangerine water, Fresh grapefruit juice, Tangerine oil and Almond oil.

Tangerine and grapefruit stand out the most with this shower gel and as soon as you open up the bottle you are hit with the smell of the fresh fruity scent like a ghost who managed to escape the proton pack in ghostbusters LOL!

Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream halloween
Cruelty-free and Vegan-Friendly  🐰

List of ingredients in the shower scream
Water (Aqua) Sodium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Glycerine Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter Almond Oil Glyceryl Stearate & PEG-100 Stearate Cetearyl Alcohol Tangerine Water Lauryl Betaine *Limonene Tangerine Oil Tangerine Juice Fresh Grapefruit Juice Fine Sea Salt Grapefruit Oil Litsea Cubeba Oil *Citral *Linalool Perfume Colour 59040

 Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream
Lush Ectoplasm comes in 3 sizes and prices start at £5.50. I am a big fan of the scent and seeing as this is a limited edition product I bought the 520g which set me back £18.25.

This year they have also made a naked version of the shower scream but upon checking it in the shop I did find it start melting and it felt too soft. Online if you look at reviews you will see others disappointment in it. I do hope its formula improved next year and if so I will purchase it for sure. 
Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream review
Overall I can't complain about this shower scream at all. It works wonderfully even though the product itself is super thick but nothing to worry about like a couple of seconds of putting the bottle under warm water it fixes it. The shower scream is vibrant neon yellow and I am sure it even glows in the dark its that neon. The fact it is so bright and named about slime from Ghostbusters sure does add to the quirkiness and fun Halloween twist to the product. 

The scent is just lovely and I am a big fan of citrusy scents from lush so that makes Ectoplasm a sure winner for me. Even though the ingredients don't show any spice it does have a spicy/woody twist to it and I am sure you will agree. 

Now as much as I love this I can't help but notice the prices of lush products going up so much lately without explanation whatsoever. Anyone else notices that? 

What Lush products do you like from the Halloween range? 

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  1. That colour is amazing and I love anything with a fruity scent to it!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. I didn't even know they did a Halloween range! This looks great for Halloween play with the kids too!

  3. I had no idea Lush had a Halloween range! Love how you wrote down the ingredients as I think a lot of people are interested to know what they put on their bodies. I'll have to go check it out!

  4. I love this shower gel so much and I'm glad your also enjoying it! Apparently it glows under UV light ����

  5. Whoa this is so cool! I truly live under a rock because I STILL haven't tried any Lush products yet. This looks awesome tho.

  6. Loved this review of yours on this shower gel. It's natural key ingredients like almond oil, fresh grapefruit juice are appealing. And another thing that attracts me is that it is cruelty free and vegan. Thank you for sharing this great review and it is rearly helpful. :)

  7. Wow this COLOUR! Perfect for halloween :) I love the sound of the scent!


  8. I didn't even know they did a Halloween collection. That colour is amazing! I love anything with almond oil in x