Friday 28 December 2018

Stack and Still - Glasgow | Review

Stack and Still - Glasgow | Review
Pancakes are one of my favourite ever! When I saw advertising on a first bus about a pancake restaurant in Glasgow central I just knew I had to visit to see what amazing pancake options they have to offer. Stack & Still is the biggest urban pancake house in the UK! 

Stack & Still have a huge menu... so huge that if you went there every day for the next 35,000 years you wouldn't have the same pancake twice! The menu is very versatile as well with so many options including a make your own and also combinations they have come up with two from the sweet and savoury menus. If you are vegan they have a pancake option and also they have gluten free options as well as a protein pancake!
Stack and Still - Glasgow | Review
Finding Stack & Still
Me being not brilliant with directions needed to use my google maps to find the location but if you know Glasgow well it should be easy enough to find but if not, no worries google maps helps!

100 West George Street
Glasgow City Centre
G2 1PJ

Opening times 
Mon-Thurs 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat 8am-11pm
Sunday 9am-9pm

More info

The outside decor looks amazing and has some retro vibes to it, that continues once you walk into the building too. They are a wide variety of table styles and chairs, so they are plenty of room for single people or even parties. We didn't wait long to be seated by a friendly waitress who got a 2 seater placed next to the large window which was ideal as it helped give me these ultra amazing blog photos.

We got a menu each which had lots of pancakes choices to choose from including a make your own option up. They also had a few sides to choose from including pancake fries which I didn't get a chance to order but I definitely want to try out next time. On the table, there is a jar with the cutlery and also a drinks menu which has a variety of soft drinks and also alcoholic drinks including cocktails!
Stack and Still - Glasgow | Review
We ordered different pancakes one from the sweet menu and one from the savoury menu. I will do a little description on both of them. 

Steak Stack 
Rosemary & Parmesan savoury pancakes with marinated braised beef brisket with a pickle, mustard, onion rings and a yummy gruyere stack and still beer gravy. 
I have never tried a savoury pancake before so trying this was a new culinary adventure for me for sure. Everything about these pancakes was just divine from the soft beef brisket to the mouth-watering gravy, just heaven. 

Strawberries & Cream
A buttermilk stack with meringue, strawberries, Chantilly cream pecans and a delicious chocolate sauce. 
This was displayed beautifully on the plate with a good serving of every ingredient. The buttermilk pancakes were lovely and hot and so soft that they melted in my mouth with every bite. I had 3 pancakes on my plate but my god with the pancakes and the ingredients were so filling that I had to ask for a box so I could finish the rest at home. Money well spent though because they have to be the best pancakes I have ever tried. 
Stack and Still - Glasgow | Review
I am so glad I finally got to go here and is a place I would 100% go back too in the future, its a pancake heaven. The environment is lovely, they are plenty of seating, its bright with the lights and natural daylight and the choices of the pancakes is just mind boggling!

I loved everything about this place and I can't wait to try another cocktail and pancake next time I get a chance to visit.

Have you been to Stack & Still before?
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  1. Those pancakes look absolutely stunning. Nothing quite like a nice treat. B x