Tuesday 6 November 2018

October Beauty Favourites

October Beauty Favourites

Following on from Septembers Beauty Favourites post which was based on changing up my makeup routine a little bit as it went from the beautiful summer to shimmery autumn. Now fast forward to now its bloody cold and I wish I never complained about it being too hot in the summer. Its been raining so much and the other day I nearly hurt myself sliding across the ice which was on the path on the way to taking my kids to school and as you might guess my kids thought it was hilarious haha.

Choosing which products I loved the most which were relatively easy again but they were a fair few more products I could have added but I didn't want to drone on too much and bore you all haha so just choose the absolute favourites. 
This blooming palette was a nightmare to get and has been sold out so many times and the time it takes restock is soooo long. I finally got it and I can say it was worth the wait and since I first got it I have used it most days. It can create day-night-glam-creative any look you want in one palette. 

It has a variety of mattes, glitters and pressed glitters and the shades are between nude and bright pinks to lovely deep plums. They are all so pigmented and are so creamy and easy to blend. I really want to try the other palettes in the range now and it also made me even more excited about the upcoming released on his latest palette 'Alien'.

How much is it? £46
Where can I buy it? Jeffree stars official website or Beauty Bay.

PIXI Glow-Y Gossamer Duo - Subtle Sunrise 
Last year I had maybe 1 hightlighter.. fast forward to now I have nearly 10 in my collection, I just love getting a shimmery glow. PIXI is not a new brand but it sure is to me this year and my goodness its sure stuck with me. They have so many amazing products including this.

This has such a creamy texture and also a buildable natural-looking glow. I love to use this to enhance my contour, my nose and also on my cupids bow.

How much is it? £20
Where can I buy it? Look fantastic

Illamasqua Beyond Veil Primer
I have always wanted to try a primer from Illamasqua but I have always been a little taken back of the price of £34! Now I know the prices can be justified but I just didn't feel I could spend that much. I was so lucky to find this in my local TK Maxx! I got this primer for £10 and for that bargain price I just had to try it out.

The primer has a slight golden sparkle to it and it also has a cute little scoop inside it which helps to get the right amount of product. It creates a sparkly dewy base and I love it now.

How much is it? £34
Where can I buy it? Illamasqua website and counters.
October Beauty Favourites  uk
MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick 
In the Spring/Summer months I wear more nude and pink shades but as soon as the clocks go back I tend to go into autumn/winter mode and put on my winter wardrobe and makeup routine and that includes red lipstick.

Mac Russian red has to be one of my all-time favourite red lipsticks and I am sure it has appeared in my favourites a few times now. It's easy to see why its a favourite though because of its a classic retro red in a stunning matte finish.

How much is it? £17.50
Where can I buy it? MAC online and MAC counters

Yes To Tomatoes Range
Honestly, I just can't choose one product from the range, they are so many products in the skincare range that have made such a difference to my skin. That includes cleaners, face masks and so much more so if you want to know more about that click the above link.

Feather & Down Pillow Spray
The whole feather and down range is utterly amazing, I just love everything as it all helps me get a good nights sleep. The pillow spray contains lavender and chamomile which helps you get a relaxing nights sleep. I like to spray this generously on my pillows before I go to bed and it works wonders.
This spray also helps relax more when you have flu.. for me personally anyway.

What beauty products did you like last month? 

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  1. I never pay attention to the beauty section in TKMaxx, going to have to get my bargain hunting boots on!

  2. Oh man, I love the Feather & Down pillow spray, it smells wonderful and helps me relax.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk

  3. Tkmaxx is my favourite place to be! So many makeup deals :) I need to try Mac Russian Red, it's a classic shade :) thanks for sharing your faves, I love how you shot your images.

    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com/?m=1