Wednesday 2 January 2019

My Goals for 2019

Hi Everyone!
It's 2019 already! 2018 had to be one of the fastest years yet right? It sure was a rollercoaster year in many ways but it had many positives so I won't complain too much because life is too short to complain too much in my opinion, so on with the positive. So I thought it would be a bit fun to make a list of all the goals I have for 2019. Each of the goals is a more like look back to see if I continue it to the end and also to look back onto at the end of the year!

So without further ado, let's get onto my goals for the year!
🏃 Go back to the gym and eat healthier 🥑
I was doing so well with weight loss last year until negative vibes came my way and I ended up putting more weight on and some! I can't say I wasn't disappointed because I was but I have accepted it now and I am ready for my fitness journey!

When it comes to food I may not eat loads when it comes to meal times but I sure do love the snacks and unfortunately the most healthy snacks lol! I am definitely going to start keeping track of my diet once my Christmas treats run out that is.

📗 Read more books 📚
I have read more books than I did in the previous year but I would love to find more time to read more, it is very enriching. Last year my favourite book had to be Preacher. Now you may all be wondering about Preacher but it is a tv series I just love and once I found out they were books prior I just had to have a read. The books are completely different from the books as they are more action packed and my goodness more swear words LOL! I can't wait to read the next book.

🙌 Make new friends 👯
I haven't made friends since been in Scotland and hopefully in 2019 that will all change. As I said 2018 was eventful and I am ready for a more positive year ahead hopefully.

🌅 Go on Holiday Abroad 🌄
I know this may be unlikely but a girl can dream, right? It has been 12 years since my last holiday abroad and I do think its about time I went on my first holiday abroad. I am not sure as yet but I think maybe Turkey or Spain I am not sure yet.

💻 Improve my blog and social media 📷
Over the past year, my social media and blog have grown so much to the point I was bowled over with happiness! I am so proud of my achievements so far and the sky is the limit, right?
👐Get a new camera ❤
As much as I love taking photos with my phone I want to have the extra edge you get with a camera. I am hoping to get into a photography course this year too, so that should come in handy for me.

🔏 Get another tattoo 👀
It has been far too long since I last got a tattoo... that being down to the price of them and I don't just want tattoos. I have a few ideas for the upcoming year so fingers crossed for this.

🏘 Find a new flat 🏡
As much as I love the area my flat is in, it really isn't ideal as a mum of 3, we need for space. Ideally, after a few months, we will find the right place for us.

👩 Be more confident
Probaly the most important of them all! I need more confidence. I have had enough of being shy and being underconfident, I am going to smash my goals this year.

🖋 Organise more 👌
I have a diary so I am going to plan out my blog posts in that and also put in the events I will be going to for the upcoming year.

What are your goals for 2019?

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  1. I have that mug too! Unicorn Mug Twins :)
    Good luck with your goals, especially finding somewhere new.
    Cora |