Tuesday 23 October 2018

Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I

I have been meaning to buy new makeup brushes for myself for a while now so when I saw these Real Techniques brush crush volume 1 on offer in Superdrug I just knew I had to have them. Real Techniques makeup brushes have been favourites of mine for years now as they are so long-lasting, work wonderfully well and most of all are affordable.

 Most of my makeup brushes are already Real Techniques so choosing which brand of makeup brushes to choose was simple for me really. I needed a contour, blush and foundation brush but only managed to find the first two since the foundation brush was sold out at the time in my nearest Superdrug store. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I review
Brushes available in the Brush Crush Volume 1 range...

300 Powder
301 Foundation  👀
302 Blush 👍
303 Contour 👍
304 Fan 
305 Shadow
306 Kabuki 
and last but not least the Diamond Sponge

All of the range looks amazing, holographic and sparkly and would buy the whole range if I could! I might have to get my skates on though because these brushes are limited edition.
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I
Each brush is either a sparkly holographic pink or a purple shade and the brush itself is nothing short of extraordinary! Not only are they so instagramable but the handles are shaped beautifully and almost remind me of magical unicorn horns. 

The handle doesn't feel rough with the sparkles but it is not completely smooth either but the main thing is that is that its easy to hold and use. 

The bristles of the brushes start off white at the base and slowly blend into purple and pink which has a funky ombre effect. The brushes are firm yet soft and depending on the pressure you use with them will create different effects. 

Now I am sure I am not the only one who hates cleaning their makeup brushes right? Its blooming rhetorical and sometimes it takes up so much time that I almost nod off to sleep with boredom LOL! Put on the kettle I say and make a strong coffee 🤣

Anyways away from me complaining I have a steady weekly routine of cleaning my brushes with brush cleaner with a cleansing egg. The brush crush brushes clean up surprisingly well when cleaned and I have added it doesn't take much effort really either. Many times when cleaning brushes after a few times the bristles or even handles fade but after having these a few months they are holding up strong and after they are washed they looked pretty much brand new straight away. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I review
302 Blush 
This is a purple handled brush and the bristles on top of this has a triangular tip which concentrates the blush to the apples of the cheeks. It works really well at adding a rosy glow to the cheeks and I also like to use this brush for a light touch of highlighter for days I don't want to much highlight on. 

303 Contour 
LOOOOVE this! Honestly out of all my makeup brushes this has to be my favourite! It creates the perfect contour effortlessly with its flat cut bristles.. even I can get a flawless contour which is bloody brilliant for me as I usually need to try twice or more to get it right typically. This brush is sparkly pink with a white base and like the blush brush, it has ombre pink and purple. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I
Overall I am super happy with these brushes and as you can probably tell by the above that I just love the contour brush. They both cost £11 each but I got them on offer so it bought one get the one-half price. Now I can understand why these won't be everyone's cup of tea as the unicorn theme is around so much but I love the unicorn theme so I am a happy bunny. 

Real techniques brushes are made with synthetic bristles and they are also a cruelty-free company too. They make an amazing range of brushes, sponges and makeup brush cleaning products. If you want more info on Real Techniques click here

Have you tried Real Technique products before?

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  1. These sound like lush brushes, and they look gorgeous. I love a bit of sparkle.
    It's great that they wash well :)
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/