Monday 22 October 2018

October Pink Parcel Review - October 2018

Hello everyone! 🌙

Following on from last months review on the September Pink Parcel I decided to give it another chance since it was late last month. This month wasn't much better and was over a week late and far too late for my period which is the whole point of me buying the box in the first place. Anyways less of negatives and let us carry on with the post.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that has the essentials such as the pads and/or tampons. It could also have a variety of products including food, beauty and products to help you feel good during your period. The box itself is £12.99 a month and can be cancelled at any time.

This months box theme is 'Barefaced Beauty Edit' and highlights a fair amount of skincare products including a face mask. 
So what's in the parcel? 📦

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel 
This has a refreshing combination of aloe, rose hip, rose and bilberry which helps deep cleanse the skin and also leaving in conditioned which in turn leaves the skin luminous and have a natural complexion. I have never tried this brand before but I am a huge fan of rose scented products so I am looking forward to trying this out. 

Sample Size (20ml)
Price: £49.00 for 100ml 

Kawaii Enterprise Lilac Brush Cleansing Egg
Now I am so glad I got this because I have lost my previous cleansing egg! All you need to do is wet your make-up brushes and add some makeup brush shampoo and using the grooves use circular motions on the egg under warm water until water runs clear. 

Full Size 
Price: £6.99 each

MUDMASKY Ⓡ Morning Boost Mask
All you need is a thin layer of the mask in the morning and just after one minute, it works its magic. It revitalises the skin. It contains premium arabica coffee, Morrocan lava clay and Indonesian flowers which all help to lift, smooth and energise the skin... just what my skin needs in the morning that's for sure... well that and a large strong coffee. 

Sample Size (20ml)
Price: £60 for 60ml
And what else is in the parcel? 🤔

T+ Immunitea Vitamin Super Tea 
Honestly, the bloody name of this tea just cracks me up, it so amazing and its so creative so high five who named this tea. This tea sounds really nice to have on those painful tummy days as it contains green tea and vitamins, it contains your daily allowance of vitamin C in one cup! 

1 Teabag
Price: £3.69 for a box of 15.

What's In It For Me..? Body Cleanser
So not only do we have a facial cleanser in the box we also have a body cleanser thrown in for good measure.  This apparently helps you wake up in the morning as it has a combination of grapefruit, peppermint and witch hazel. 

Sample Size (50ml)
Price: £6.00 for 250ml

Bandzee Fawn Collection 
These hairbands have to be my favourite thing in this months box! They have a variety of nude snag-free hair bands. My hair has just gotten long enough for me to start wearing hair bands which is brilliant. 

Full Size
Price: £6.95

Chocolate & Love 2X Orange or Sea Salt Napoliatain 
The packaging for these chocolates is just adorable! It reminds me a lot of retro premium soap packaging. These chocolates contain more cocoa and less sugar and they are also certified organic and their ingredients are ethically sourced. I got the orange but I do wish I got the sea salt as I just love salty chocolate.

Price: £2.99
I honestly don't know what to say about this months box. Apart from the fact it was very late this month, I can't complain too much as they offered 50% off my next box which I took and with a little luck next months box will be on time.

This months box for me was the worst box I have received so far. They are far too many samples compared to previous boxes and the samples themselves aren't really enough to get me to want to try the product which is a shame. I do like the hair bands and the brush cleansing egg though.

You can find out more about Pink Parcel here. On there you can see which subscriptions they have to offer and also what's in their pink shop.

Have you tried the Pink Parcel subscription box?
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  1. What a shame that it was late again! But it does sound like an excellent self-care package to get each month, so fingers crossed for next month.
    I have to admit, I'm not a fan of samples when I'm paying for something, as usually you can get samples for free and they don't last long.
    Cora |

  2. great write up. what an ecclectic sampling of products. but like you said, it's better to get full size products for the $/£. i hope it starts coming on time for you.

    Joy at