Monday 5 November 2018

Odylique Organic Lipsticks | Review

Odylique Organic Lipsticks  review
Over the years I have lost count of the number of lipsticks I have owned but they are something I just love collecting *cough* I mean trying and using HAHA. I do use most of my lipsticks more than once and its true I do have lipsticks which stand out more than others for many different reasons such as packaging, lasting power and also if its bright or nude, it just depends on my mood and what occasion I am wearing the lipstick for. 

I was kindly sent these 3 lipsticks by Odylique to try out. The brand Odylique sells a variety of product from skincare, mum & baby products to makeup. Something that sets the brand from the crowd is that their products are organic. Being a organic is a big thing for the company as they point out on their website that organic farming is more sustainable for our environment and at the same time cause lower pollution, less carbon dioxide and less waste in general.

The brand is not only certified organic but it is fairtrade and a cruelty-free brand. They have an impressive amount of awards.
First Impressions + Info
I have never heard of this before but it sure has left its mark for sure! The packaging is very nice and a classic design. It gives you all the info you need to know about the lipstick and the shade as well. The lipstick is 100% natural, 85% organic and the first lipsticks to be certified to soil association and fair trade.

At first glance, I did find the lipstick tubes themselves a little on the plain side but when I realised that they are recyclable I changed my mind completely! They are made from dextrose ( sugar)  which is derived from corn.

They are 9 shades of lipsticks to choose from in the range and I have the following shade. 'Cherry Tart', 'Raspberry Coulis' and my personal favourite 'Fig Fondant'.

Lipsticks in the range as follows
Rose Parfait
Raspberry Coulis
Cherry Tart
Apricot Sorbet
Fig Fondant
Peach Melba
Blackberry Smoothie
Odylique Organic Lipsticks
As I explained above, simple but recyclable and very good for the environment!

Unlike any other lipstick, I have ever tried before they actually remind me of a lip balm because they feel like a more solid version of Vaseline. The reason they feel like this would be is they are made to be nourishing and moisturising for the lips.

These are not the most pigmented lipsticks in the world and give the slightest amount of pigmentation to the lips. I do like that though because many times you just want a slight pop of colour.

The finish is very sheer with a slightly glossy look to each of the lipsticks I have tried. The finish is because the pigmentations are natural and they don't use carmine.

These didn't sting or cause any bad reaction to my lips at all and felt almost like a lip balm which was pleasant.

Lasting Power
Just like a lip balm, these need to be topped up every few hours or so. They do feel soft and shimmery on the lips so reapplication of this isn't a problem at all or no need to worry about it look streaky or dry in patches. 
Odylique Organic Lipsticks  swatches
Odylique Organic Lipsticks  swatches
My Thoughts
These lipsticks aren't the usual types of lipsticks I would go for, to be honest as I do like more pigmented lipsticks but I do love what the brand stands for and the many things the company does that stands out from the crowd. The lipsticks have a sheer finish with a slight amount of colour as you can see by the swatches and each of the shades on my lips above.

They do feel very nourishing on the lips though and my lips feel so soft after using this lipstick. I thought I would do a little bullet point pro guide to what these lipsticks have that's very impressive in a saturated market.
  • No synthetic dyes such as Carmine
  • Made from the highest purity mineral colour
  • Moisturising with its vitamin-rich, 100% organic plant oils, butter, fruit and flower extracts.
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Box and lipstick tube recyclable.
If you would like to know more about this amazing eco-friendly brand Odylique I would 100% checking their website to check out these lipsticks and the other products they have offered as well. 

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Have you tried anything from Odylique before?

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  1. These shades are all gorgeous! I think my favourite is Fig Fondant.
    Cora |

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