Thursday 3 January 2019

PixiGlow Cakes | Review

PixiGlow Cake review
 Hello Everyone!

Pixi is a brand that I have heard about for a few years now but never got round to actually trying anything till last year. I currently have a highlighter duo which gives some amazing glow and shimmer and also the chole morello palette which is a super versatile palette which contains blushers, eyeshadows and brow products. I was kindly sent these 'PixiGlow cakes' to try!

PixiGlow Cake  Review
PixiGlow Cake review
PixiGlow Cake comes in 2 beautiful shades. 'Gilded Bare Glow' which is like a warm bronzer with a built-in highlighter. 'Pink Champagne Glow' is a subtle baby pink shade with a lovely shimmery highlighter built into it too. The pans on both of these products are just huge and the photos honestly don't do them justice. The shades aren't just one block shade but rather an ombre of products that are blended together that can either used separately or all together, whatever you fancy really.

Both products have lots of pigment and can Gilded Bare Glow can be used as a subtle bronzer or even as a contour, its what I do and its just lovely teamed up with the highlighter included in the pan. Pink Champagne Glow is just gorgeous (all this mention of cake is making me hungry 😜) as its lovely pink that is very buildable and can also be more contoured with the darker shade of pink in the palette. Both of these are long lasting and have a huge amount of product in them... 24 grams to be precise and my goodness that is huge!

I like to use my real techniques brush crush 302 blush brush with these and I simply swirl my brush in the pan use whichever of the 3-1 products I want or even all 3. Not only do these maximise the complexion's radiance, but they also have ceramides which help restore the skins moisture barrier. It also has peptides which plump and firms the skin and I can't forget to mention grape seed extract which helps improve skins elasticity.
PixiGlow Cake swatches
  • Huge pan with a whopping 24 gram of product
  • 3 in 1 Product 
  • Ceramides which help restore skins moisture barrier
  • Peptides to plump and firm
  • Grape seed extract helps improves skins elasticity
  • Can be used separately or all together
  • Cruelty-Free 
    • Not really a con but would love if they had more choices to choose from but I do love the ones I have, they are just fabulous. 

    Now you may think omg it costs £24 but you know something, I honestly think its a bargain considering its a 3 in 1 product, I can barely hold the palette in my hand it's that big. You get a whopping amount of product, it is not like you will need to go to the shops any time soon after purchasing one. The pigmentation of these are just unreal and the sparkle is just perfect for that add of glimmer. I just love them both and can't choose a favourite.

    I can't wait to try out more Pixi products in the future because so far none of the products has let me down and all have exceeded my expectations and beyond every time. 

    Want to find out more? Check out the Pixi Website here for more info on the fabulous PixiGlow Cakes. 

    Have you tried the PixiGlow cakes yet? What products from Pixi are your favourites?

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    *Product/s sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own*


    1. These looks so pretty. I wish I was better with blush.

    2. I've heard nothing but great things about these blushes, i definitely need to grab one or two ��