Wednesday 24 April 2019

Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Perfume | Review

Hello Everyone!!

Last year I only had a few bottles of perfume and out of the few, I only wore one because I disliked the other fragrances because I am so exceedingly particular on which components I like in my perfumes. Now the others well I adore the bottles... that's an ok reason to keep them on my dressing table right lol? Anyways roll on to 2019 and now my dressing table has an abundant selection of perfumes from a variety of brands. I love trying new perfumes because I love smelling gorgeous. I went to Ann Sumers a few weeks back looking for anything but perfume but as soon as I got to the perfume section of the store I couldn't resist and treat myself to the Aphrodisiac perfume gift set.

Ann Summers has a collection on called Aphrodisiac and it has a selection of products including adult toys for couples and also the aphrodisiac perfume, body lotion and also body mist. I got this gift set for £15 reduced from £30 which I find a bargain for a 100ml perfume and a shimmer lotion.
Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Perfume | Review
Now with a name like Aphrodisiac, I was a bit uncertain... I love it a name that comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite ( the goddess of love). But its noun meaning is; a food, drink or another thing that simulates sexual desire. Now I do think its a cool meaning but for an everyday perfume I was uncertain at first but you know this perfume changed my mind which I will explain more in the post. 

The scent of Aphrodisiac is quite sexy in my opinion as it has a seductive floral complimented by mid tones of blooming jasmine and vanilla. The body lotion has a lovely shimmer to it to give you a lovely glow while having the same fragrance as the perfume. 

I have used both of these products a fair few times now and I gotta say they surpassed my expectations by a long shot! Don't let a perfumes price fool you as for me this smells lovely! The bottle looks lovely and looks gorgeous on my dressing table. Only a couple of sprays of this perfume is enough to last all day. The lotion is lightweight and non-greasy and sinks into the skin to leave a lovely shimmery glow. 

Overall I have to say this scent is perfect for me as it lasts all day and the scent compliments me perfectly. I now use this most day now as the smells of flowers and vanilla is really nice. I think it's a pretty good value for money being half price and also including the body lotion makes this a steal. I am so glad to have bought this perfume, it is lush!

Where can I buy this?
You can find these in Ann Summers stores or on their website.
How much is it?
Prices for the fragrance range start at £10

Which perfumes are your favourite at the moment?

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